Sightsavers Helps Save The Sight Of The Elderly In Uganda

People in the age range of sixty five and older are more at risk for eye disease than other age groups. Many elderly people suffer from failing eyesight, but do not have the resources to get treatment for their problem. They sometimes feel that their situation is hopeless with no help available to them. In Uganda, the government is preparing to assist older people who have eye diseases. They have partnered with several other agencies to bring help to elderly people with eye disease so that they can be recommended for surgery or medication.

The new initiative was launched in May, and includes partners like Sightsavers, and other development partners. Spear heading the the list of organizations is the Ugandan government’s Expanding Social Protection Program. These entities have identified those over the age of 65 as being at the highest risk for diseases like cataracts, and trachoma. While they are collecting their pensions, the elderly can now get free eye exams. This is a service provision of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust’s Trachoma Initiative, and also Sightsaver’s Coordinated Approach To Community Health Program. The entire program initiative is funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development. This collaborative venture will offer the opportunity to reach and treat those who have not been able to get the medical attention that they need.

Sightsavers is an international organization that works to eliminate blindness, and other avoidable eye diseases. They also promote the rights of all people with disabilities, regardless of their age. They advocate for people with disabilities to be able to participate in social activities and events. Sightsavers works in some of the poorest areas of the world, diagnosing and treating eye problems, and some other conditions. They want people with disabilities to be able to learn from others, and earn the opportunity to be happy, and become productive citizens.

The Ugandan effort has successfully helped thousands of people already, who have accepted the surgeries, and changed their lives. The government is also intending to reduce any poverty that is related to aging by providing the elderly with a social pension, or senior citizen grant, to all of it’s residents over the age of 65. This pension will be available to citizens aged 60 and over in the poorest region of Uganda, Karamojo. Sightsavers has the interest of all impoverished people at the helm of all of their involvements.


A Little More George Soros

By today’s standards, humankind oftentimes appoints leaders without doing thorough research. To expound further, humankind oftentimes allows bad people to lead. Moreover, these leaders remain unfit to lead. Due to the disregard and unconcern for their people, these leaders oftentimes create a hostile environment. Moreover, citizens of these nations bear the burden of their terrible leaders. On numerous occasions, these citizens have witnessed their leaders starve, kill, and torture their own citizens. Therefore, the need for good leadership remains more important than ever. In spite of so many deviants in leadership, a few leaders have continued to excel in their leadership abilities. Read more about George at The New York Times.

Moreover, these leaders have demonstrated an unmatched level of leadership. Against all odds, these leaders have created opportunities for the less unfortunate. Moreover, these leaders have selfishly contributed their own wealth for the well-being of their citizens. With that being said, George Soros remains a perfect example. For those unaware, George Soros remains an investment guru. For decades, George Soros has obtained a level of wealth than the average man will never achieve. With that being said, his wealth remains valued around $20 billion dollars. Moreover, George Soros remains one of the world’s wealthiest people. For those unaware, George Soros remains of Jewish ancestry. In addition, George Soros also remains of a native of Budapest, Hungary.

During his childhood, George Soros and his family survived The Holocaust. In a nutshell, The Holocaust took the lives of millions of Jews for no apparent reason, aside from their religious beliefs. In addition, Nazi Germany seized power of Eastern Europe during that time. Therefore, his family remained no exception. After fleeing Hungary, Soros made his way to London, England. Moreover, George Soros attended the London School of Economics. Furthermore, he earned both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in philosophy from the school. Upon graduating from the school, George Soros decided to go into business. To expound further, he opened his first hedge fund in 1969. Moreover, George Soros called it the Double Eagle. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Due to the success of the Double Eagle, George Soros opened up a second hedge fund shortly after. In fact, George Soros remains known for producing the world’s most successful hedge fund. This remains attributed to his uncanny ability to invest. Throughout the years, George Soros has exercised his investment abilities to protect him from any economic threat. To expound further, George Soros accumulated one billion dollars during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. In addition, George Soros has remained a powerful philanthropist. Between 1979 and 2011, Soros has donated over ten billion dollars. Moreover, he remains a noteworthy supporter of both the LGBTQ and the African-American community. In closing, George Soros has exemplified what it means to be a great leader.

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James Dondero And Firm Help Organization Reach Its Campaign Goals

Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management L.P. made an announced in October, 2016 regarding the company’s proposed challenge grant. James Dondero made it official that the firm would be awarding a $1 million challenge grant to aid The Family Place in raising the last $2.8 million for its Legacy Campaign. The Family Place is the leading organization in Dallas that supports victims of family violence.



The foundation plans to match any funds raised for the Legacy Campaign by 50 percent, up to $1 million in hopes of helping The Family Place reach its goal by April, 2017.



Since James Dondero made the announcement $200,000 has already been raised, which will be matched by $100,000 through the Highland grant. The foundation’s match challenge helps ensure that The Family Place will finish their campaign strong.



Highland Capital Management feels they have a strong civic duty and was impressed by the work The Family Place does. Their Legacy Campaign will help support the construction of a brand new counseling center in Dallas. This center will include a medical clinic, a hotline/call center, 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, counseling rooms for adults and children, and spaces for job-training purposes.



The center plans on serving over 2,000 victims per year by providing them with shelter space. This location will also be the home of The Family Place’s Be Project, which gives education regarding bullying and teen dating violence to over 6,000 children every year. The new shelter will even have an animal shelter to help victims who choose not to leave abuse for fear of leaving behind their pets, and a child development center.



The President of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has over three decades worth of experience. Since founding the firm in 1993, they have become a pioneer in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation.



In addition to his work at Highland Capital, James Dondero is also the Chairman of NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a board member at MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is an active philanthropist, supporting organizations that focus on public policy, education, and veterans’ affairs.




Keith Mann’s Freedom As An Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Keith Mann is one very successful individual. He is someone who has succeeded beyond being a mere employee. Keith Mann has taken the time to figure out what he wants to do. He has also learned what causes are dear to his heart. Therefore, he has pursued these causes. He has not only succeeded in his pursuits, he has also developed the desire to help others that are in less than desirable circumstances. However, he is not someone that just gives out money blindly. He takes the time to think about how to really tackle the issue. For one thing, Mann wants to have a significant effect on the community that he is helping.


One of the ways that he is trying to help his community is by getting involved in the education industry. He believes that one of the ways that people can improve their circumstances is if they get adequate education. However, the only way that students can get adequate education is if they have the funding necessary. Therefore, they can buy the equipment needed to make sure that the students are getting higher quality education.


One thing that Keith Mann enjoys about being an entrepreneur is that he has a lot of freedom in his time and his finances. He runs Dynamics Search, which is a hedge fund. When running a hedge fund, he shows that he has a lot of skills in financial management. Therefore, he is able to make a ton of profits that he can put forward to the improvement of the education system in his community. He could then put some finances forward when it comes to the improvement of the overall community.