The Brown Modeling Agency Delivers Memorable Talent

In Texas, everything is done a bit bigger and better. The Brown Modeling Agency is one fine example of Texas tradition. In 2015, this forward modeling agency was created by merging the former Wilhelmina Austin with Heyman Talent-South. The former head of Austin Wilhelmina, Justin Brown, leads this fresh and innovative talent agency. This merger of two highly-successful modeling and talent agencies has enabled Brown Modeling Agency to become a force to be reckoned with. Justin Brown believes in only hiring the very best talent, and his agency is attracting attention around the world. Brown Modeling Agency retains the important fashion contacts from the famed Wilhelmina Models. The Brown Agency’s models are seen in ad campaigns by well-known companies like Toyota, L’Ore’al , Luis Vuitton and other recognizable brands.

The former founder of Heyman Talent, joins Brown Modeling Agency as head of the theatrical division. Michael B. Bonnee’s reputation in the industry is legendary. Brown Agency now includes the best talent in the business. With such strong leadership and joint background connections, Brown Agency is expected to rise dramatically in a short time. The agency is all the buzz in the connected worlds of fashion and theater. Texas finally has a modeling/talent agency big enough to make this state mighty proud. This is a full-scale, bigger-than-life, modeling/talent agency that already is making a mark. The Brown Agency models have been sighted at Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, as well as on the runways in Miami, Dallas and many more exciting events.

The Brown Agency headquarters are based in Austin, Texas. The company has offices in Dallas, Texas and has pull in Las Angeles, California. Justin Brown and Michael Bonnee’ both agree that drawing true talent is the key to their agency’s success. Models and actors have access to the greatest influences in their professions. This agency ensures access to professional guidance, training, glamorous portfolios, and so much more. Since the agency calls Texas home, a warm atmosphere is a must. This agency treats their employees like family. Their goal is for every talented individual to soar high, realizing career dreams beyond imagination. The stars of tomorrow are likely here, rising through the exalted ranks of the Brown Modeling Agency.

Anyone interested in a modeling or acting career is encouraged to get in touch with The Brown Agency. Today, models come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. The agency recruits runway models, along with commercial shoot prospects that do not usually have the taller height requirements. The agency also hires actors. Check out all of the different work opportunities within this professional agency. Brown Agency is the talent name to remember. Follow Brown Agency on Instagram.