How Fabletics Has Taken Over The Activewear Scene

When it comes to women’s activewear, there really isn’t that many brands on the market when being compared to men’s. Yes, there are the big name brands of Adidas, Nike, and Reebok, but these brands all have the same things in common being high in price and big on hype. These brands also want you to spend your money even if you never wear the athletic apparel. Where is the follow up? How about where is the inspiration? This is why most brands never last long or make a big enough imprint on society in-general. Have you ever heard of Fabletics? This is a fresh new women’s activewear line that has taken over the scene as of late. This product line was developed by a woman and for women. Actress Kate Hudson is one of the Co-Founders as Fabletics does a great job of mimicking her healthy lifestyle.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics are a winning combination thanks to the message, it’s inspiration, and quality of apparel. Customers of the brand have stated that the materials used are very comfortable and practical. Other’s have stated that the pricing was perfect and fits into the budget much better than other brands. What helps Fabletics stand out so much is that it’s more than just a clothing line.  It doesn’t matter if you’re jogging, walking the dog, weight training, swimming, or running errands around town.


Individuals can purchase the clothing separately or get a better discount by becoming a member of the brand. Being a member gives you huge advantages such as discounts on clothing and inspiration to keep you motivated and this is where other brands seem to be lacking. By joining the program you’ll become a valued member who will receive some of the brand’s hottest apparel each and every month. There’s only a small monthly fee, but advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages if there are any to began with. If you decide to skip a month or two, just login between the 1st and 5th of each month and all is taken cared for. This brand is designed with women in mind so take your health back and join the Fabletics Revolution.