Hollywood Stars Attrected to Kabbalah Center

Madonna had an immense interest in Kabbalah to the extent of starting up more than one Kabbalah center and investing in the study of ancient Jewish tradition. The interest in Kabbalah among the Hollywood stars increased in an excellent way since then. The stars include Sandra Bernhard who said that Kabbalah had an interesting effect of eliminating about 80 percent of chaos in her life. Paris Hilton, on the other hand, said that at Kabbalah Centre she was able to cope up with her split with Nick Carter. Since she regularly visited Kabbalah, she went straight to Kabbalah and told everyone about the breakup and in turn got a red Kabbalah bracelet. This enabled her deal with her life.

The reasons for the interest in Kabbalah by the Hollywood stars is far-fetched from merely dealing with personal issues. The late Sammy Davis was interested in Kabbala so as he could be part of the 5,000-year-old history. He also aimed at holding on to something that would give him inner strength so as to turn the other cheek. As the Jewish had persevered over the thousand years of oppression, Sammy Davis wanted to be part of the very strength.

The late Marilyn Monroe after being raised by foster parents that were Christians did not feel the attachment in Christianity. Her interest in Judaism was purely on the concept of having a close family life. Due to her difficult upbringing, she eventually converted to Judaism.

Among the most incredible places in the world to study spirituality is the Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah Centre was established with the aim of assisting each and every seeker in finding the soul and the heart of God in the Centre. Kabbalah has many pieces of spiritual literature that used in seeking God. Kabbalah combines the three major religions so that every student may study at ease. In the religious libraries, the Bible, Torah, and Quran are incorporated at every office.

Kabbalah Centre is a community that is supportive and one that provides an environment for the students to exchange ideas, develop relationships with persons of similar minds as well as grow spiritually.

Development of the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Los Angeles that teaches on the Kabbalah spiritual wisdom. In this center, followers are taught by Kabbalistic sages on how to activate the potential for greatness. Rav Yehuda Ashlag established the center in 1922. The center boasts that it is largest organization that disseminates Kabbalah wisdom.
Phillip Berg and his wife were the initiators who open up the way for the Kabbalah presentations. Though the center, its followers are taught how to understand complexities of the universe either material or non-material. Consequently, they are shown the details of elimination of pain and suffering as well as chaos. Though it does not rely on paid workers, the Kabbalah Centre relies on the valuable contribution of volunteers.

From the center, its worldwide locations are facilitated to study Kabbalah teachings every week. The teachings are mainly online and provide lectures, prayers, downloads and books among others. Founded on the Zohar, the teachings from Kabbalah help in decoding (Torah) biblical spiritual system as well as mysteries. Kabbalah Center has also been influential in the advancement of scholarly studies through its aim of better life and world.

To stand out in a true way of life, Kabbalah.com teaches students who are then set free to implement them. Through self implementation of the teachings, the followers believe that they holistically improve the world standards. The global expansion of Kabbalah Center’s physical locations is believed to come from the advancement of its teachings. According to Berg, the mission of the center is to “reveal a critical mass of light in the world.”

According to that, it has charitable causes that support needy people both materially and collaborating with other organizations. The center mainly targets people disadvantaged by disasters, poverty and other inequalities such as gender.

In line with this, it has participated in charitable causes such as the Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean tsunami.  As a result, it has managed to sponsor over six thousand students globally.