Avaaz Group

Avaaz, “voice,” is an organization that is based in the US. Its name means voice in many European and Asian languages. It was launched in 2007, and it is dedicated to uniting people of the world towards a goal of narrowing and closing the gap that is there between the world we have and the world we want and what Avaaz knows.

It empowers people from all over the world to act on pressing matters in the society like corruption, poverty and climate change. The organization can achieve its mission because of a very active online platform with over 40 million members. Avaaz has been mentioned by “The Guardian” as the world’s largest online activist network. The online platform allows members to contribute their efforts, however small. Avaaz believes that group effort can achieve more than individual effort.

Several organizations are usually organized into different structures. Most of the civic groups are typically issue-specific for that matter, with each structure being mandated a different issue. Avaaz works singly as a united group with no divisions. This way, it can address several public matters and hold many campaigns of different nature and follow their Twitter.

Movements, groups, and organizations usually fall apart after some time because of disagreements which lead to differences and thus lack of understanding and coordination among the members. Avaaz has avoided this by letting go of consensus, since trying to achieve it may be straining. Instead, each member decides whether they want to take part in any campaign or not. This group, therefore, keeps growing instead of fragmenting. The member-funding policy also aids its growth. This organization only accepts donations from its members, but none, from corporate organizations, or governments. This way, the group and the decisions it makes remain independent and is therefore not influenced or swayed. Its priorities also get to stay intact and more information click here.

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Thor Halvorssen Goes After What He Believes In

One thing that helps people lead a fulfilling life is that they stand up for what they believe in. Some even build their lives around it, which include forming a career that is based around it. Thor halvorssen is someone who has managed to live a fulfilling right. He believes in living a life that is ethical and just. He is also passionate about bringing justice to others as well. He has been so passionate about it that he has started up a foundation in which he could fight against human rights violations. He calls this foundation the Human Rights Foundation.

One of the signs that someone is going after something he believes in is that he is pursuing it with a passion and intensity that is very high. As a matter of fact, one could pursue what he is after tirelessly. Thor Halvorssen often works for days at a time towards an equal world. He keeps up the energy and the passion because this means a lot to him. He is especially empathetic to the people that are suffering. As a result, he is able to take care of himself so that he could continue fighting the war for equality among humans.

The more he hears about the violations going around in some of the countries, the more Thor Halvorssen wants to fight in order to make sure that everyone has a fair life. One of the things that he wants the most for people is for them to be able to make their own choices. He also wants everyone to live in harmony with each other. Thor Halvorssen works over time to gain knowledge on what can be done with the tyrants and the oppressors of the world. His dream is for all of the tyrants to be overthrown so that people can live a more harmonious life.

http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824 for more .