The Premier Innovative Body Enhancement Entertainment Facility By Andrew Rocklage

In today’s fast paced world of business and all its legalities, it is a great benefit to have extensive background in both law and business when becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, it is a rare combination to have the ability and foresight of both business and business law, this is the case for Andrew Rocklage.

With an education from two prestigious schools, one for business and the other for law from the Boston area, Andrew Rocklage has been successful in both the world of legal representation and the world of business which he has undertaken.

Since Andrew graduated from the prestigious Suffolk University Law School and the Isenberg School of Management, he has embarked on a number of prestigious ambitions that included work with several law firms and businesses throughout the Boston area. However, as his ideas and career experience expanded, Andrew decided it was time to refocus his direction into the world of personal business entrepreneurship.

After spending years in the Boston world of law and business, Andrew’s first decision was to start his own business in a warmer climate. Building on his work with a biopharmaceutical, Andrew decided on a new business venture that was geared towards combining body enhancement and entertainment. Read more: Andrew Rocklage – Crunchbase

When seeking out a location in the southern hemisphere of the United States, Andrew decided to move to Daytona Florida, one of the nation’s premier vacation destinations.

His passion for body enhancement was sparked after being involved in the legal counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. It was here that Andrew was drawn in by a keen desire and focus into the world of innovation and the capabilities of the human body. After a time, Andrew decided to break into one of the most advanced ideas of physical health facilities with the use of trampolines. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: and

Most people know that trampolines can provide hours of fun as well as being a great physical stamina builder. After extensive research and attention to safety details, Andrew began to create a world class trampoline exercise park in the heart of the nation’s vacation destination-Daytona, Florida, known as Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

The park is built with all state of the art trampoline equipment and geared towards the highest standards of safety in the industry. Through Andrew Rocklage’s efforts, Sky Zone Trampoline Park has become known as one of the most innovative and advanced trampoline parks in the world. Today, Sky Zone Trampoline Park has become one of the most sought after and enjoyed recreation and exercise facilities in the Daytona-Orlando area.

While the future business endeavors of Andrew are not yet charted, with his years of diverse experience in the world of law and business, it is certain that his endeavors will be both on the edge of innovative and highly successful.