Josh Smith’s Advice to Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Josh Smith is a great entrepreneur who has brought many business ideas to life. Based in Reno, Nevada, he began his journey to entrepreneurship seventeen years ago and decided to focus on the areas of wellness and fitness. Mr. Smith is passionate about technology, and he develops ideas that go in line with the modern technology. Besides being an entrepreneur, Smith is also a talented public speaker who spends a huge part of his time talking to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to establish successful business ventures. Recently, Mr. Smith had an interview with Ideamensch where he highlighted on his life as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, as well as offering pieces of advice to upcoming entrepreneurs.
When asked about he get his business ideas from, Smith noted that most of them come out of necessity. He continued to note that if you care to move around the world, you will be shocked at how many things and systems that don’t work correctly. This is the genesis of most of his business ideas. According to Smith, a great entrepreneur should look around, and they will realize that they are surrounded by opportunities. Smith has always been interested in seeing things working the right way. When he identifies a problem, he works hard to find a solution to the problem.

As a CEO and Co-founder of many Reno, Nevada, startups, Mr. Smith’s typical day is a beehive of activities. He has many projects to run, and his main aim is to ensure success in all his projects. As a result, Smith makes sure that he engages in activities that serve more than on purpose to meet multiple demands at the same time.

Mr. Smith has a unique way to which he brings ideas to life. After identifying a problem, he looks for the most viable solution. He puts his plan on a paper by reverse engineering the idea to bring it forward to the market. He says that through this method, he has been able to bring a dozen of businesses to life.

Modular greenhouses are the most popular venture among all the businesses that Smith has established in Reno, Nevada. The venture seeks to provide homeowners with an opportunity to own greenhouses in their residences. This will increase the production of organic foods in the country.

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Logan Stout’s Fantastic Life Achievements

Logan Stout is a man who appreciates health, and he has dedicated his life to helping others as well. Logan started a company named IDLife and was operational from May 2014. At an interview, Stout explained that the idea came from a gentleman who recommended him to meet Zig Ziglar’s doctor who had designed a vitamin program which was customized. Stout became interested because the products were natural no hormones, soy or gluten components. He met with the doctor and purchased the products, and this was how IDLife or IDNutrition came to be operational. Logan was a well-known professional athlete, and this is why he decided to venture into the fitness and health business.

Logan also enjoys the company’s products as he takes the IDLife Energy drink every single day.Logan also states that the firm’s success is accredited to his teammates as they are all dedicated to achieving IDLife’s goals. The team comes up with ideas and they all decide which ideas and plans to implement to make IDLife a better enterprise. Logan is also a philanthropist who finds joy in helping other people, and he also advises people on how to achieve their dreams by making them into reality through seminars and talks. IDLife is a company that is involved in offering supplements that satisfy specific client’s nutritional needs. What sets the company apart from any other company that offers dietary supplements because IDLife offers products that are unique for each customer.

Recently IDLife merged with Garmin, a company that incorporates technology and health fitness. Garmin and IDLife have similar goals, and that is to improve the health and fitness of their customers. Garmin is known for their fitness trackers; the devices are necessary when one wants to keep track of their fitness program sessions. IDLife has gone beyond and introduced a mobile app which can interact with the Garmin’s fitness trackers. The whole merge will enhance the two companies’ efficiency in providing quality products to customers. Logan is also associated with the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. He started the group to mentor the youth and to also improve their ability when it comes to sports. The organization offers instructors and coaches to work with the young people to make them successful in sports.

Nathaniel Ru

A famous food chain like no other, Sweetgreen has kept students flowing in for more salad. Sweetgreen is a food place that was started by three best friends’ right from the university. It has remained to be unique due to its type of food services which are healthy, organic and fresh. This food chain has been so far supported by popular investors such as Daniel Boulud, Steve Case, and Danny Meyer. Furthermore, the salad provided has an amazing taste thus indicating it has an excellent recipe, the end result is so many students coming for it in all the areas of the food place. Sweetgreen has 40 locations where they supply their services.


Nathaniel Ru as one of the founders of the firm is letting everyone know that they are creating a recipe that will bring the community together. The founders; Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman have another thing in common which is technology, they are using this advancement to keep Sweetgreen going and as a result, 30% of their transactions are carried out through their mobile app and also their website.


