Waiakea: More Than Water

People are urged to drink water. However, people also know that they need more than water. For one thing, they need to make sure that they are getting other nutrients along with water. As a matter of fact, if they are only drinking water and not getting any other nutrients, then it is going to bring forth some side effects. This is one of the reasons that people need to make sure that they are getting water from Waiakea. This brand of bottled water has the electrolytes that are needed to not only maintain function but also make sure that one is getting the right amount of electrolytes.

Waiakea offers people electrolytes that are gathered from the rocks that it filters through. These electrolytes give water its great taste. People enjoy the pure and refreshing taste they get when they drink Waiakea. This lets them know that they are getting the true refreshment that is missing from other bottled water brands. The best part is that the electrolytes give people a lot of energy so that they will be able to function better. The electrolytes are not cancelled out by any sugar like in Gatorade.

There is another aspect of Waiakea that makes it a water brand that is worth drinking. This aspect is its pH level. Waiakea has an adequate pH level. Other water companies have a low pH level which makes it acidic. One of the dangers of drinking acidic beverages is that it can put the body in an acidic condition which will leave it vulnerable to advanced stages of cancer. A body that is closer to alkaline levels can more easily fight off any bad elements that can bring it danger. Drinking Waiakea can also reduce the effects of aging so that people can thrive more.


Jason Hope’s Helps Arizona Realize its Tech Hub Dream

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and an Internet of Things enthusiast passionately supports the backing of tech industries in Arizona by authorities. Being a tech savvy and having political interests, he blends well with the policies and development strategies of the state which seek to attract technology manufacturers to Arizona.

The fruits of his efforts are evident as Arizona’s tech industry is sprouting hundreds of thousands of lucrative jobs a few years after the state had an economic crisis. Arizona has assiduously been collaborating with the tech industry to appeal to IT entrepreneurs, IoT manufacturers, startups, and the biotech industry.

Arizona is renowned for its superior workforce, which takes the second position in the United States. The state awards entrepreneurs who develop solutions to real-world problems with $3 million each year in a development initiative known as the Arizona Innovation Challenge, and resume him.

On his part, Jason Hope encourages startups and prospective entrepreneurs by advocating for educational programs in Arizona, providing charitable support, and looking for new ideas. He is devoted to assisting business people and intelligent students to nurture their plans to become workable businesses. He guides and offers grants to them, and https://medium.com/@jasonhope.

High-tech companies throughout the United States recognize Arizona as a perfect ground for business development due to the support which leaders and high-profile investors like Jason offer. The state has vast tracts of land at affordable prices and has high standards of living, and Twitter.com.

The state has the highest job growth rate in America. It has 75 business incubators which promote the growth of startup ventures. The availability of co-working spaces mainly makes the state irresistible to startups and entrepreneurs.

The Impact of the #IoT on Customer Service by @jasonhope https://t.co/bCYFLrZBad via @B2Community

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Five Arizona-based companies recently featured on Deloitte’s ranking of the leading tech companies in the United States. These firms were Nextiva, Lifelock, Inc., Ulthera, Inc., GPS Insight, and SiteLock. Some of the startups and corporate subsidiaries for tech firms in Arizona are Gainsight, Galvanize, Double-Dutch, JDA Software, Weebly, Apple, Kudelski Group, Grand Canyon University, and RJR Technologies, Inc.


About Jason Hope

Jason is an Internet of Things (IoT) expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist. He is a finance graduate of the University of Arizona, where he got his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason recently reaffirmed his philanthropy after donating half a million dollars to a nonprofit called the SENS Foundation, which focuses on research in rejuvenation biotechnologies for treatment of age-related diseases. Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale where he mentors many high school students.

Robert Ivy Takes Matters Beyond Buildings

Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects (AIA), a position he took over in 2011. He is a graduate of Tulane University, where he got his Masters in Architecture. After working as an architect for some time, he worked for the publication Architectural Record. In 1996 he took over as editor-in-chief in 1996.

