Talkspace: Therapy With Heart

When someone is suffering from mental illness, it is something that can oftentimes be hard to put into words and it can be hard to describe to someone. They have a hard time coming up with the right words and the right way to describe it. They feel it, they know it is there, and they want to fix it. They know something is off about them and the way they are feeling. However, they really don’t know the proper way to go out about getting help. They have called a number of places and more often than not, an unhelpful and rude receptionist that is only interested in money has talked to them.

With Talkspace, they can speak to a therapist over whatever method they prefer. For someone that is new to therapy, they might like to talk to someone over text message at first. This is a daily method and it only costs 32 dollars a week. This allows them to ease into it. They might not be able to get the words out of their mouth, but they can text them. The therapist can text them back and give them some advice on how to handle a particular situation that is troubling them at the moment.

Once they start to feel a little comfortable and build a rapport with the therapist, they can maybe even talk to them on the phone and go more in-depth with them about what is troubling them and what is bothering them. After that, they can upgrade to video. This is not meant to put any pressure on them. It is meant to work at whatever pace is best for them and is going to put their mind at ease and help them with whatever they are struggling with at the moment in their life.