How Jason Hope became a successful Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is an Investor who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a futurist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Jason Hope strong passion when it comes to technology as well as giving back to the community that he belongs to. He is a graduate of the Arizona State University where he acquired his Degree in Finance. Jason Hope attended the WP Carey School of Business where he earned his MBA. He has been in the business sector and has therefore acquired massive skills and expertise. Jason has earned a reputation as a hard working businessman who is focused and reliable.

The career of Jason Hope as an entrepreneur started when he started a mobile communications firm. Currently, he is involved in biotechnology, philanthropic activities and also investing in new and upcoming businesses or startups. A mentor, Jason Hope organizes mentorship programs for high school students in Scodttsdale as well as coming up with grant programs for entrepreneurs. He believes that there are so many opportunities that entrepreneurs of all types can explore and thrive in. Apart from philanthropy, Jason Hope also has interests in politics in the Arizona State and also across the nation in the following: click here.

Jason Hope is the current Director at the Arizona Science Center. His work in technology involves different avenues when it comes to research and development. Jason Hope specializes in developing desktop software, mobile applications, gaming software as well as devices that enable the power of technology and connectivity to enhance human lives and also bring ease and enjoyment of our daily lives. According to Jason, young and upcoming entrepreneurs have great ideas but lack the finances and insight to actualize these ideas. Jason’s mission in life is to see the local community of Arizona thriving. He also offers his support and help to humanitarian organizations that work to improve the mankind’s future.

WIT Press Publishing The Best Scientific Journals Of The Wessex Institute

The WIT Press is the publishing wing of the Wessex Institute. This organization both publishes scientific research papers and a collection of annually published journals. Many of the journal discuss how societal issues may be solved using Wessex Institute of Technology conferences technology. The journals are published both digitally and in printed form.

One of the most critical journals is the International Journal of Environmental Impacts. Many of our environmental issues need to be discussed and resolved immediately to preserve civilization. Solutions must be met in order to improve the sustainability of mankind while preserving economic stability. Protecting the soil, air, and our water supplies are one of the more serious issues.

The International Journal of Heritage Architecture is one of the newest journals in thir collection. With the rapid development of cities around the world, historical constructions are being neglected and sometimes torn down. Ancient Asian and North American architecture is at the highest risk right now. This journal will discuss the ethics of preserving architecture and methods to restore it.The International Journal of Transport Development and Integration is another new journal in the collection. This will discuss solutions regarding transportation issues in rapidly growing urban areas. Integration creating greener environments are the priorities at hand.

Wessex Institute of Technology Journals

There are 5 different types of Wessex Institute of Technology journals (two more to be released in 2017 and 2018). They provide a wealth of information in a variety of fields:

International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning appeals to those interested in planning in urban, as well as rural, areas while taking into consideration environmental factors as well as social and health issues.

International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering reaches through a variety of topics under this area, including terrorism, natural disasters, and risk management.

International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements focuses on the ties between computer advancements and scientific experiments.

International Journal of Energy Production and Management discusses issues of energy management and production as well as environmental issues.

ClassDojo Encourages Students While Helping Parents and Teachers to Connect


It is now making it easier for parents to stay connected with their educators as well. Recent products like the ClassDojo app are revolutionizing how parents and teachers connect and communicate. With the use of the app the parent receives real time feedback about their child and the students are rewarded for their efforts.


The Class Dojo app allows teachers to create a virtual classroom where children are given a unique avatar they can customize. Virtual points, or Dojo Dollars, are awarded to the students for behavior, grades and whatever skills the teacher has included and the points are redeemable for rewards like a homework pass or other school-related benefits.


Parents log in and review the progress of their child and have the ability to identify immediately when a concern arises. The app makes it easier to address and correct learning issues, behavioral concerns or other problems that might have once taken weeks to learn about in the past. There is now no reason to wait until the parent and teacher are both free to meet and discuss issues or to rely on a child to bring home a note when the teacher has a particular concern.


The creators of ClassDojo worked directly with teachers to create a program that would engage students, provide a valuable tool for teachers and appeal to and inform parents. In 2011 the company was a simple startup organization based in San Francisco. Their efforts have raised over $30 million in venture funding and have gained the attention of educators around the world. Half of the schools in the United States, affecting approximately 15 million students, are currently using the program and the app has spread to 180 other countries.


The company is continuing to expand what the app has to offer and is working on developing other educational programs. Their desire is to continue to connect parents with educational facilities in a way that benefits the students and the parents.