Community Banking Is Becoming The New Norm

When you think of banking institutions which banking institutions tend to come to mind? Like most people, you’ll probably say Bank of America, Capital One, SunTrust, or Wells Fargo. There’s nothing wrong with those answers, but each one of those institutions are national banks. Community banks only serve in a certain region and tend to be as huge as it’s counterparts or as heavily promoted. This in term doesn’t mean that it’s not as successful though because community banks are now in direct competition thanks to it’s wide array of innovative services.

NexBank Capital is a Dallas, Texas banking institution and it is the epitome of what a successful community bank is. As of 2016, the affluent bank had an estimated $4.0 Billion in assets and it hosts many innovative modern services such as online banking treasury management, public funds, commercial lending, warehouse lending, credit services, agency services, mobile banking, certificate of deposits, savings/checking accounts and many more. John Holt, whom is the CEO and President, is providing the very best of leadership thanks to his expertise, knowledge base, and skill. John Holt also appeared at the 5th annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference last year in November. He and other leaders shared their perspectives on what is causing specific challenges, to opinions on what could be improved, as well as discussions about branching and organic growth.

This prestigious event is one of the main reason’s for this exclusive industry’s success. Consultants, bank leaders, advisers, and others were in attended and it was surely a hit. If you’re seeking better overall services with a small town feel, community banking could be for you. This is the most contemporary way of banking in the new millennium.