Ryan Seacrest: Inspiration and Philanthropist

Many people know Ryan Seacrest as the pop culture icon who hosts various events. However, he has a story that is very inspirational. One thing that can be said about him is that he has achieved a lot. Another thing that can be said is that he is an example of someone with a work ethic. However, one thing to look at about Ryan Seacrest is the foundation he has set up for helping others. He has a foundation known as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is dedicated to helping today’s youth with the use of entertainment and education based programs.

One of the common occurrences when it comes to people who have gained a lot of fame and fortune is that they look for ways to give it back. They don’t just express a desire to help others. They actually look into ways that they can help others. This is one thing that Ryan Seacrest, tv and radio show host and producer, has done to help others. One of the most encouraging aspects of Ryan Seacrest’s life is that he has overcome challenges from when he was a child. This encourages people to move forward with any goals they may have. This also lets people know that they are able to achieve what they put their mind to.

One of the inspiring aspects of his life is that he recalls a time back in his life when he was a chubby child. He has dealt with all of the consequences that come with carrying a little excess weight, especially since this was back before people became more accepting of larger people. He remembers how he has felt when he was heavier. He works very hard in order to keep the weight off and keep his body sculpted. Ryan Seacrest has shown that even people who have a history of being heavier can become one of the most admired people in society.

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Roberto Santiago Maintains a Social Place of Entertainment and Relaxation

This world is a fast paced world. Therefore, it is important for people to be able to have a day when they can take their time and just relax. It is also important for them to have an environment that they can relax in. If there is anyone that deserves to relax, it is Roberto Santiago. He understands the fast paced life. He is one of the people that worked very hard to get ahead and stay ahead. For one thing, the fast pace of today’s lifestyle can be very draining for the person who is not quite ahead in the race. Therefore, they need something that can help them relax and rejuvenate.


Roberto Santiago has thought about those needs that people have. Therefore, he has taken a look at the activities of people. One of the factors that he has thought about was how to make money. This is when he has thought about shopping. One thing that he notices about the shopping culture is that even that is fast paced. People are picking up their items and then leaving. However, he is also noticing that the shopping environment is dying down. A lot of stores are closing.


One factor that Roberto Santiago has noticed about shopping is that even in malls, people are urged to buy something and then go. This is one of the factors that could be causing many malls to close down. Roberto has designed a mall that brings people back to the days when shopping was something that people have done as part of a social event. Roberto has thought up ways to have more people come to the mall. One thing he has done was add and encourage the addition of some facilities in his mall which people know as Manaira Shopping.


Among the facilities that have been added to the mall are arcades, movie theaters, concert halls and plenty of restaurants. There is more than one food court in Manaira Shopping, and people are encouraged to just take their time and enjoy their experience in the mall. This is one of the reasons that Manaira Shopping stands out from among the other malls.


Mike Baur’s Ability to Help People Gives Him the Chance to Run a Successful Company

Mike Baur knew what it would take to make his company great. He also knew there would be many things he could do that would allow him the chance to make sure he was going to keep helping people. He had stuck with different opportunities and that’s what made him the best at what he did. It also allowed him the chance to show people they could also be as successful as him in the future. Depending on the issues that people were having with their startups, Mike Baur knew he was going to be able to make sure he was helping them.


For as long as Mike Baur worked at the bank, he knew what he was going to do and how he was going to help. The problem was that he was not working for himself. Instead, he was working with other people and making money for them. There had been different ways that people realized Mike Baur was doing things right and he knew from the beginning he would have to make things easier on himself in different situations. It was his way of providing things to people so they wouldn’t have to make things harder on themselves when they were starting out.


Even when Mike Baur was making sure he could give attention to people, he knew he was doing everything right with the business he owns. He had always tried to bring attention to people so they would be able to see different things and so they could get more from the industry. He wanted the startups to work in the best way possible and that was how he was going to try and make things better for the people who came to him for advice. Everything he did went back to helping them and giving them a positive outlook for their business.


Even though some people struggled to get the help they needed, they knew that Mike Baur was doing the best job possible. They had seen him working hard for others and doing the best things possible for them. They had also learned about all the things he was doing right for other people. As good as Mike Baur has been to other people, he knew his business would continue to benefit from it. He also knew things would go his way if he was working at helping people with the issues they had.



