Community Banking at its Best

NexBank Capital Incorporation is a Dallas-based financial institution which was chartered back in 1922. It delivers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. It has employed approximately two hundred people who are committed to providing financial and banking services to customers nationwide. The bank has two branches in Dallas with its main office located at McKinney Avenue.

The bank exhibited a net income of $55.13 million by the end of March 2016. This shows how successful the bank is and its achievement of a very tangible equity. In August the same year, NexBank announced a $24 million capital raise which meant more opportunity for growth and development. The proceeds from this capital raise would serve this development purpose as well as other corporate purposes.

In the past year, a rating agency, Kroll Bond Rating, termed the institution as having strong capital levels, steady earnings, and a good liquidity profile. The bank, therefore, portrays stability in its outlook.

In 2015, the NexBank Incorporation acquired a bank in Princeton, New Jersey known as College Savings Bank. The Princeton Bank specializes majorly in college savings programs and it retained its operations, branding, and name under the new leadership. College Savings Bank was founded back in 1987.

NexBank, however, does not score very highly in terms of customer interactions. It seems to have failed in terms of timely response to complaints filed against the business. It scores a B- in BBB ratings.

NexBank is a part of the Texas Bankers Association. The bank has been phenomenal in responding towards crisis by giving donations alongside other banks in terms of crisis. This was shown during the July 2016 sniper attack that led to the shooting of several police officers. John Holt, the president of the Bank, donated funds to the families of the officers who had been killed and wounded.