The NFL and Cancer Treatment Centers of America Team Up on Prostate Cancer

 The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and The NFL Alumni Association are teaming up against prostate cancer. Nearly 1 in 7 men (1 in 5 Black men) are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. If left alone and not detected the prostate cancer can be a killer. That is why it is important for men to see their doctor and get a PSA (Prostate-Specific-Antigen) test that shows if there is a possibility of danger.

According to the American Cancer Society, most prostate cancers are first found by the PSA screening process. Men are reluctant sometimes to get tested because they feel no symptoms, and they won’t until it is almost too late. If the cancer spreads outside of the prostate it is much more difficult to treat.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with the NFL Alumni Association, and LabCorp are promoting a move to get men to their doctor and have the PSA test completed. It is a very simple blood test and it is easily done at any doctor’s office or Lab. The doctor can read the results and advise as to whether any further examination or treatment is necessary.

Beginning on September 1 of 2017 through October 15, men can receive a free screening from The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp. After the first 2,000 free screenings are performed, tests will be available for just $25.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a well-known medical group that treats cancer only and treats each patient individually to determine the exact treatment that will work the best for that person.

CTCA uses what is called an Integrated Care Approach with not only utilizes traditional methods of treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but other non-traditional methods. Naturopathy, nutritional therapies, immunotherapy, vitamin therapy, and other methods are included depending on the patient and his or her needs.

James Dondero is easy going and friendly but not a pushover

James Dondero greets everyone who comes into his office with a handshake and a smile. The business suit and the gray hairs are what someone expects from an executive, but he seems far more 
down-to-Earth than many of his counterparts. Like many of his fellow Dallas citizens, he has an easy-going and friendly manner that comes naturally to anyone from Texas.The easy-going and laid back manner may set some people at ease, but it also causes some people to underestimate him. Dondero started his career as an author, and he still writes regular pieces of sharp commentary for the Huffington post. One article, written almost three years ago, warns people not to expect cheap gas prices to continue. The now dated article shows the financial expertise one would expect to find from a hedge fund manager with years of experience in the often cut-throat business world.

Did that seem strange? Yes, Dondero is a hedge fund manager and an executive for Highland Capital. He has spent many years making sure that the money in his funds grows. His business experience goes beyond managing hedge funds, however. He also serves as a director for MGM.

It seems that a few words in the Huffington Post, and a few words describe him here hardly do him justice. When his clients come in seeking financial advice, he deals with him like the one distant uncle who understood finance and as a family member at a same time. People seldom go wrong following his advice, and it extends beyond investments.

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Highland Capital Management: James Dondero & Company

Highland Capital Management is an investment company. It is dedicated to providing its clients with reliable and informed investment advice in order to enable their clientele to garner a very high rate of return with only a minimal risk liability. Founded in 1993 by James Dondero, a man that believes in always helping the customer.

Highland Capital Management (HCM) is reportedly a company that specializes in global credit management. Their staff can provide financial strategies and services such as separate accounts, credit services, and specific solutions for businesses and individual investors in both the private and public sectors. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, they have offices around the world,

Founder James Dondero has grown to become an industry innovator and a sought after individual. Based in Dallas, James Dondero and his staff have really made themselves available to the local community. In fact, recently Dondero and his financial force have stepped up their game when it comes to giving back to the community and philanthropic efforts.

James Dondero is currently teamed up with Linda Owen. Linda Owen is a philanthropist and the former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Owen is a civic leader in several organizations within the community of Dallas.

This partnership came about at the same time that Dondero chose to expand the charitable presence of Highland Capital. As an individual who has proved herself to provide excellent public and private partnerships, Linda Owen became the ideal match for Mr. Dondero’s company. Owen has worked with Highland Capital Management to give back to the local community.

In fact, since her appointment, Highland Capital Management has contributed more than $3 million to nonprofit organizations in the city of Dallas. Owen told the press that her work with Dondero has shown that he is dedicated and a source of inspiration. He can come up with creative solutions for numerous problems and use his success to give back to the community. Dondero hopes that Highland Capital Management eventually grows to become one of the biggest contributors to worthy causes in the Dallas community. With Owen’s help, it just might happen.

Avaaz Activism for website era

It is no surprise how the internet has greatly improved the overall lives of many people around the world – and equally how much it has made the lives of others much more difficult. However, like anything in life, things are only good or bad if we make them out to be.

Avaaz is an activist organization that has found great success at helping activist all around the world due to the internet. The organization and we urge you to visit their site, has live streams of activism all around the world that are keeping vigilant.

