Successful Marketing Tips with Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion bags the 2016 Communications Solutions Award being the revolutionary cross-communication platform for incredible achievement in the communications industry. According to PRNewswire/ on August 15th, 2016, Talk Fusion received the Communications Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. It is not its first award since earlier this year; Talk Fusion received a performance award from the integrated media giant. The award aims at honoring exceptional services and products which facilitate data, video communications and voice that were injected into the industry or that improved within twelve months.

Rich Tehrani, the chief executive officer of TMC, awarded Talk Fusion by acknowledging in his speech that as natural leaders in the industry, the award represents high-quality products and solutions in the market. Talk Fusion uses the power of WebRTC technology to let users have face-to-face communication with whom they please at any time via any device including tablets, desktops, and smartphone.

According to the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion Mr. Bob Reina, the team of professionals from Talk Fusion has big plans for the All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. The team dedicates itself to staying ahead of the marketing curve ranking Talk Fusion, an incredible service provider. Mr. Ryan Page, the team’s Chief Technical Officer, says the Communications Award marks the commencement of higher goals for Talk Fusion. It is proof of the firm’s efficiency and how essential service delivery is to Talk Fusion. Besides, Talk Fusion introduced Free Trials including WebRTC Recorder apart from launching the new website, in less than a year.

About Talk Fusion
Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by the founder and chief executive officer, Bob Reina. It fosters a strong dedication to giving back to friends, families, and communities. Talk Fusion is a marketing firm providing Video Marketing Solutions. Talk Fusion is committed to offering the following services to companies:
• Helping businesses stand out
• Increase sales
• Increase profits
• Attracting clients
• Retaining clients

Talk Fusion offers innovative ways to make marketing enjoyable by making it memorable, engaging and more persuasive because of video production. Independent Associates market Talk Fusion’s innovative products and services across 140 countries.

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Securus Technologies Assists Inmates in the Aftermath of Louisiana Flooding

Securus Technologies has long been a trailblazer in the world in prison industry and inmate communications. Hopefully, the recent charitable act performed by the company will spawn others involved with the industry to show equal amounts of goodwill.

Securus Technologies knows many inmates in the Louisiana prison system are deeply concerned about loved ones who may have suffered due to recent flooding in the state.

Many have surely read about the disastrous flooding that impacted the state of Louisiana. Scores of homes and commercial properties were seriously damaged due the massive amount of water. The devastation inflicted upon thousands upon thousands of Louisiana residents is both wide and far reaching.


Rick A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, has revealed the company will be facilitating roughly $300,000 in free phone calls for inmates. Securus is also slated to make a $50,000 donation to an inmate fund to further assist these persons in their current time of trouble.

Securus’ presence in the prison system is pronounced. The company has developed many helpful communications systems including advanced apps and video streaming services.

The Innovative Services Provided By IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services offers innovative aviation operations and maintenance services. Over the years, it has been offering these services in countries such as Afghanistan. IAP has been managing a wide range of airbase operations throughout the Middle East. In Afghanistan, IAP led in the development of its air traffic control system. The Kabul Air Control Center was opened to provide positive control, non-radar as well as visual flight rule services and radio based instrument flight services. These services are provided within the Kabul Flight Information Region.

For efficient air transport, it is necessary to have air traffic control in place. Al Neffegen, the CEO of IAP, asserted that IAP had a history of mission success in accomplishing the contingency and emergency needs of the U.S. military. He continued to say that the employees of the company are capable of handling varying challenges, even under unfavorable circumstances. This is because IAP Worldwide Services has the potential to put up such a facility successfully. IAP has the ability to install and maintain all communications and navigation aids used by air traffic control to guide aircraft safely to the ground.

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The company has specialized in fire and safety measures in airfields. To this end, it offers services such as firefighting, rescue services, weather forecasting in real-time as well as accurate monitoring of incoming and outgoing air traffic and training of medical crash crew. Additionally, IAP Worldwide Services undertakes full-scope processes and repair services, which include flight planning, maintenance of electronics and work center operations. Other services are overseeing security, air terminal and ground handling, support services. IAP worldwide has well trained and qualified workforce. They can handle land side functions, security and air concerns besides flight and terminal operations. Humanity is one of the firm’s core mandates. Over the years, IAP Worldwide has been able to put up single unit quarters, one and two bedroom suites, and customized units to meet the increasing demand from the customers.

IAP worldwide has a technical department that deals with information technology. Here, data centers, security and customized IT solutions are offered. The department designs, builds and runs the most innovative network centers. In its logistic management, IAP undertakes global procurement by having an effective supply chain management. Through its procurement network, IAP worldwide is able to act swiftly to requests and have a coordinated approach to even the most complex procurement challenges.

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