Goettl Air conditioning’s guide to lowering your home cooling expenses this summer

Summer temperatures can be unbearable at times. Most homes often find it necessary to use HVAC systems for cooling during summer. AC systems can, however, consume a lot of energy if their optimal operating conditions are not met. In this case, many people find summer cooling to be a major financial bother. Goettl Air Conditioning suggests several measures to help in lowering energy consumption by AC systems.

One of the measures is proper weatherization of homes. This strategy entails ensuring that there is proper insulation, so that warm air from outside does not seep in into your house. In order to achieve good insulation, all gaps and cracks in doors and walls are to be sealed. Another step that Goettl believes can help lower summer cooling costs is keeping the AC unit in the shade. It is also important to check that AC air filters are regularly checked to remove dust and other particles that clog them. Clogged filters force the fans to work harder to push air through.

Another trick that Goettl thinks would work miracles is ensuring that direct sunlight is shielded from entering the house. Direct sunlight is a potential source of heat, and this compromises the operations of the AC system. The thermostat should be shielded from direct sunlight, heat, and other sources of light. Such exposure could trick the AC system into believing that more cooling is needed. Low-E glasses, tints, and other forms of radiant barriers would be an effective way of achieving this.

Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is a Las Vegas-based privately owned firm. It deals with air conditioning and heating and serves Nevada, Arizona, and California. The company has regional centers of operations in Tucson, Phoenix, and Southern California. Since its institution, the company has grown phenomenally to become one of the best in the region.

It offers premium quality AC and heating systems for homes, offices, and factories. It also provides a full range of repair, maintenance, and replacement services for cooling and heating systems. The company is devoted to providing affordable and environmental friendly conditioning systems to clients. It strives to ensure that homes are safe and comfortable.