Securus Technologies Polices the Prison Communication Industry

In a press release dated June 7, 2016, Securus Technologies began a program of self-policing the prison communication industry. Securus, Global Tel-Link (GTL), and other providers have been criticized for exorbitant pricing policies. This first accusation of wrongdoing by GTL was published, and Securus promises to continue this self-policing policy.
Securus and their CEO, Richard Smith, are endeavoring to present a new and better image of their services.

The company is located in Dallas, Texas and has a reported 2600 contracts with prison facilities in the United States of America. Securus employs more than 1000 workers in its for-profit business operation.
While many customers of Securus and others serving the prison population complain that the rates are too high, they overlook the bigger picture. This type of communication has been a boon for prison officials, family and friends, and the prisoners themselves. It is no longer necessary for the family to spend hundreds of dollars in traveling to distant facilities where overnight stays are required because of the long distances. Now when the prison staff makes the system available to the inmates, the vital communication link between those disconnected by prison walls and razor wire can take place. The costs of this specially monitored and recorded communication system can not be compared to normal cell phone charges. There is much more to the use of the system. Considerations must be made for the time spent by administrators and prison staff for delivering the items needed for communication to the prisoner, as well as the maintenance and storage of the units. For elderly close members of the family, the savings in time and money far outweigh the costs.

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Difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

Individuals who have Medicare have the opportunity of getting their health coverage through two options. The options available to such an individual include Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare Advantage is a health insurance program in the United States.

Original Medicare

It is the traditional program. The federal government was the direct administer of this program. The regular program entails Part A, which consists of hospital and Part B that involves medical coverage to people who register in both. People pay monthly premiums for Part B. if you have more than ten yearsÕ work experience in the United States then you get an exemption from paying for Part A.

If you are under this plan, you are allowed to visit any doctor or health care centers that accept Medicare. Patients do not require prior authorization for specialists or services. People who want Medicare drug coverage should buy Prescription Drug plan from a private insurance provider.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Private insurance firms providing Medicare benefits sell this program. The plan should cover Part A and Part B benefits just like Original Medicare. Some plans have other extra benefits. People have to pay a copay for services. You will have to pay your Medicare premiums as well as additional premiums charged by the insurance provider.

The plan limits users on their out-of-pocket health care costs on a yearly basis. After exceeding the limit, an individual does not pay anything for the other part of the year. Note that one still has Medicare but he or she is no longer in the Original Medicare. A person becomes a member of the private plan, which has different restrictions and costs.

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It is wise to sign up for a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan if you want a schedule that incorporates both drug and health coverage. However, you cannot have a separate Part D plan if you do not have a Medicare Medical Savings Account.

InnovaCare Health and its leadership

InnovaCare Health focuses on creating strong patient-provider relationships and building sustainable cost-effective and quality services. The health provider redefines healthcare management to meet the growing challenges of the complex healthcare environment. InnovaCare Health believes that the interests of patients are more vital, offering quality medical care, transparency in its leadership and growing as an organization.

Dr. Rick Shinto is the chief executive and president of InnovaCare. His experience in healthcare provision helps him lead the company towards attaining its objectives. Richard has clinical, and operational experience in managed care, and that is why his leadership together with other stakeholders has seen InnovaCare Health grow.

Dr. Richard works with Douglas Malton, the chief financial officer and Christopher Joyce, the General Counsel. Michael J. Sortino, CPA is the chief accounting officer while Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief administrative officer. The able leadership team contributes to the success of InnovaCare Health.

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Steps to Handling a Customer Complaint Effectively

Looking for information on how to handle customer complaints in your business? Your employees may be turning customers or clients away. It is imperative you teach them simple, effective steps to handle a customer service issue.

That’s exactly what White Shark Media has done to improve efficiency and resolve customer service complaints. The company follows an appropriate procedure when a customer lodges a complaint.

First, the representatives at White Shark Media Complaints team listen to the client or customer to gather all essential details regarding the issue and then look for ways to arrive at a satisfactory resolution. They make sure they truly understand what is driving the customer’s concern.