The three best friends are hardworking men who always follow up on their strategies, one of them is serving their customers first prior to other duties. Furthermore, the trio closes their office five times a year for the sake of attending to their work at the food chain. Their goal is to see Sweetgreen go further especially nationally. Moreover, they already have a branch in Los Angeles. Learn more:


These three amazing men first met at Georgetown University whereby they found themselves in the class of entrepreneurship. They began getting into business in the year 2007, August and after a while opened their well-known food chain. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru graduated from McDonough School of business from Georgetown University. He attained a BS in Finance. He is a very successful businessman. After graduation, he joined his best friends and they started Sweetgreen. Later they decided to also begin Sweetlife, this is an event that contains music as well as food thus bringing the community together. This food and music festival has the best chefs as well as top music artists. Learn more:


Sweetgreen has a number of values which include; making an impact, keeping it real, ‘win, win, win’ and adding the sweet. These values are adhered to by everyone especially the co-CEOS. Sweetgreen has been able to maintain their customers especially the students.


Clay Siegall – Highly Successful Entrepreneur and Scientist in the United States

Clay Siegall is one of the most renowned scientists and highly credible personalities in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. He is the founder as well as the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in the biotechnology sector in the United States, named Seattle Genetics. One of the focuses of Seattle Genetics is to make developments in the field of medicine that hasn’t seen much progress in the last few years and help develop effective therapies for cancer therapies and other terminal illnesses. He holds B.S. in Zoology and Ph.D. from the George Washington University.

Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has achieved great heights of success and also managed to get the FDA approval for their proprietary antibody drug conjugate. At present, the antibody conjugate developed by Seattle Genetics is marketed nationally as well as internationally through the approved indications. Clay Siegall understands that to grow and expand in a competitive pharmaceutical industry, Seattle Genetics has to invest heavily into research and development as well as collaborate with other market leaders. It is for this reason; Clay Siegall managed to partner with other major pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer, Genentech, and Pfizer. It helped in the positioning of Seattle Genetics in the pharmaceutical industry and creating a positive image of the enterprise nationally and internationally.

Seattle Genetics has been working tirelessly to get approval for many of its products, and there are many other drugs that are under development at the moment. One of the reasons why Seattle Genetics has achieved success in a short period is because of the emphasis of the company on research and development, which has helped the company to develop some of the most effective drugs on the planet. One of the reasons why Clay Siegall wanted to pursue his career in medical science is because his family member was affected by Cancer, and he saw how chemotherapy was more destructive than cancer. It is for this reason, cancer therapies remain one of the primary focuses of the Seattle Genetics. Thanks to the marketing and business skills of Clay Siegall, he has been able to raise funds of more than a billion dollar for the company till date.

Adam Milstein: A Man Working To Revive Judaism In The Hearts Of The Youth

Adam Milstein is someone who lives for a purpose. That purpose is to help the Jewish people in America, helping them understand their culture and their backgrounds, all while offering them the support that they need in their lives. Adam Milstein is known to be one of the biggest philanthropies in the entire country, who has helped thousands of people. He amassed his fortune in the business of real estate, which is a sector that he has been working in since the start of his professional career. Adam Milstein is the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a company that is dedicated to serving real estate buyers in West Hollywood, Orange County, and San Francisco. Through the span of his long career, Adam Milstein has worked with extremely large clients, both regarding selling commercial and well as residential properties.


Adam Milstein has always had a passion for helping people and believes it to be one of his main purposes in his life. Along with his wife Gila, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is an organization that works towards supporting Jewish people. The primary focus of the organization is Jewish youth, and the organization tries its best to give these youth all the tools that they would need to know their religion better. The organization encourages young people to take up opportunities where they can learn more and be a part of the Jewish community. Through the organization, Adam Milstein aims to instill a sense of Jewish pride in the minds of the youth, so that they can carry on their faith and lead a healthy life. The organization also hosts programs for young people to get to know about their homeland Israel and tries its best to instill a sense of Israeli pride in their minds and their hearts.


In addition to the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Adam Milstein has another charitable program which he uses to perpetuate the Jewish faith to all those who wish to follow. He founded an organization known as the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The organization is one which provides free Hebrew Books to Jewish families across the country.


Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur
Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development is a full-service company dealing in real estate development. The company has more than two decades of professional experience in the development of commercial and residential properties across the United States. JMH Development always deals in the development of distinctive properties in the area. For it to maintain a good name in the real estate industry, JMH Development seeks to develop the best management procedures in the world. JMH Development is the company chosen to develop 184 Kent Street. Because of its capabilities in the development of well-positioned structures in Brooklyn, it won an automatic award in this structure.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft
Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

JMH Development was a recipient of the Brooklyn Real Estate award. In Cobble Hill, Townhouses were developed by JMH Development. JMH Development has a strong commitment to success and quality in all their work. As a matter of fact, it is keeping up with the trend releasing powerful structures. JMH Development was led by Jason Halpern to announce that it has reached the topping off of the South Aloft Beach. This is one of the most adaptive re-uses of the Motel Ankara. Plaza Construction was also sub-contracted to ensure the structure was acquired management practices. In 2015, the construction will be completed as one of the most sophisticated developments in the area.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, Thomas Juul-Hansen

JMH Development won the contract and made it a practice to subcontract other high-end companies to ensure they meet the completion deadline. For this reason, JMH Development sub-contracted Madden Real Estate Company to offer its assistance in the development of the projects. As a matter of fact, no one has better management capabilities in this arena than Madden Real Estate. JMH Development also contracted Plaza Construction to conduct the construction process in the South Aloft Beach.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard
Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

According to Jason Halpern, JMH Development is excited to announce the topping off of the South Aloft Beach. For this reason, they have worked to get better development results in a manner that is not precedent in the area. JMH Development has a track record of developing high-end structures. For the company, thy also view the topping off of the Construction as a signal of the next phase of development.

Don Ressler Encourages Unique Products

There are all kinds of fashion designer companies. While a lot of fashion designer companies are content with maintaining tradition and staying within convention, this approach can alienate some of the customers that have more adventurous tastes when it comes to fashion and style. Don Ressler is one of the people who are looking out for those that are looking to explore different styles. Don’s company, TechStyle has put together many different styles in fashion that are meant to serve the more adventurous dressers. One of the things they are doing with fashion is bending the categories of clothing and merging them with other categories on Huffington Post.

Among the brands and services that TechStyle has brought forth are JustFab, Fabkids Fabletics and FL2 for men at When people search the sites, they get a preview of what the store offers. They are also offered a chance to sign up. When they sign up, then they get to look at more of the products that are being offered. The product images on Pando show a lot of thought and creativity being put towards the clothes, especially with Fabletics. For people that are looking to be adventurous and experimental, Fabletics is the perfect brand to check out.

One thing that can influence the types of products a company sells is the purpose behind the company. Without a good purpose behind the company, the business might turn out to be uninspired and can attract minimal sales because of the types of products offered. TechStyle shows a lot of passion which gives way to clothing and accessories that will capture creativity and last people years. When Don Ressler and others meet up to discuss the way to go for the next trends, they often come up with a lot of fun, elegant, adventurous, boring, serious, playful, and plenty of other designs.

As TechStyle continues on, the company continues to cover new ground and go into areas that haven’t been explored. For one thing, they are hoping to attract people to fashion that wouldn’t have given the world a second thought. TechStyle not only is trendy, but also inspiring when it comes to bringing out the courage of fashionable people.

Anthony Petrello; Making The World Place With His Generosity And Business Experience

Anthony Petrello is currently the Chief Executive officers of one of the biggest oil companies, Nabors Industries LTD. This is a role Anthony, commonly identified as Tony, has been seen to serve impeccable since 2011. Since 1992, Anthony has served the oil, geothermal and natural gas drilling company making it his aim to make the firm better than he found.

Nabors Industries, based in Hamilton, Bermuda, is seen to provide offshore drilling service across the Middle East, Americas, Africa and the Far East. As an affiliate of Nabors Exchangeco located in Canada, the firm also provides various support services for offshore and onshore drilling and servicing operations.

His remarkable career journey began with him working in the Baker and McKenzie’s law firm in a managing partner position. He worked with this law firm in their New York’s offices as from 1986. The Law firm was always driven by its absolute dedication to helping its clients and this was responsible for shaping Anthony to become of the top paid bosses in the world. Mr. Petrello has been seen to provide excellent planning techniques which he employs in his daily activities as the Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries. The company has been able to thrive in a competitive and dynamic environment something others thought was not possible.


