The NFL and Cancer Treatment Centers of America Team Up on Prostate Cancer

 The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and The NFL Alumni Association are teaming up against prostate cancer. Nearly 1 in 7 men (1 in 5 Black men) are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. If left alone and not detected the prostate cancer can be a killer. That is why it is important for men to see their doctor and get a PSA (Prostate-Specific-Antigen) test that shows if there is a possibility of danger.

According to the American Cancer Society, most prostate cancers are first found by the PSA screening process. Men are reluctant sometimes to get tested because they feel no symptoms, and they won’t until it is almost too late. If the cancer spreads outside of the prostate it is much more difficult to treat.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with the NFL Alumni Association, and LabCorp are promoting a move to get men to their doctor and have the PSA test completed. It is a very simple blood test and it is easily done at any doctor’s office or Lab. The doctor can read the results and advise as to whether any further examination or treatment is necessary.

Beginning on September 1 of 2017 through October 15, men can receive a free screening from The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp. After the first 2,000 free screenings are performed, tests will be available for just $25.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a well-known medical group that treats cancer only and treats each patient individually to determine the exact treatment that will work the best for that person.

CTCA uses what is called an Integrated Care Approach with not only utilizes traditional methods of treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but other non-traditional methods. Naturopathy, nutritional therapies, immunotherapy, vitamin therapy, and other methods are included depending on the patient and his or her needs.

Imran Haque – The Perfect Blend of Genius and Creativity

When asked about the idea to start his business, Imran got his inspiration when serving at one of internal medicine practice hospital where he got to learn of the extra medical services required but not provided within the hospital. This is when he decided to venture out on his own by providing services that were not locally available. This attracted a lot of positive feedback from the patients that he served. He was also motivated by the need to be a better medical servant, a practice that was slowly fading away.

Dr. Imran brings ideas to life by working diligently, hard and investing a significant amount of energy in research. In addition to this financial capability is important. To top it up there is need for building symbiotic relationships as well as encouraging building of networks with professionals thus help ensure success and read full article.

Imran is excited by the fact that technology is being incorporated into health care. This has led to some extra ordinary improvements in the sector thus making it easier for doctors and other medics to provide better services. The fact that information is centralized and that everything is coordinated to enhance simple data entry all go towards encouraging better patient care in real time. This has enhanced the quality of care given by doctors by streamlining the process and Imran’s lacrosse camp.


About Imran Haque

Imran provides medical care for the people of Asheboro. He has over a decade and a half of experience in overall internal medical care. His services range from laboratory examinations to hair removal in addition to management of diabetes, weight management services and physical examinations among other medical services.

Mr. Haque is well known in the medical world for providing excellent services as a caring medical doctor. He is highly specialized in internal medicine. His qualification are of the highest standard with a full medical license after obtaining his medical qualifications from MD at the University of Virginia. He got his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana located at Santo Domingo. His base is in North Carolina, Asheboro where he runs his medical practice at Horizon internal medicine. He has a vast experience of treating patients with varied ailments and resume him.

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Avaaz Group

Avaaz, “voice,” is an organization that is based in the US. Its name means voice in many European and Asian languages. It was launched in 2007, and it is dedicated to uniting people of the world towards a goal of narrowing and closing the gap that is there between the world we have and the world we want and what Avaaz knows.

It empowers people from all over the world to act on pressing matters in the society like corruption, poverty and climate change. The organization can achieve its mission because of a very active online platform with over 40 million members. Avaaz has been mentioned by “The Guardian” as the world’s largest online activist network. The online platform allows members to contribute their efforts, however small. Avaaz believes that group effort can achieve more than individual effort.

Several organizations are usually organized into different structures. Most of the civic groups are typically issue-specific for that matter, with each structure being mandated a different issue. Avaaz works singly as a united group with no divisions. This way, it can address several public matters and hold many campaigns of different nature and follow their Twitter.

Movements, groups, and organizations usually fall apart after some time because of disagreements which lead to differences and thus lack of understanding and coordination among the members. Avaaz has avoided this by letting go of consensus, since trying to achieve it may be straining. Instead, each member decides whether they want to take part in any campaign or not. This group, therefore, keeps growing instead of fragmenting. The member-funding policy also aids its growth. This organization only accepts donations from its members, but none, from corporate organizations, or governments. This way, the group and the decisions it makes remain independent and is therefore not influenced or swayed. Its priorities also get to stay intact and more information click here.