Swiss Startup Factory Founder, Mike Baur Offers Tips For Novice Sales Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur, co-founder and director of the Swiss Startup Factory in Switzerland is also a speaker, mentor and facilitator, known for his talent to drive novice dreamers to entrepreneurial success.


Resourceful and grounded with the unique talent of building productive leaders, Baur has become a highly sought-after business coach and his program at the Swiss Startup Factory is described as life-changing. One of the topics Baur strategically focuses on for startups is to make everyday work more efficient. Many new entrepreneurs ask about optimizing contracts, and here are several weapons to use in the office;


  1. Lead Nurturing. In sales, the first question is: How can draw attention to their product start-ups? The magic word is here lead nurturing, which means as much as the “feeding” or “nurturing” of potential buyers. It includes any measures, which are used to provide interested parties at the right time with the right information. Consider marketing automation software that can send out clever personalized messages that encourage potential buyers.


  1. Lead Scoring. For start-ups, it is important to secure as many leads as possible, however, you want to systematically evaluate how likely it is to complete a sale. The lead-evaluation procedure, which is also done automatically by certain software, relates in part to profiles. The software takes into account the response to the received communication, in other words, the activity of a potential buyer (interaction in campaigns or behavior on the website). Leads can therefore be structured into possible steps in terms of their potential for a sale.


  1. Selling Solutions, Not Products. The core idea that each sales person should keep in mind is this: You want to offer the customer a solution, not just simply sell them a product. They need to visualize the end result. This creates trust and builds a good relationship for repeat customers.


  1. Utilize Task & Project Management Tools. When growing a start-up, it becomes a challenge to keep track of all processes. In sales, using software to keep leads in the pipeline benefits you in the end. This will not only increase productivity, but also shortens the processes. And the automated process will boost sales opportunities.



As an experienced entrepreneur, Mike Baur details how novice entrepreneurs can close more deals by being well-organized and embracing an automated sales process. Baur says to be successful, entrepreneurs must not think of sales as another chore, but must have a passion for selling.


Jose Neto Ranks among Brazil’s Real Estate Giants

JHSF Participações S.A. is the number one company in Brazil when it comes to the high-end real estate industry. It was established in 1972 and has grown over the years to achieve the status it currently holds. The company is also involved in the procurement of both commercial and residential markets and building and managing shopping centers and high-class hotels. Recently, it also ventured into the construction and administration of an international business airport. The company prides itself in the ability to recognize and capitalize on new prospects in the market.

In the company’s bio on LinkedIn, some of the attributes the company shares with its ventures include innovative, daring, high quality, pioneering, and workable. These characteristics have been infused with the company’s core values and beliefs. It was made public in 2007 by its owners, and since then the company has had its shares trading at the Novo Mercado of BM & FBovespa and learn more about Jose.

JHSF Participações S.A. constitutes of four business entities; Airports, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, Shopping Mall, and Incorporations. In April 2007, the firm was named in Bovespa in the Corporate Governance segment, which is the highest in Brazil. Since its inception 42 years ago, the company has managed to conquer the markets in both Brazil and outside countries. In Brazil, its presence is felt in Manaus, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. Abroad, it has a considerate market share in Miami and New York in the USA and Punta del Este in Uruguay and Jose’s lacrosse camp.


About Jose Neto

José AuriemoNeto, popularly known as Zeco, is the eldest son of one of the founders of the company, FábioAuriemo. He joined the company’s operations at just age 17 and is credited with developing the company’s park division. At age 22, he was appointed as the director of shopping malls for the JHSF Participações S.A. Currently, he is the CEO and chairman of the company. He attended the ÁlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Aside from his roles mentioned above, he is also responsible for managing JHSF Participações S.A’s massive retail and shopping portfolio. This includes the well-known City Garden shopping mall in so Paulo, Ponta Negra shopping mall in Manaus, Bela Vista in Salvador and the Tucuruv Subway and read full article.

David McDonald of OSI Group Partners with DOYOO to Produce Meat

David McDonald was born in 1953. He is the serving president of OSI Group, the best meat products provider in the United States of America. His career dates back to the 1980s. This was before the forming of OSI Group. Initially, the company was Otto and Sons Corporation. Before his appointment as the president of OSI Group, McDonald was the project manager of the company. His vast experience saw him being appointed as the chief operating officer of OSI Group too. Before that, he was an independent director at Marfrig Global Foods. He left the company in December 2008. This was after Marfrig Frigorificos Global Foods had acquired OSI Group. After the purchase of OSI Group by Marfrig Global Foods, David McDonald became a board member of the company. He is an alumnus of Iowa State University.

