Meet Randal Nardone a Man with a Big Heart for Business

Entrepreneurs don’t get into the business world because it’s easy. Most of them know the stiff competition ahead of them, but this doesn’t change their mind from what they intend to accomplish. Instead of running away from the competition, strong-hearted entrepreneurs devise some ways to survive the competition and still thrive. Randal Nardone opted to take this route when he was starting his own company. Having been in the finance sector for several years, Randal knew he had to make it no matter the severity of the competition. He had to stick to the positive improvements he intended to introduce even if the conditions may have dictated otherwise.  The expertise and knowledge he acquired were not in vain. Time had come for him to exercise them in his new endeavor at Fortress Investment Group.

As the CEO of Fortress Group, Randal has created an impressive impression for the company. The company would not have developed and grown without his intervention. The clients of this company have realized a notable change from the time Randal Nardone took over as the chief executive officer. Every contribution Randal has made to the company is notable. He is among the selfless and ambitious executive leaders who ever worked at Fortress Investment Group along with others like Wes Edens.  Someone may be skilled and experienced. However, demonstrating those skills and expertise is another thing. Randal was not only skilled and experienced, but he was also able to demonstrate it. As a professional financial expert, he had acquired incredible experience in business management and financial affairs.

Without these two qualities, the business doesn’t stand. He has proved who he is throughout any of the positions he ever held. The things he had implemented in the company have been of great significance in every facet. Randal Nardone believes a successful career transforms the lives of others and not the career holder alone.Randal has come to discover different companies face different financial hitches. Solving these issues is what matters most. He says how you solve financial problems in a business determines whether the clients would go or stay. Randal had developed interests in the law field, and he even got a degree and master’s degree in law. He later worked in different law firms. While still working in these law firms, Randal Nardone realized he could interlink the legal issues with the financial field. This is how he developed interests in business and eventually switched into the financial industry.

Jason Hope’s Helps Arizona Realize its Tech Hub Dream

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and an Internet of Things enthusiast passionately supports the backing of tech industries in Arizona by authorities. Being a tech savvy and having political interests, he blends well with the policies and development strategies of the state which seek to attract technology manufacturers to Arizona.

The fruits of his efforts are evident as Arizona’s tech industry is sprouting hundreds of thousands of lucrative jobs a few years after the state had an economic crisis. Arizona has assiduously been collaborating with the tech industry to appeal to IT entrepreneurs, IoT manufacturers, startups, and the biotech industry.

Arizona is renowned for its superior workforce, which takes the second position in the United States. The state awards entrepreneurs who develop solutions to real-world problems with $3 million each year in a development initiative known as the Arizona Innovation Challenge, and resume him.

On his part, Jason Hope encourages startups and prospective entrepreneurs by advocating for educational programs in Arizona, providing charitable support, and looking for new ideas. He is devoted to assisting business people and intelligent students to nurture their plans to become workable businesses. He guides and offers grants to them, and

High-tech companies throughout the United States recognize Arizona as a perfect ground for business development due to the support which leaders and high-profile investors like Jason offer. The state has vast tracts of land at affordable prices and has high standards of living, and

The state has the highest job growth rate in America. It has 75 business incubators which promote the growth of startup ventures. The availability of co-working spaces mainly makes the state irresistible to startups and entrepreneurs.

The Impact of the #IoT on Customer Service by @jasonhope via @B2Community

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Five Arizona-based companies recently featured on Deloitte’s ranking of the leading tech companies in the United States. These firms were Nextiva, Lifelock, Inc., Ulthera, Inc., GPS Insight, and SiteLock. Some of the startups and corporate subsidiaries for tech firms in Arizona are Gainsight, Galvanize, Double-Dutch, JDA Software, Weebly, Apple, Kudelski Group, Grand Canyon University, and RJR Technologies, Inc.


About Jason Hope

Jason is an Internet of Things (IoT) expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist. He is a finance graduate of the University of Arizona, where he got his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason recently reaffirmed his philanthropy after donating half a million dollars to a nonprofit called the SENS Foundation, which focuses on research in rejuvenation biotechnologies for treatment of age-related diseases. Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale where he mentors many high school students.

Jeffry Schneider Brings Health and Fitness to the Financial Industry

There is so much more to Jeffry Schneider than a successful career in investing and wealth management. While he may be best known for his work in finance at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management, Schneider is well aware that there is a bigger purpose for his life than crunching numbers.


Fitness has always been a part of Schneider’s life. He has actively participated in sports ever since he was a child. This carried through to adulthood, and now that Schneider has the time and resources to travel the world, he has explored and exercised in some of the most beautiful spots you could find. Schneider says this has been incredibly inspirational for him, and he wants to share his love for staying fit and eating healthy with as many people as possible.


As a leader an innovator in the workplace, Schneider has worked hard to bring healthy eating options to employees. He constantly shares his love of fitness and healthy eating with anyone he can through blog posts, talks and casual conversations with colleagues and peers. Schneider firmly believes that the healthier and happier you are in your life, the more productive and ground-breaking you can be in your profession. This philosophy has certainly proven true for Schneider in his ability to raise funds quickly and transform businesses from seed to full-blown growth. There is never a challenge that Schneider will shy away from, and he says he feels invigorated tackling obstacles in his profession and pushing his personal fitness limits at the same time.


In addition to Schneider’s extremely successful career in finance and his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, he is also active in many philanthropic causes. For example, Schneider is a contributor to the Gazelle Foundation, which works to transform the lives of people in Burundi by increasing their access to clean drinking water. This foundation has been working for more than a decade to construct water systems throughout the region and engages the local community in making these projects happen. Schneider says that he is proud to support such a necessary and meaningful cause.