Next, the representative empathizes. This means, once the representative has listened to the customer’s concern and empathize with their position, the next step is to create a bond between him or her and the customer or client so that they know their concern has been heard and will be addressed promptly.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

The next step is to offer a solution to the customer’s problem. The representative always focuses on what the company can do to resolve the issue. There is always a solution to any issue that occurs and it’s up to the company or their representatives to figure out what is a satisfactory resolution for the customer.

Sometimes a customer is able to request that a certain resolution be provided. Other times, the company offers an option that they believe is beneficial for all parties involved. Usually an apology is also offered to the customer to ensure that the customer is happy and will keep patronizing the business.

White Shark Media has a team of qualified and experienced digital marketing and PPC specialists and is fully dedicated to providing the best quality services possible. Clients across the globe rave about the top notch service they receive from White Shark Media and its representatives.

White Shark Media believes in honesty, integrity, and in treating their clients and customers fairly. The company has provided services for many years and is highly regarded in the advertising industry.

With numerous clients across the globe, White Shark Media is absolutely your clear choice when it comes digital marketing and PPC campaigns.

Have a look around their website and get in touch withe their customer support staff for more information on how they can help your business grow and increase revenue.
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A Smile For A Smile

Avi Weisfogel proudly reveals his launch of a GoFundMe account established to support Operation Smile, an international medical charity providing free surgical procedures for children and young adults. This organization specializes in palate repair and cleft lip surgeries as well as many other facial deformities for youth worldwide.

Operation Smile has provided over 3.5 million patient evaluations and over 220,000 surgeries globally for children with facial deformities. In addition to surgeries, this organization works as a non-governmental agency to reduce the occurrence of cleft lip and facial deformity. Operation Smile hosts the U.S Care Network assisting U.S families that are in need and offering a framework of education that provides partner countries opportunities to share knowledge, technology, and skills through customized programs specific to each program. Avi hopes to assist them by raising $2000 with his campaign.

Avi Weisfogel,established his first practice, Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. Avi managed the office for over 13 years earning countless accolades held for many years including Best Dentist. He earned his DDS at New York University College of Dentistry and began exploring the world of sleep disorders, discovering treatments and methods to cure patients that suffer from sleep disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 and developed an innovative program that included unique practices and oral tools to treat sleep disorders. He introduced the program through a business model presented to other dentists eager to increase their patient base and offer higher levels of service, as promised by the program. The program also promoted the tools and unique practice would generate high revenues, better service, and cure more people suffering from sleep disorders.

Operation Smile believes that every child worldwide deserves to have the best surgical care available. They are dedicated to giving hope to every child for a better future.

Medicare Managed Plans as a Medicare Alternative

InnovaCare Health provides sustainable, cost-effective treatment models for patients that utilize the best practices in advanced medical technology. President Rick Shinto, MD has designed a program that seeks to redefine health care through a strong focus on the relationship between provider and patient.

This makes them natural partners for the two leading Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico, MMM Healthcare Inc., and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. Between them, these two accredited plans have a network of over 7,500 providers serving their members.

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Medicare Advantage Plans offer some benefits over original Medicare plans. Most Medicare patients are eligible to choose between Medicare Advantage plans or the original Medicare coverage. Under Medicare Advantage plans, a private company, subsidized by the federal government, will provide insurance and managed care services for the patient.

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In many cases, this leads to advantages for the patient who can engage with private companies with specialized management expertise. Research suggests higher levels of preventive care are available through Medicare Advantage plans than in the original Medicare package. Many Advantage plan providers offer dental and vision care that isn’t offered by traditional Medicare, making them natural partners for InnovaCare Health.

Original Medicare plans were split into Part A and Part B, where Part A provided for in-hospital care (other than pay to physicians) and Part B provided for physician care and all other out patient medical treatment. Medicare Advantage plans provide Part A and Part B under the same plan, simplifying bureaucratic processes for patients. It allows patients to obtain customer-focused care from private companies that treats both medical and mental health needs.

InnovaCare’s Chief Administration Officer, Penelope Kokkinides has over two decades of experience managing federal health care plans. In her current role she ensures that InnovaCare provides the highest quality of care to Medicare Advantage patients as well as others in the provider network. Since Medicare Advantage plans are federally subsidized, plan providers must ensure they meet the same plan provisions as the Medicare alternative and that out-of-pocket costs do not exceed set limits. Medicare Advantage plans at InnovaCare Health are an excellent option for holistic care for patients.

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