Demi Lovato and Fabletics Share a Common Message

One of the best parts about Fabletics is that they want to empower women to be able to do more with their bodies and feel good while they are doing it. The company has worked hard to be able to make themselves a company that works well for women and they have been able to provide women with more opportunities to feel good about the clothes that they wear during a workout. Fabletics also works to make things easier for women by offering shopping opportunities that are extremely convenient. They were created for women by women who know what it is like to do more in their lives.


One of the most convenient aspects of Fabletics is the ability for women to find what they are looking for in a reverse showroom environment. This simply means that they are able to choose from just a few outfits that they like and not be overwhelmed by a huge selection of clothes that do not fit them, anyway. There are stylists who work exclusively with Fabletics to make sure that they are choosing the right clothes for each of the women who shop on the site. It is a great way to ensure that they are getting an outfit that is perfect for their own style.


The only way that these stylists know what they are doing to match up the options with the women who are on the site is through the use of the Lifestyle Quiz. This is a quiz that women take when they visit the Fabletics site. They are able to find out more about themselves and even tell the company more about them. The quiz encompasses things like the regular type of physical activity the woman does, the size of clothes that she wears and some fun outfit multiple choice questions that allow her to show what she likes to be able to wear.


Demi Lovato loves fashion and she also loves staying healthy. She feels that Fabletics combines the best of both worlds. She is also very close to Kate Hudson and knows that she is doing what she can to promote a brand that makes women more powerful through the use of clothes that make them feel good about themselves. She has always supported Fabletics but she is now joining the company as one of the brand ambassadors who is going to showcase everything that there is to offer.


The combination of Fabletics and Demi Lovato is perfect. The company works well with women and Demi knows what she likes out of fashion and style. Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato have proven to work well together and they are going to make a great team while working on the Fabletics project. The brand is going to benefit from Lovato and what she brings to the table which will make it become even more popular with exciting new options for everyone who has ever shopped with the brand or who has ever wanted to shop with them.

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Don Ressler Encourages Unique Products

There are all kinds of fashion designer companies. While a lot of fashion designer companies are content with maintaining tradition and staying within convention, this approach can alienate some of the customers that have more adventurous tastes when it comes to fashion and style. Don Ressler is one of the people who are looking out for those that are looking to explore different styles. Don’s company, TechStyle has put together many different styles in fashion that are meant to serve the more adventurous dressers. One of the things they are doing with fashion is bending the categories of clothing and merging them with other categories on Huffington Post.

Among the brands and services that TechStyle has brought forth are JustFab, Fabkids Fabletics and FL2 for men at When people search the sites, they get a preview of what the store offers. They are also offered a chance to sign up. When they sign up, then they get to look at more of the products that are being offered. The product images on Pando show a lot of thought and creativity being put towards the clothes, especially with Fabletics. For people that are looking to be adventurous and experimental, Fabletics is the perfect brand to check out.

One thing that can influence the types of products a company sells is the purpose behind the company. Without a good purpose behind the company, the business might turn out to be uninspired and can attract minimal sales because of the types of products offered. TechStyle shows a lot of passion which gives way to clothing and accessories that will capture creativity and last people years. When Don Ressler and others meet up to discuss the way to go for the next trends, they often come up with a lot of fun, elegant, adventurous, boring, serious, playful, and plenty of other designs.

As TechStyle continues on, the company continues to cover new ground and go into areas that haven’t been explored. For one thing, they are hoping to attract people to fashion that wouldn’t have given the world a second thought. TechStyle not only is trendy, but also inspiring when it comes to bringing out the courage of fashionable people.

Fabletics becomes a close competitor of Amazon

While Amazon has been considered as the giant of the online retail store for everything including athleisure, they are now being challenged with a relatively new fashion brand named Fabletics in this specific arena. Fabletics is one the newest and trendy brands from the USA that caters to both female and male markets with their sportswear, accessories and beyond. This brand was created in July 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson and they actually knew what they were doing in the first place. Each year Fabletics had a 25% growth, and within three years, it became a $250 million brand with numerous stores all across the USA and a strong fan base both at home and abroad.



Fabletics collects their customer data when they register with them by filling a form. This form requires a number of information including their fashion preferences. Fabletics then uses this data for a number of reasons. Unlike other brands that try to push their collection to their client, they take a different approach where they try to understand their clients as well as their need and serve them. Fabletics has a strong image for their accessibility, people, and culture which is actually based on their clients and their information. They clearly know what their clients are looking for and where they are. Based on this, Fabletics designs its collections, outlets, and their business strategies.



Another reason behind their success is their membership program. Similar to other memberships, Fabletics has a free membership scheme, and anyone can become a member by filling a form. Under this free membership program, each of the members gets a monthly offer of new sportswear collection on the first day of the month. After this, they have five days to go through this offer and make a purchase within 5th of each month. To make things even more attractive, Fabletics offers incredible discounts on their first purchase as well. But in case, a member doesn’t want to buy a monthly offer within the 5th of the month, they are charged with $49.99 per month which is then converted into store credit, and it never expires. It generates regular cash flow for Fabletics and keeps their clients engaged. Additionally, their reverse showrooming is another reason why Fabletics is doing so well. They are only a few of those fashion brands that promotes reverse showrooming where their customers review their collection on the internet and then go to the real shop to buy them. They just simply do not care where their customer makes the purchase. It has been quite helpful for this company to build its strong brand reputation as well.



Right now, they are planning to open up new stores and come up with some new and exciting collections. According to experts, Fabletics will continue to expand with their present growth rate in coming future, and it might beat Amazon in the activewear market as well.

How Fabletics Has Taken Over The Activewear Scene

When it comes to women’s activewear, there really isn’t that many brands on the market when being compared to men’s. Yes, there are the big name brands of Adidas, Nike, and Reebok, but these brands all have the same things in common being high in price and big on hype. These brands also want you to spend your money even if you never wear the athletic apparel. Where is the follow up? How about where is the inspiration? This is why most brands never last long or make a big enough imprint on society in-general. Have you ever heard of Fabletics? This is a fresh new women’s activewear line that has taken over the scene as of late. This product line was developed by a woman and for women. Actress Kate Hudson is one of the Co-Founders as Fabletics does a great job of mimicking her healthy lifestyle.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics are a winning combination thanks to the message, it’s inspiration, and quality of apparel. Customers of the brand have stated that the materials used are very comfortable and practical. Other’s have stated that the pricing was perfect and fits into the budget much better than other brands. What helps Fabletics stand out so much is that it’s more than just a clothing line.  It doesn’t matter if you’re jogging, walking the dog, weight training, swimming, or running errands around town.


Individuals can purchase the clothing separately or get a better discount by becoming a member of the brand. Being a member gives you huge advantages such as discounts on clothing and inspiration to keep you motivated and this is where other brands seem to be lacking. By joining the program you’ll become a valued member who will receive some of the brand’s hottest apparel each and every month. There’s only a small monthly fee, but advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages if there are any to began with. If you decide to skip a month or two, just login between the 1st and 5th of each month and all is taken cared for. This brand is designed with women in mind so take your health back and join the Fabletics Revolution.