Under his captainship, it grew to become one of the most successful publications of its kind. His other jobs in publication include working as the Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, which also owned HQ Magazine, SNAP, ENR, and Sweets.

Perhaps the biggest contribution Robert Ivy has made is to change the conversation regarding architecture’s role in providing environmentally safe habitat for humans. The idea here is to create awareness to the general public in the role buildings play in peoples general well-being. Through AIA he hopes to tackle challenges facing the building industry, whether it is creative, social or economic challenges. In fact, even while working for McGraw-Hill, he dealt with architecture from an environmental perspective. Going by the awards and recognitions Robert got, it looks like he has succeeded in his endeavor.

While working at McGraw- Hill, one of the publications managed to get a Jesse H. Neal Award, which is rare for trade journals to get. In 2009, Robert himself received the title of “Master of Architecture” from the fraternity Alpha Rho Chi and G.D Crain Award for lifetime contributions to editorial work.

The award from the fraternity is truly a special one, as it has only been given to seven people in total in the last 100 years. Robert in the only architect so far to receive it in this century. As far as the AIA is concerned, after Robert became CEO it continued its expansion, both in terms of chapters as well as individual members. Today, the organization boasts of over 90,000 members and over 250 chapters.

Robert Ivy continues to transform AIA from just a legacy organization to a more proactive one. Because of his efforts, the public at large is more aware of the efforts and contributions of architects. He has, in short, changed the public perception of architects as not only people who design buildings but also as professionals who can make a contribution towards sustainability and public health. Despite his busy schedule, Robert manages to find time to travel and speak at conferences.

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Duda Melzer RBS

The oil industry in Brazil is becoming a huge asset to the country. As oil production in other countries starts to go down, this is a great opportunity for Brazil to gain market share by starting to invest in these areas. Not only that, but there are many leaders who are emerging from this field like Duda Melzer. There are some people who want him to run for political office in Brazil, but he loves the impact that he is making on RBS Group and the people in the local community. Over time, he has proven to truly care about the lives of other people in the area. Not only that, but he is excited about what is going on in the economy.

Duda Melzer

From the time the company was started, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has always been about helping others. Many people view the oil industry as just caring about financial things in the business. However, Duda Melzer has proven that he wants to make a big impact in other areas as well. Over time, he is excited about some of the changes that are starting to take place in his life and career. Many people are ready to see what he can do to make a difference in the lives of other people in the industry. Duda Melzer has proven that he wants to change the world through his work in business. Check out Odiario to know more.

Future Plans

Duda Melzer is the type of person who is ready to start working on a variety of projects in his life and career. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer believes that he has the capacity to understand how to add value to the lives of others, and he is excited about where this is going to go in coming years. Duda Melzer knows what kind of impact RBS can make on its future. For more info, visit eduardosirotskymelzer.com

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Susan McGalla’s Take on Workplace Gender Discrimination

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The founder of P3 Executive Consulting, her career began at the popular clothing company American Eagle Outfitters. During her tenure, she served in positions ranging from management to Vice President. She later went on to serve as Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal.

McGalla currently sits on the boards of real estate company HFF, Inc., and the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College. Her current position is with the Pittsburg Steelers as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

Susan McGalla is a role model for women in leadership. Many women have trouble climbing the corporate ladder, and it is people like McGalla who show them that it absolutely can be done. She encourages women to reach for new opportunities and to break through the glass ceiling when it comes to rising to the top of their careers. McGalla likes to prove to women that gender should not hold them back when pursuing top positions, and they are capable of reaching their goals. She encourages women to share ideas with each other and strive for the best.

Susan McGalla believes that Executive Sponsorship is key to overcome discrimination in the workplace due to gender. She feels that women should find a sponsor to help with important decisions and to recommend important work duties and functions. These sponsors would have an incentive to help others, as this will provide motivation. McGalla feels that this will diminish problems of gender discrimination in the workplace and that companies will be more successful if they incorporate a sponsorship program.