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JHSF: The Jack of All Trades in Brazil’s Real Estate Industry

The Brazilian real estate development company, JHSF is currently grabbing attention for pushing the boundary with its most recent projects. The company is currently in the process of developing an international executive airport to be located in Sao Paulo. The airport is the company’s most ambitious project yet and represents a growing trend of risk-taking and innovation adopted by JHSF since its current chief executive officer, Jose Auriemo Neto was appointed.

When first launched in 1972, JHSF’s sole business operation was developing commercial and residential housing projects. With time, however, the company expanded into the retail sector by developing and managing shopping malls. These malls are primary attractions in all the areas they are located in, and many hold the flagship stores of some international luxury brands. Later, it then expanded into the hospitality sector by acquiring the Fasano Group of Hotels and restaurants. In addition to the recent airport project, many in the industry have consistently predicted that these secondary business operations, at the times of their launching, cannot work. However, JHSF has been able to consistently grow and expand on the back of these diversified business units. With the real estate sector in the country experiencing a slowdown in the last two years, these unique business operations have allowed JHSF to remain profitable while its competitors in the real estate industry have faltered.

More on Jose Auriemo Neto

In addition to being CEO, Jose Auriemo Neto is also the Chairman of the Board at JHSF. He joined the company in 1993 and by 1997 oversaw the rollout of the company’s new parking service, Parkbem. He again impressed in 1998 by overseeing the successful development and launch of the company’s first shopping mall, Shopping Santa Cruz. Despite being close to two decades old, the mall is still one of the busiest in Sao Paulo. Neto’s high performance soon caught the eye of the board, and he was in 2003 promoted to the position of CEO. Eight years later, he was also named the company’s Executive Chairman.

In addition to his time at JHSF, Neto has also served the Young Presidents Organization. He has served as an executive officer at the organization for two consecutive terms and still remains a member till this day.

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BFM Award Winning Franchisee Omar Yunes

Omar is a successful Mexican Investor who represents Sushi Itto, he is a renowned franchisee and has continually won awards in many competitions such as “Best Franchisee of the Word”. Omar is also interested in food business and has managed to run an excess of 13 franchise in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. With commitment, Omar has aggressively marketed and gained immense control in the food industry. Through his brand, Omar has generated more than 400 competitive jobs for his 13 units.

Omar is a noble leader who understands the need of orienting his team to the primary goals of his company. As a result, his business has generated a large business network, strategic implementations and organized an effective company board. Omar Yunes won the first place as the Best Franchisee of the world, a competition that took place in Italy. At the age 21, Omar became a franchisee of Japanese food chain and now represents 10% of his franchisee units.

2015 BFM edition was widely attended by various international state representatives who came from 34 countries. In attendance was Hungary, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal and France. This global competition offered a chance for various franchisee to compete against each other and the overall network as opposed to the brand. The full extent of influence on the network and overall contributions to the knowledge, employee satisfaction, and savings were also prioritized.

Besides winning the first place in this Mexican BFM, Omar was also awarded heavily for his personal contributions to the relationship between franchising and franchise. He was equally awarded for his impressive management skills in implementing control boards and ability to manage information with precision.

According to Benjamin Cancelmo, a chief executive officer at Sushi Itto, Omar’s award represented a joint effort in customer service improvement. He also noted that the award will exceedingly introduce a remarkable flavor in customer service coupled with high levels of hospitality. Tamer, the second winner congratulated Omar for his commitment to set fundamental standards in the network franchisee. The award further demonstrated internationalization of Mexican franchisee. The latter led to the composure of Mexican Association of franchisees and entrepreneurs.

Here’s Why Rocketship Education So Frequently Succeeds

Rocketship Education is a leading nexus of public charter schools based in the United States of America, currently hosting eighteen facilities in four states around the country. This leading system of public schools was co-founded by Preston Smith, currently having spent more than 15 years in educating young, K-5 children hailing from low-income areas. Just like everyone with an eagerness to learn and long amounts of time spent in a particular field, Preston Smith has learned a handful of lessons from his time as an educator and administrator, especially at Rocketship Education. Here are just a few of them.

Coincidentally enough, most low-income neighborhoods belonging to large metropolitan areas or large cities are filled with multiple backgrounds, races, and ethnic groups. Unfortunately, many people who obtain multiple degrees in education and later practice their pedagogical research and study are often white. While there’s nothing wrong with being white, the average low-income school’s employees’ backgrounds typically don’t match those of their diverse bases of students.

