Review Sites, Complaint Sites And Hate Sites – How Can Businesses Cope?

Complaining online on review, complaint and hate websites have replaced almost all other methods of telling others about a dissatisfying experience with a business. Review websites focus on posting reader submitted reviews of products and services, usually in one or more broad categories such as travel or home repair and remodeling. Complaint sites, such as Ripoff Report, claim they are protecting consumers by allowing people to post complaints and warnings about scams. Hate websites are created by an individual for the sole purpose of expressing dissatisfaction with a specific company.

Seeing your business mentioned on a review website is generally a good experience, however, if the majority of the online reviews are bad, you have a problem. Even if the reviews are not justified, you worry that potential customers will avoid doing business with you. If your company is mentioned on a complaint website or someone created a hate website about your business, the damage is even worse. You cringe at the thought of someone searching for your business online and seeing links to negative websites on the first page of Google.

If you notice that detrimental reviews are hurting your business, it’s time to fight back. Don’t argue with reviewers, it is their opinion and they are not likely to change it because you started an online argument. Instead, contact a leading online reputation management (ORM) firm to help you gain control of the search results.

Instead, The Search Fixers will create positive content about your business, which will replace the unflattering content on the first page of search results. The firm encourages businesses like yours that have a poor online reputation to fix the problems that caused the complaints so that The Search Fixers can generate articles that highlight the improvements that you have made.

As the business owner, you could write content yourself, however, only high quality posts and press releases will make it to the top of the search results.