Securus Technologies Changing Prison Safety for the Better

In the last three years I have noticed that the violence in our jail has escalated to the point that our superiors are taking serious action. In the past, we would isolate problematic inmates, but with overcrowded conditions, there is no place to safely put all these inmates. Since my team of corrections officers has not increased in that time, we have had to change some of the ways we monitor the inmates, and Securus Technologies has been instrumental in helping to keep the peace.


Securus Technologies has developed a call monitoring system that is being used in over 2,600 prison systems and changing the amount of violence officers are dealing with. The way this technology works is quite impressive. Once the team at Securus Technologies installs the new system, instead of me or my team having to sit in that crowded call center and listen to each conversation the inmates are having on jail phones, now we allow the LBS software to do all of the work more accurately. This allows my team to be a full-force on the grounds once again.


When a company has all thousand employees working to make the world a safer place, you know you are dealing with a winner. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, and the CEO, Richard Smith, says the company is committed to helping us maintain order. If an inmate is on the phone and thinks that they can brag about doing drugs, we take action. If inmates are planning an attack on a rival gang or officer, we can prevent the trouble. The key to reducing the violence in our prison is now being able to get a jump on the trouble and preventing it from happening in the first place rather than always being in the reactive position.


How Securus Technologies is Instrumental in Preventing Crimes

When you work inside a very dangerous and crowded jail, you can not lose your focus for even a minute or you will suffer the consequences. There are many inmates who have nothing to lose serving life sentences that would love the opportunity to take a shot at a corrections officer. In order to prevent these crimes from taking place, me and my fellow officers have to work hard at keeping contraband out.


The first thing that we do is to tighten up the visitor center, bringing in more police and checking each inmate and visitor more thoroughly. Even with a large police presence, these crafty inmates still find ways to get weapons and drugs into their cells. Next, we bring the drug dogs to those cells and do surprise inspections all hours of the day and night. Even one weapon or bag of drugs makes the entire facility safer for us all.


Securus Technologies was asked to install their phone monitoring system in our prison so we could better listen in when the inmates are talking to those on the outside. In the past it was very challenging to get information while listening to the calls, but the LBS software does all the work, taking the place of a half-dozen officers and allowing us to focus our efforts in other areas of the prison.


Within days of getting familiar with how the monitoring system worked, we picked up chatter from one inmate talking about doing drugs in his cell after dark. We learned about how inmates got drugs from the outside, and who was responsible for bringing contraband on the prison property. Each time we got a new lead, we can quickly send a team to take care of the situation and prevent any other dangerous incidents from occurring.


Law Enforcement Loves Securus Technologies New Innovation

Everybody seems to be writing about jail telephone companies recently. If you are unaware, there are third-party telephone companies that exist solely to provide telephone services to jails and prisons. Government contracts make them the exclusive provider of these services which some companies use to their advantage. Global Tel-Link, one of the largest providers, abuses their government contracts by charging ridiculously expensive rates for terrible service.


This is exactly what everybody seems to be so focused on. But who really cares how these telephone companies treat prisoners. After all, these convicts are convicted criminals who are serving time and should be made to feel uncomfortable. There has to be a price for committing crimes.


Instead of focusing on how these companies treat prisoners, I would like to focus on how law enforcement views these companies. That’s who we should be really caring about. Law-enforcement officers are the people on the streets putting their lives at risk to keep us all safer. If the police view one of these companies as favorable then that is my favorite prison telephone company.


It seems that Securus Technologies wins the law enforcement award for best prison telephone company. It turns out that Securus Technologies does a lot for the law enforcement community. The technologies company innovates a new way to assist law enforcement and doing their jobs on a near weekly basis. Their latest software innovation is really mind blowing.


Securus Technologies records all of the phone calls made by prisoners in the prisons that they serve. These phone calls are stored away so that law enforcement can later search them. The software innovation allows law enforcement to search this treasure trove of digital information for one person’s voice. Every time that person’s voice speaks, they can hear it. This aids in investigations and law enforcement loves it.