Tech Mogul Arthur Becker Turns to Real Estate

Arthur Becker’s passion and hobbies are as evident today as they were twenty years ago. Becker has become a force and a face within the New York real estate industry but he hasn’t forgotten who he was along the way. You can head into Becker’s real estate office in Tribeca and see where his passion lies: in art and building development. Becker himself is a painter, an investor, and entrepreneur, and a tech mogul. Let’s take a look at one of the most interesting careers in real estate and see just how he got to where he is today.

In an article on NY Daily News, for years Becker has been working as a ‘behind the scenes’ money man for the bigger real estate investors in New York. He’s put millions down as a silent investor and now it appears that he wants to come out into the spotlight a little bit more. Becker made his fortune buying tech companies in the early aught and now he is putting that fortune to use with a developmental project located at 465 Washington Street in NYC. This project is going to become a boutique condo building that houses eight gorgeous units. These condos seek to blend art and luxury into a package that any NYC resident would love to get their hands on. More details can be found on

It wasn’t always about real estate for Arthur Becker, however. Becker has done a great many different things throughout his career. He has invested in macadamia nut farms. He has tried to invent his own custom binoculars, short named ‘Bnox’, and he’s even made a go of it with his artwork. In fact, Becker’s custom origami money statues are available for sale and they appear to be quite the hit on Wall Street. Becker’s even become quite the painter himself and who can blame him after his high profile marriage to famous designer, Vera Wang?

In the end, it isn’t the successes that have taught Becker the most during his career — it is the failures. Becker has taken his fair share of lumps along the way but he has always bounced back and learned and that’s what makes him a true juggernaut in the real estate industry.

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