Live a healthy life with Life Line Screening company

Life Line Screening is a company that is located in Texas. This is a company that is committed to making health issue their concern. They strive in making us have regular body tests that will check if there are any problems that are underlying in our bodies. The process of checking if there are any problems that are underlying is known as screening. This is a company that has invested in the best technology that there is. They have also recruited the best medical experts who will perform the analysis to determine if there are any health problems in our bodies. The company, in short, is committed to making our health a concern that should be checked regularly. There are many advantages that come with observing a good healthy living plan.

Life Line screening makes it possible for us to live our lives free of worries that our health status may deteriorate one day without us knowing. Knowing our health status also keeps in line with planning our lives. When one knows the status of health, it is simple to plan for the future. Heath is so important in our lives that we cannot afford to ignore at all. When we do, the consequences are always sour. Our lives will be disrupted by ailments that could have been prevented.

In the United States today, there are many people who are losing their lives to cardiovascular diseases. These are problems that are claiming lives of more than six hundred thousand lives in a year. Cardiovascular diseases are caused by people observing poor health routines. Most of these diseases are caused by issues that could be prevented if we took care of our health early. There are problems that are underlying in our bodies that always get us by surprise. Cardiovascular diseases are normally detrimental and can strike and take lives with ease. It is good to take screening seriously since it is the only means through which we can prevent many health issues that are related to cardiovascular diseases.

Screening requires us to observe a health routine that will prevent us from contracting diseases that are preventable. Many are the times when we make the mistakes of attending screening tests after observing poor preparations. Screening should be done after we have booked a screening day. After booking a date with the Life Line Screening Company. The next stage should be to prepare by observing dietary issues. For instance, when going for Life Line Screening, it is advisable not to take any food 4 hours before screening is done.

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Josh Smith’s Advice to Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Josh Smith is a great entrepreneur who has brought many business ideas to life. Based in Reno, Nevada, he began his journey to entrepreneurship seventeen years ago and decided to focus on the areas of wellness and fitness. Mr. Smith is passionate about technology, and he develops ideas that go in line with the modern technology. Besides being an entrepreneur, Smith is also a talented public speaker who spends a huge part of his time talking to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to establish successful business ventures. Recently, Mr. Smith had an interview with Ideamensch where he highlighted on his life as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, as well as offering pieces of advice to upcoming entrepreneurs.
When asked about he get his business ideas from, Smith noted that most of them come out of necessity. He continued to note that if you care to move around the world, you will be shocked at how many things and systems that don’t work correctly. This is the genesis of most of his business ideas. According to Smith, a great entrepreneur should look around, and they will realize that they are surrounded by opportunities. Smith has always been interested in seeing things working the right way. When he identifies a problem, he works hard to find a solution to the problem.

As a CEO and Co-founder of many Reno, Nevada, startups, Mr. Smith’s typical day is a beehive of activities. He has many projects to run, and his main aim is to ensure success in all his projects. As a result, Smith makes sure that he engages in activities that serve more than on purpose to meet multiple demands at the same time.

Mr. Smith has a unique way to which he brings ideas to life. After identifying a problem, he looks for the most viable solution. He puts his plan on a paper by reverse engineering the idea to bring it forward to the market. He says that through this method, he has been able to bring a dozen of businesses to life.

Modular greenhouses are the most popular venture among all the businesses that Smith has established in Reno, Nevada. The venture seeks to provide homeowners with an opportunity to own greenhouses in their residences. This will increase the production of organic foods in the country.

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Hussain Sajwani One of the Wealthiest Businessmen in Dubai

Hussain Sajwani is counted amongst the rich and wealthy in the United Arab Emirates. He is based in Dubai and is amongst the wealthy billionaires in the country. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and head of Damac Properties, one of the leading real estate firms in the country. Damac Properties have developed a wide array of properties in Dubai over the years, and Hussain Sajwani ensures that these properties are urbane and designed to meet the specifications and preferences of the elite class. Hussain Sajwani even ropes in the best designers from across the globe, including from the famous designer firms like Versace, Gucci, and Armani, to get the right design for his real estate properties. The projects of Damac Properties are spread across the globe, including in Dubai, Jeddah, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, London, and others.