OSI China

Under David McDonald’s leadership, OSI Group was celebrated for its twenty years service in the meat processing industry. The twenty years celebration was held in China. This event occurred on September 12th, 2012. Since the establishment of the company in Beijing, OSI Group prides itself on being the best meat products provider in China. The company has served China for twenty years. This service has largely contributed to the economic growth of China. When Beijing held the 2008 Olympic Games, OSI Group was the sole supplier of all meat products. The products included beef, eggs, dehydrated onion, and chicken. The total amount of supplies was 113 tons and learn more about David.


To confirm the company’s efficiency in customer service, there were no customer complaints. This gesture was appreciated by the president of OSI Group as well as the committee of the Beijing Olympic Games. Since then, OSI Group in China has been the sole supplier of meat products for many high profile companies. Some of these companies include McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Burger King and Starbucks and his Youtube.


OSI Group has been operating in China for twenty years. Through this, the economy of the country has grown massively. In September 2016, the meat processing plant broke ground by establishing a new facility for meat production. This facility is located in Henan province. In the same month, the company announced its plan to partner with Zhoukou and DOYOO Group. The aim is to form DaOSI Group, an affiliate for poultry operation in China and read full article.

How Stephen Rotella has built a Name for Himself in the Financial Investment Market

Stephen Rotella is the President of StoneCastle Partners, LLC, which is one of the largest cash management firm in the U.S. His involvement in the day-to-day running of the company has allowed him to help in formulating and setting strategies that have influenced the path that his company is taking and read full article.

With over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, he has managed to bring solid leadership regarding a deep understanding of the organizational development, retail and internet banking, product innovation and marketing on board StoneCastle Partners, LLC.

The company has an impressive track record with over $12 billion under its management and advisement. It has also managed to attract over 1,200 institutions as financial partners making it one of the biggest financial investment firms in the U.S.

Stephen Rotella’s journey and passion in the financial market started when he enrolled at the Stony Brook University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He got his MBA in Finance from the University at Albany.

After his graduation, he started working as a Senior Consultant at Accenture PLC, which is a global strategic consulting firm. He served in this position for two years and moved to The Reserve Group where he worked as the Vice President of Product Development for four years. He later joined Shearson Lehman Inc. and served as the Vice President for three years and Stephen on Facebook.

His experience led him to J.P Morgan, where he was the CEO of Chase Home Finance, which is one of the biggest home finance companies in the U.S. He served as the CEO for eighteen years before moving on to WaMu and serving as the President and CEO for three years. In 2011, he became the Chief Executive Officer of StoneCastle Cash Management before he became the President of StoneCastle Partners, LLC.

Stephen Rotella remains of the most influential people in the financial markets.

InnovaCare Health Employs A Unique Team Led By Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is a leader in the managed healthcare services world. Within North America, they provide two main avenues of care. Through provider networks and Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs, InnovaCare Health is committed to giving each one of their customers access to quality healthcare. Their programs are cost-effective and sustainable.

This company has redefined the definition of healthcare management, always continuing to meet the many challenges of the complex healthcare environment we are in today. At InnovaCare Health, quality medical care is the final goal of everything they do and patients come first. They believe that creating strong patient-provider relationships will lead to healthier outcomes for their patients, enhancing their quality of life.

InnovaCare uses only the most innovative networks and medical practices, connecting their patients to leading physicians that can deliver quality care and efficiency. Everyone who works for InnovaCare is held to higher standards of quality and transparency, so that they may deliver quality care to their patients. InnovaCare Health knows that teams make the most impact by having effective communication skills and a clear vision; one of the practices that makes InnovaCare a leader.

As the company’s President and CEO, Richard Shinto (Rick) knows what it takes to make a great team. He is a well-regarded professional within the industry, earning his undergraduate degree from the University of California and his medical degree from the State University of New York. He began his tenure as a pulmonologist and an internist in California. With more than two decades of experience under his belt, Rick has served the industry from many aspects.