Students are able to learn more effectively when their teachers hail from diverse backgrounds, matching that of students’ own. This is something Rocketship Education strives to achieve. Rather than diversifying bases of students, something most schools place primary focus on, Rocketship Education looks to hire teachers from various backgrounds first.

Parents allow teachers into their students’ homes once per year to learn more about how they live, helping personalize educational plans. Something else parents do, unlike the vast, vast, vast majority of schools in America, is interview incoming teachers. Parents truly know what kids want, especially their own, making this unique aspect of Rocketship’s operations something that helps them succeed.

John Danner co-founded Rocketship Education alongside Preston Smith in 2007. The chain of K-5 schools is known for having innovated technology into its lesson plans, particularly insofar as personalized learning layouts for individual students. Although many schools around the country – and the world, for that matter – regularly utilize technology in their everyday activities, Rocketship Education was one of the first to do so, marking the chain of public charter schools as a pioneer in its field, something that many other organizations hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area can, and often do, claim.


Avaaz; Most Influential Online Activist Organization

Avaaz group was formed in 2007 to mainly address climate change, human rights, corruption, conflict, and poverty. It is an activist group that operates online with over 44 million members from over 194 countries. With a global aim to offer a voice to the unheard and promoting activism globally on issues that are of affecting citizens from different countries. The organization influence has been felt in many parts of the world and the voice of many people has been heard with the help of Avaaz organization.

Under the leadership of Ricken Patel, Avaaz has been very influential. Patel has vast experience as he has worked in many countries like Afghanistan, Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone under International Crisis Group. Patel has also worked with where he learned a lot about the use of activist online tools. With the help of other co-founders, Patel has made the organization grow and expand its activities to many countries and more information click here.

Avaaz has helped many citizens in airing their voices on pressing issues globally. Creation of marine reserves all over the world has been a key issue to prevent the extinction of some marine organisms. Therefore, Avaaz played a significant role in the UK and the US in creating marine reserves. Pollution of the environment has also been challenging as a result of selfish factories like Monsanto. Avaaz helped in the closure of Monsanto; agricultural chemical manufacturer to prevent environmental damage. Avaaz has been very key in raising funds to help to help people affected by disasters all over the world and what Avaaz knows.

In Brazil, corruption has been rampant. Therefore, Avaaz mobilized people and that helped in the fight against corruption in the country. Avaaz also has contributed in saving bees from deadly pesticides. They moved a petition to the European Union to ban neonicotinoids pesticide which was killing bees and reducing their population worldwide. Avaaz is funded by their members from different countries. The organization will continue with their activism activities which benefit people by offering them a voice and a platform to be heard and follow his Twitter.

Robert Ivy Takes Matters Beyond Buildings

Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects (AIA), a position he took over in 2011. He is a graduate of Tulane University, where he got his Masters in Architecture. After working as an architect for some time, he worked for the publication Architectural Record. In 1996 he took over as editor-in-chief in 1996.

Under his captainship, it grew to become one of the most successful publications of its kind. His other jobs in publication include working as the Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, which also owned HQ Magazine, SNAP, ENR, and Sweets.

Perhaps the biggest contribution Robert Ivy has made is to change the conversation regarding architecture’s role in providing environmentally safe habitat for humans. The idea here is to create awareness to the general public in the role buildings play in peoples general well-being. Through AIA he hopes to tackle challenges facing the building industry, whether it is creative, social or economic challenges. In fact, even while working for McGraw-Hill, he dealt with architecture from an environmental perspective. Going by the awards and recognitions Robert got, it looks like he has succeeded in his endeavor.

While working at McGraw- Hill, one of the publications managed to get a Jesse H. Neal Award, which is rare for trade journals to get. In 2009, Robert himself received the title of “Master of Architecture” from the fraternity Alpha Rho Chi and G.D Crain Award for lifetime contributions to editorial work.

The award from the fraternity is truly a special one, as it has only been given to seven people in total in the last 100 years. Robert in the only architect so far to receive it in this century. As far as the AIA is concerned, after Robert became CEO it continued its expansion, both in terms of chapters as well as individual members. Today, the organization boasts of over 90,000 members and over 250 chapters.