Apart from his success in the business environment, Anthony is also known for his charitable deed making him a philanthropist. He has been at the forefront in contributing towards Periventricular Leukomalacia also identified by its initials as PVL. The PVL is common in premature infants and is also neurological diseases. What makes Anthony participate in helping those infants born with this disease is the mere fact that their daughter was also born with this same condition. Anthony and Cynthia Petrello have been helping their daughter to fight this disease, and her health has been seen to improve for the eight years of age. Driven by the goodwill and love for their daughter, the couple has taken the responsibility of helping parents with children born with this illness.

Anthony has had an excellent career history making an impact in every firm he works with. Gradually, he has risen to become of America’s top bosses associated with businesses. He has a track record in offering services in any business firm he is which is complemented by his educational background as he has a J.D degree from Harvard Law School and a Master in Mathematics from Yale University. Mr. Anthony is excellent in everything he does as he continues to display brilliance in all aspects from his professional to charity contributions.

JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern has announced that JMH Development Construction Company has reached the topping off of the Southern Aloft Beach. For the company, they engage in the development of high-end structures using the latest technology and innovation in the country. As we might be aware, anything which uses high-end technology and innovation takes more time to be complete. Expensive construction process always characterises it. This is exactly what is going on in the historic Motel Ankara-based in Miami. For the company, they want to develop this building to mark one of the biggest achievements in their entire reconstruction processes. For this reason, they have announced that they are on a process which signals the completion of the building. He Motel Ankara is one of the historic structures which have bigger rooms. It has more than 235 rooms in total. Its opening is scheduled to take place in 2015.


JMH Development is the company which was awarded this contract through Jason Halpern as the principal leader. The company saw that the construction process might take a longer time if they relied on themselves to finish the process. For this reason, they went on and looked for three more companies to assist it in the construction process. The Madden Real Estate Ventures Construction Company was one of the businesses that were chosen by Jason Halpern to assist in the development of the project. While they worked to develop the structure, JMH Development allocated the construction process to Plaza Construction which worked to issue its allocation in the processes in the building. For the company, nothing gives them more honour that to engage in the construction of projects using the latest level of technology. ADD Architectures became the company which was allocated to ensure that all the development processes in the company adhered to the architectural construction design.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Since 2009, there is no hotel which has been reconstructed in the region to suit their needs in a more personal way. For this reason, they have worked to develop this construction process in a manner which does not comply with the real estate standards in the region. The Historical Motel Ankara is under reconstruction to become one of the best hotels in the region due to its high-end construction technology and architectural design. For this reason, they are enlightened to have their processes in the region fit their management capabilities.


JMH Development is delighted to have the construction process reach the topping off. For this reason, they will now commence the new development process while they are about to reach the end of the processes. As a matter of fact, there are many other things which work to determine the end of construction. However, they do not see this as a major achievement.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

Is Eric Pulier An Unsung Hero

In today’s society many of the television entertainers and professional athletes seem to get all of the attention. The people who are out in the world making a difference for man-kind never seem to get the recognition they deserve even though there projects are actually making life better in a general sense. Have you ever heard of Eric Pulier? Did you know that he has played a critical role in society? Eric Pulier is the perfect example of an unsung hero. He may not be a household name, but he’s done more for society than any your favorite movie stars. Pulier always had high intelligence and you could see it from a young age. While in the fourth grade he programmed a computer. Having such a natural gifted mind kept young Pulier busy and by the time e hit high school, his talents began to shine even brighter.

Eric Pulier was out on his own and was residing at one of the country’s most prominent institutions of higher education. During this he stayed very busy, but also find time to do things that interested him such as writing a column for the prestigious Harvard Crimson. Pulier did so great that he eventually ended up as one of the editors there as well. Did you know that he attended classes at (MIT)? Pulier’s strong ambition is set him apart and that ambition would build the foundation to what we have today. He graduated in 1988 and Eric Pulier would soon be packing his bags and headed to The City of Angeles to start his career.

As of today Eric Pulier has had a hand in education, technology, government, investments and philanthropy. He still resides in Los Angeles and is a loving devoted father of four. Who needs fame if you truly can’t live the life that was meant to be.

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