Josh Smith’s Advice to Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Josh Smith is a great entrepreneur who has brought many business ideas to life. Based in Reno, Nevada, he began his journey to entrepreneurship seventeen years ago and decided to focus on the areas of wellness and fitness. Mr. Smith is passionate about technology, and he develops ideas that go in line with the modern technology. Besides being an entrepreneur, Smith is also a talented public speaker who spends a huge part of his time talking to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to establish successful business ventures. Recently, Mr. Smith had an interview with Ideamensch where he highlighted on his life as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, as well as offering pieces of advice to upcoming entrepreneurs.
When asked about he get his business ideas from, Smith noted that most of them come out of necessity. He continued to note that if you care to move around the world, you will be shocked at how many things and systems that don’t work correctly. This is the genesis of most of his business ideas. According to Smith, a great entrepreneur should look around, and they will realize that they are surrounded by opportunities. Smith has always been interested in seeing things working the right way. When he identifies a problem, he works hard to find a solution to the problem.

As a CEO and Co-founder of many Reno, Nevada, startups, Mr. Smith’s typical day is a beehive of activities. He has many projects to run, and his main aim is to ensure success in all his projects. As a result, Smith makes sure that he engages in activities that serve more than on purpose to meet multiple demands at the same time.

Mr. Smith has a unique way to which he brings ideas to life. After identifying a problem, he looks for the most viable solution. He puts his plan on a paper by reverse engineering the idea to bring it forward to the market. He says that through this method, he has been able to bring a dozen of businesses to life.

Modular greenhouses are the most popular venture among all the businesses that Smith has established in Reno, Nevada. The venture seeks to provide homeowners with an opportunity to own greenhouses in their residences. This will increase the production of organic foods in the country.

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Sawyer Howitt, Entrepreneur and Jack of Many Trades

Sawyer Howitt is no ordinary young gentleman of class and status. In fact, he is far more. As an avid racquetball player, a dedicated student of businesses and finances, a team leader for his family business, and an all-around entrepreneur of the highest caliber, he has his hands quite full but is always seeking a new challenge at the same time. He’s currently a second semester senior focusing all studies, internships and efforts on businesses and finances. In his free time, he fishes in local ponds and rivers and also attends Portland Trail Blazers games. He is truly a jack of all trades.

He may be found on WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter. You may find out more at In addition, Howard has also worked side-by-side with his father in founding The Meriwether Group and keeping it running to this very day, a challenge that most would see as too difficult to endure.

Plus, he and his father, along with the dedicated team at The Meriwether Group, have often spoken of the importance of entrepreneurs in today’s highly competitive markets and stressful world: Entrepreneurs make things happen and turn visions into realities for many; entrepreneurs are the brave and the bold, those who risk all to win all, and those who put their greatest needs on the line and show people what it means to live by faith – one step at a time. See:

At a young age, Sawyer Howitt adopted the keen ability to grasp the operational and financial necessities of the business while understanding the brand’s soul, its resonance and its relevant connection to any consumer. Whether it’s complex spreadsheets or nuanced presentations for filing and noting during crucial business meetings, no job is too big or too small for Howitt, and that’s what most people at The Meriwether Group appreciate about him.