How To Bet The Weird Rams And Panthers Game

Last year, betting on the Carolina Panthers against the St. Louis Rams was a sure thing: the Panthers almost had a perfect regular season and, beyond the Super Bowl, were strong contenders in the playoffs. However, the St. Louis Rams are now in Los Angeles and have a better record than Carolina. How in the world do you beat the spread in Super Bowl odds during a game like this?

The Background Of The Game
Only one year removed from a nearly perfect regular season and dominating performances in the playoffs, Carolina’s record is a shocking 2-5. Quarterback Cam Newton has been having a career-worst year with a completion percentage of just 57 percent and a passer rating of 80.7. Although they looked strong against Arizona last week, they’ve looked inept otherwise.

Los Angeles appeared to start their relocated season strongly after going 3-1 in their first four games. This was much better than was expected from this team, especially as two of their wins came against tough teams in Seattle and Arizona. However, they have dropped three against three relatively weaker teams: Buffalo, Detroit, and the New York Giants.

The Spread
The wildly variant level of play from these two teams has made this a really hard game to pick. This is especially true considering how inconsistent they’ve been in the betting world.

The Rams are currently 1-7 SU and ATS through the last eight games. However, the Panthers are 6-1 ATS in their last seven games against the Rams. That said, the current spread shows a 26-21.8 Rams win with an average 2-3 point spread.

Beating The Spread
Such a tepid spread isn’t exactly tough to beat. All Carolina has to do is win by more than three or four points to beat the spread.

For example, there have already been two ties in the NFL this season. This is unusually high for the league: could two struggling teams like the Rams and Carolina actually do something silly like this? Don’t rule it out completely because your spread is destroyed if it happens.

Final Thoughts
Don’t bet too highly on this one. Both teams have proven themselves too inconsistent to expect a wild blowout from either side. If Carolina could return to its glory days of 2015, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them pull off a huge win.

However, as Cam Newton’s sloppy play continues to plague the team, it’s a good idea to either skip this game or bet low on the Rams and expect a small payoff.

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