Ths is a great site for anyone who would like to get some support for their activist engagements. The most important thing about being an activist is being able to spread your voice and Avaaz is giving people all around the world the platform to rally people to their cause and help fight for something that is worth fighting for.

If you are someone that is looking for a place to rally your cause and would really like to fight for something noble and of meaning and are looking for like mines then avaaz is the organization for you – as there are numerous activist all around the world that are trying to change the world for the better.

Avaaz has become a superpower since its inception and the founder has been said to be one of the most influential activist leaders across the web. By ourselves we can only do so much but work with many we can accomplish so much more than we could ever dream of.

Avaaz, Bringing Idealists Together For a Better World

To survive, we need to live harmoniously with each other as well as the environment. However, we don’t behave alike. Some people are polite, kind and honorable citizens. Other people are greedy and selfish..Such people are part of the reason why it’s difficult to fight against social ills such as corruption, civil wars, racial discrimination and other actions that infringe on our rights. Fortunately, there are civic groups like Avaaz that advocate for various changes around the world.


Avaaz means “voice” in more than 15 languages. The name was chosen as a symbol of unity among the members of the organization. Avaaz consists of millions of activists who fight against global issues such as climate change, poverty, animal rights as well as human rights. The group was launched in 2007 and it’s headquartered in the U.S. The founders of Avaaz are Res Publica and Both groups are non-profits that advocate for civic virtue, good governance and democracy.


Ricken Patel is the president of this civic organization. He studied philosophy and economics at Oxford University. The executive director also has a master’s degree in Public Policy. Patel has worked in war-torn nations such as Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Sudan. His service in these countries taught him the importance of negotiation. Through Avaaz he has learned how to carry out activism over the internet.


Avaaz aims at uniting idealist from across the globe. According to Patel, the organization doesn’t have a specific ideology. They want to bridge the gap between the desirable world and what we have currently. Over the years, the group’s actions have brought about change around the world. They run campaigns with the help of team managers. Avaaz doesn’t accept donations from corporations and foundations. Also, they don’t accept more than $5,000 from a single donor. The organization has raised more than $20 million since 2009.

Achieving Excellence with Success Academy Charter Schools

Success Academy Charter Schools was founded in 2008 in New York City. To date, it is the highest-performing and largest charter school network in New York. It is open to all students, free of charge, including students with special needs and students that are just learning English. There is a random lottery held every April for admissions. Success Academy Charter Schools serves over 14,000 students from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens through 41 schools.


Success Academy Charter Schools have an ACTION value system. A is for Agency, which means that everyone takes ownership. C is for curiosity, a need that drives every student. T is for try, meaning that if you don’t get it right on the first try, try again. I is for integrity, every school has to be open and honest. O is for others because the schools never stop looking out for other students. Finally, N is for no shortcuts, meaning that the process takes time.

Success Academy Charter Schools believes in starting at a young age to enable students to fall in love with learning. Students work on group activities and learn to ask questions. They also put special emphasis on reading and a groundbreaking field studies program, which allows students to learn from real world experiences. There is structured learning with lots of on-one-on time. The schools also believe in only having 80 minutes of direct instruction every day, with the rest of the day featuring hands-on learning.

Success Academy Charter Schools believes that their middle school program should feature college-ready standards in their learning. Along with their coursework, they also believe that having a number of electives to be critical to success.

High school is focused on college-readiness. Students have mentors and scholars available daily. They also have a high-performance demand and support emotional and social growth as well.

Success Academy Charter Schools is the newest wave in education and has proven through higher success rates, higher grades, and more community involvement from its students to be a very effective way to revolutionize the education system.


Class Dojo is Trying to Change the Field of Education

In 2011 Class Dojo came onto the scene to fulfill a niche. Founders Liam Dom and Sam Chaudhary created this application as a means to connect educators and students with one another. Both of these two men used to be teachers before they started Class Dojo. They both realized that there is a need to streamline the communication process between teachers and parents.

As former teachers, they realized that many parents did not have time to travel to the school for parent/teacher conferences. They also knew that parents did not always have the time or even the desire to travel out to the school to meet with their child’s educator. Informative details here.

As a matter of fact, according to, many parents are surprised about their child’s behavior once they attend a parent/teacher meeting. Communication between teachers and parents is still a huge problem even in today’s time when there are many different ways for people to keep in touch. See

Instead of always traveling to the school, they can have the meeting over a mobile device. This will provide flexibility to both teachers and parents since a mobile device or computer is needed for Class Dojo.

Chaudhary and Dom has managed to raise $35 million for their company since it was first started. They currently raised $21 million dollars to help push their parent/teacher conference platform. This company is on the right path to accomplishing its goals. Source