Before his current position, he was CEO of Aveta, Inc. and Chief Medical Officer at NAMM California. He was the Chief Medical Officer and COO of Medical Pathways Management Company before joining NAMM. Rick Shinto has also been the Corporate Vice President for MedPartners and the Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optima Health Plan. Learn more about Rick on xrepublic.net.

A newer member at the InnovaCare team is Penelope Kokkinides. She is the company’s Chief Administrative Officer and has more than two decades of experience within the healthcare and managed care industry. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Binghamton University and her graduate degree from New York University, she began a long list of accomplished positions.

She has served as Executive Vice President and COO of Centerlight HealthCare, COO at Touchstone Health, and Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management with AmeriChoice. She was years of knowledge in creating clinical programs and managing health care operations by improving efficiency and infrastructure.

Services and Employee Satisfaction at Cotemar

Over three decades Cotemar has provided Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) with services. We provide services that are required in the industry: oil and gas. The services we provide are validated and certified by the relevant authorities. In order to stay ahead in the industry, we are constantly evolving with the changes presented in the market so as to remain relevant and competitive. Cotemar is highly trained employees continue to provide the top notch services thereby keeping us successful in the industry.

The services we offer at Cotemar can be categorized into three: Construction, engineering, modernization and maintenance; catering and accommodation and lastly specialized vessel and maritime support.


Working for Cotemar has its many advantages since we are determined to develop our employees and their families. We want to offer opportunities that help the employees to grow holistically. While on the job, the employees benefit from training and workshop arrangements that we have with local and international universities. The ideal employee, we believe, is one who is motivated to perform the best they possibly can. Our success, after all, is a pegged on the hard work and commitment of our employees.

Safety subjects are an important part of the training. Our partnership with nautical institutions and universities, in Mexico, enables us to offer internship programs.

Catering and Accommodation

We offer accommodation and catering services on the rigs we operate. The same services are experienced in the vessels we run. Nourishment, cleaning common areas, laundry and bedding services are offered services in each cabin. The cabins are able to accommodate 2 or 4 individuals. The recreational areas have a gym, a cinema, TV room and a basketball court. The offshore operations are supported in hotel Ciudad del Carmen. Cotemar’s in house capacity can provide roughly 4000 people offshore accommodation plus catering. This means we can comfortably provide services to this number without breaking a sweat.

Other Services

Our vessels, operated by satellite linked computers, enable us to provide services like offshore maintenance. Our vessels also provide light weight transportation of personnel and materials. Our specialized vessel services include: firefighting and transportation vessels. Under our construction and maintenance services, we have derricks to help in construction of storage areas. In all our service delivery, we are keen to ensure we comply with all regulations. See: http://cotemar.com.mx/compania/cotemar-quienes-somos/

Sam Tabar Becomes New COO of Full Cycle Energy Fund


Full Cycle Energy Fund has recently claimed Sam Tabar as their new Chief Operating Officer. As an experienced attorney and fund manager who has headed Capital Strategy and Marketing for big names such as Merrill Lynch and the Sparx Group respectively, Tabar was a fit choice for COO of Full Cycle Energy. As fit with his expertise, as COO, Tabar is to focus on their fund management strategy. In a PR Newswire article, Tabar stated that he is “excited” about his new role as COO and will work to move “away from high cost, polluting fuels to lower cost and environmentally friendly fuels”. The Full Cycle Energy Fund was founded in 2013 with a simple mission; to replace the polluting and expensive fuel situation now into one that is clean and valuable.  As the new COO, Tabar will now be in charge of making sure the fund management is conducive to the company’s overall mission.


Sam Tabar has a very impressive work and education background. He received a Bachelor of Arts with honors from the University of Oxford and School of Law Master’s Degree from Columbia University, also with honors. While attending Law School at Columbia University, Tabar served in the prestigious position as editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. He has remained a member of the New York State Bar and has worked with many different law groups. These include practice with Schulte, Roth and Zabel and additionally Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate and Flom. Sam Tabar has also always been a wise investor. He personally was one of the primary investors in the company SheThinx.  His work experience after his time as an attorney saw him in high positions at both the Sparx Group as well as Merrill Lynch. He co headed Marketing for Lycnh and oversaw Capital Strategy for the Sparx Group. All of his accumulative experience saw Tabar fit to be the new Chief Operating Officer at Full Cycle Energy Fund.