Here’s Why Rocketship Education So Frequently Succeeds

Rocketship Education is a leading nexus of public charter schools based in the United States of America, currently hosting eighteen facilities in four states around the country. This leading system of public schools was co-founded by Preston Smith, currently having spent more than 15 years in educating young, K-5 children hailing from low-income areas. Just like everyone with an eagerness to learn and long amounts of time spent in a particular field, Preston Smith has learned a handful of lessons from his time as an educator and administrator, especially at Rocketship Education. Here are just a few of them.

Coincidentally enough, most low-income neighborhoods belonging to large metropolitan areas or large cities are filled with multiple backgrounds, races, and ethnic groups. Unfortunately, many people who obtain multiple degrees in education and later practice their pedagogical research and study are often white. While there’s nothing wrong with being white, the average low-income school’s employees’ backgrounds typically don’t match those of their diverse bases of students.

Students are able to learn more effectively when their teachers hail from diverse backgrounds, matching that of students’ own. This is something Rocketship Education strives to achieve. Rather than diversifying bases of students, something most schools place primary focus on, Rocketship Education looks to hire teachers from various backgrounds first.

Parents allow teachers into their students’ homes once per year to learn more about how they live, helping personalize educational plans. Something else parents do, unlike the vast, vast, vast majority of schools in America, is interview incoming teachers. Parents truly know what kids want, especially their own, making this unique aspect of Rocketship’s operations something that helps them succeed.

John Danner co-founded Rocketship Education alongside Preston Smith in 2007. The chain of K-5 schools is known for having innovated technology into its lesson plans, particularly insofar as personalized learning layouts for individual students. Although many schools around the country – and the world, for that matter – regularly utilize technology in their everyday activities, Rocketship Education was one of the first to do so, marking the chain of public charter schools as a pioneer in its field, something that many other organizations hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area can, and often do, claim.