Robert Ivy continues to transform AIA from just a legacy organization to a more proactive one. Because of his efforts, the public at large is more aware of the efforts and contributions of architects. He has, in short, changed the public perception of architects as not only people who design buildings but also as professionals who can make a contribution towards sustainability and public health. Despite his busy schedule, Robert manages to find time to travel and speak at conferences.


The Brown Modeling Agency Delivers Memorable Talent

In Texas, everything is done a bit bigger and better. The Brown Modeling Agency is one fine example of Texas tradition. In 2015, this forward modeling agency was created by merging the former Wilhelmina Austin with Heyman Talent-South. The former head of Austin Wilhelmina, Justin Brown, leads this fresh and innovative talent agency. This merger of two highly-successful modeling and talent agencies has enabled Brown Modeling Agency to become a force to be reckoned with. Justin Brown believes in only hiring the very best talent, and his agency is attracting attention around the world. Brown Modeling Agency retains the important fashion contacts from the famed Wilhelmina Models. The Brown Agency’s models are seen in ad campaigns by well-known companies like Toyota, L’Ore’al , Luis Vuitton and other recognizable brands.

The former founder of Heyman Talent, joins Brown Modeling Agency as head of the theatrical division. Michael B. Bonnee’s reputation in the industry is legendary. Brown Agency now includes the best talent in the business. With such strong leadership and joint background connections, Brown Agency is expected to rise dramatically in a short time. The agency is all the buzz in the connected worlds of fashion and theater. Texas finally has a modeling/talent agency big enough to make this state mighty proud. This is a full-scale, bigger-than-life, modeling/talent agency that already is making a mark. The Brown Agency models have been sighted at Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, as well as on the runways in Miami, Dallas and many more exciting events.

The Brown Agency headquarters are based in Austin, Texas. The company has offices in Dallas, Texas and has pull in Las Angeles, California. Justin Brown and Michael Bonnee’ both agree that drawing true talent is the key to their agency’s success. Models and actors have access to the greatest influences in their professions. This agency ensures access to professional guidance, training, glamorous portfolios, and so much more. Since the agency calls Texas home, a warm atmosphere is a must. This agency treats their employees like family. Their goal is for every talented individual to soar high, realizing career dreams beyond imagination. The stars of tomorrow are likely here, rising through the exalted ranks of the Brown Modeling Agency.

Anyone interested in a modeling or acting career is encouraged to get in touch with The Brown Agency. Today, models come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. The agency recruits runway models, along with commercial shoot prospects that do not usually have the taller height requirements. The agency also hires actors. Check out all of the different work opportunities within this professional agency. Brown Agency is the talent name to remember. Follow Brown Agency on Instagram.

Logan Stout’s Fantastic Life Achievements

Logan Stout is a man who appreciates health, and he has dedicated his life to helping others as well. Logan started a company named IDLife and was operational from May 2014. At an interview, Stout explained that the idea came from a gentleman who recommended him to meet Zig Ziglar’s doctor who had designed a vitamin program which was customized. Stout became interested because the products were natural no hormones, soy or gluten components. He met with the doctor and purchased the products, and this was how IDLife or IDNutrition came to be operational. Logan was a well-known professional athlete, and this is why he decided to venture into the fitness and health business.

Logan also enjoys the company’s products as he takes the IDLife Energy drink every single day.Logan also states that the firm’s success is accredited to his teammates as they are all dedicated to achieving IDLife’s goals. The team comes up with ideas and they all decide which ideas and plans to implement to make IDLife a better enterprise. Logan is also a philanthropist who finds joy in helping other people, and he also advises people on how to achieve their dreams by making them into reality through seminars and talks. IDLife is a company that is involved in offering supplements that satisfy specific client’s nutritional needs. What sets the company apart from any other company that offers dietary supplements because IDLife offers products that are unique for each customer.

Recently IDLife merged with Garmin, a company that incorporates technology and health fitness. Garmin and IDLife have similar goals, and that is to improve the health and fitness of their customers. Garmin is known for their fitness trackers; the devices are necessary when one wants to keep track of their fitness program sessions. IDLife has gone beyond and introduced a mobile app which can interact with the Garmin’s fitness trackers. The whole merge will enhance the two companies’ efficiency in providing quality products to customers. Logan is also associated with the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. He started the group to mentor the youth and to also improve their ability when it comes to sports. The organization offers instructors and coaches to work with the young people to make them successful in sports.