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Rick Smith Leads Securus Technologies in Enhancing Public Safety across U.S through Adoption of New Technology

Securus Technologies is renowned for providing unique solutions in the civil and criminal justice technology for the safety of the public, investigation, corrections and monitoring. The technology company is headed by Richard Smith who has a proven track record in the technology industry. The main clients of the company are the corrections organizations and public security agencies.

Securus Technologies has actively been involved in implementing the use of video calls in the correction facilities, which allows inmates to get into contact with their visitors. The technique has been used to replace the old-school face to face visits in prisons and other correction facilities. The biggest beneficiaries of this new development are the correction facilities where it is expected that they will cut costs, and enhance the safety of the inmates and the public. The inmates and the public are also set to benefit since they will have more time to interact with a secure platform. According to Wikipedia

Securus Technologies has also been on the forefront to advocate the use of biometrics technology in correction facilities. When the organizations incorporate biometrics into their system, it will be easier to identify prisoners and also make their management more effective. Over the past few years, Securus has experienced tremendous growth where they currently serve more than 2,000 correctional facilities in the U.S and Canada. Since Richard took reign at the technology company, it has been able to invest more than $600 million in many patents and technologies in a span of just three years.

With the technological solutions offered by Securus Technologies, the justice system can now track inmates better and also collect data that enables them to follow basic crime patterns. It has, in turn, helped to reduce the number of crimes. Additionally, it serves the needs of emergency responders and law enforcement agencies effectively.

Rick’s work history

Before he took reign at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith was previously the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc where he worked for several years. When he led operations at Eschelon Telecom Inc, the revenues shot from a record of $30 million to $350 million. The impressive record of accomplishment convinced the board at Securus Technologies that Mr. Smith was the right candidate for the job. Mr. Smith has been the head of operations at Securus since 2009.

Rick studied at Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated with Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. He then enrolled at the State University of New York for his bachelor of science in electrical engineering. Mr. Rick is also a holder of a master in mathematics from the State University of New York. He also got an MBA from Rochester University, Simon school.

Mr. Rick Smith continues to lead Securus Technologies on a success path by inventing new products for its clients. The technology company continues to invest in developing new technologies and patents, information collection and access. It also focuses on improving public safety.

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Tim Armour on Where Warren Buffett Fails on Investing

Tim Armour penned an op-ed which criticizes fellow investor Warren Buffet and the advice he extends to newcomers to the market that seek out his wisdom.

Buffett recently issued a charity challenge to other hedge fund managers and bet that he could earn more on returns by sticking to the S&P 500 passive index alone, which is typical of his investment strategies. While Armour doesn’t dispute the well known results of Buffett’s career in investing, he argues that his method is particularly helpful to those entering the market for the first time an it may not even be profitable in the near future as new conditions change the nature of investing.

Passive indexes may give the appearance of stability because of the low buy0in price and the appearance of limited risk, but Armour points out that they are susceptible to the same rates of instability found elsewhere. And in a bear market this becomes more apparent, which is the real test of an investor, being able to seek out sufficient returns during a time when investing isn’t as lucrative for most.

Rather than try to avoid risk, something that investors can’t do, Armour suggests that new investors, especially those interested in preparing for retirement, ought to concern themselves more with finding funds that have reasonable fees and a manager that is personally invested. Many new investors fall victim to predatory managers that inflate fees and keep their own money far away from funds they don’t believe are good investments. Avoiding either, Armour has found that he averages 1.47% above index benchmarks after fees were paid for.

About Tim Armour:

Timothy Armour received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College in 1983, and began his career at Capital Group Companies. With more than 30 years working with investments, Armour ascended through the ranks of Capital Research and Management Company, becoming Director, Chairman, and Principal Executive Officer.

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