At present, Damac Properties have teamed up with Trump Organization, a real estate firm owned by Donald Trump, to develop luxury residential cum Golf courses in Dubai. These two companies have worked together on different real estate projects in the past as well. The collaboration between the companies is also because Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump are close friends and have been so for many years, much before Donald Trump was elected as the United States President. Their respective families too know each other well and are known to spend time together occasionally.


Before starting a real estate firm in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani began a catering firm by the name of Al Jazeera Services, which catered to big corporations like Bechtel and U.S. Military. However, the real estate boom in the United Arab Emirates attracted Hussain Sajwani, and he moved back to Dubai to start his real estate firm. Thanks to the vision, effort, and determination of Hussain Sajwani, Damac Properties is amongst the most prominent real estate firms in the country today. Hussain Sajwani is worth more than $4 Billion currently and thanks to his vision and acute leadership skills, his net worth continues to grow exponentially. He is also a well-known philanthropist in Dubai, and spends millions each year to help empower local communities and donates to local and international charities. Learn more:



Talkspace & How It’s Creating Emotional Healing

Everyone on God’s green earth has experienced tragedies at some point in time or another. Emotional ups and downs are all a part of living and there are no exceptions. Even the most celebrated of people experience their fair share of hits and misses throughout life. Anxiety, depression, and grief are common emotions that we as a people experience on a daily basis. One of the best solutions for handling these situations is with therapy, but not just any old therapy. Have you ever heard of Talkspace? Well, Talkspace is the new generation of therapy that takes place online. That’s right! You won’t necessarily have to leave your home to visit a standard therapy session any more.

Why is Talkspace so different? The answer is very simple because Talkspace provides the same great therapy services, but for an affordable price. Unlike standard therapy sessions that can range in the hundreds of dollars, Talkspace has slashed the expense by more than half, which helps you save in the long run. What good is it to have such powerful services if you can’t even participate in its program? This type of online therapy is revolutionary, and it gives you access to up to 1,000 licensed professional therapists. Here’s what you’ll need to do. First, you should register an account with the provider. Second, you will receive an assessment for understanding what you’re experiencing. Third, all you have to do is choose a plan that fits your exact needs and that’s it.

Talkspace will get to work on your behalf by matching you with the best possible therapist. This therapist can be reached via text message or if the situation is dyer, you can perform a video chat. All in all, Talkspace is different from anything else that’s on the market today, but you’ll need to experience it in order to believe it.

Dr. Clay Siegall: A Leader in Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall is the founder, president, chief operating officer and chairman of the board of directors in Seattle Genetics. He founded the company in 1998 and proceeded to take on the positions which he currently holds. Under his able leadership, Seattle Genetics has grown to develop a wide range of antibody-based cancer treatments and therapies. One of these therapies is brentuximab vedotin, denoted as ADCETRIS to which the Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA) granted accelerated approval in 2011. Financially, Dr. Siegall has guided his company to attain its initial public offering (IPO) in 2001. The company has been able to secure over 675 million U.S dollars through private and public funding since it was founded in 1998.

Before ascending to his position in Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall had worked in different other health-related corporations in his younger years. He worked in the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute between 1991 and 1997 as a team member. He also worked with the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health from 1988 to 1991. Before then, he had worked in Genetech, Biopharma, Curagen Corporation and Medimmune under different capacities. He is also a member of the board of directors for Alder BioPharmaceuticals, which is a privately owned biotechnology company based in Bothell, Washington. He has authored over 70 publications and is the sole holder of 15 patients.

Academically, Dr. Clay Siegall holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology, a Ph.D. in Genetics from the universities of Maryland and Washington respectively. He believes very firmly that the old cancer treatment methods such as systematic chemotherapy are all headed for absolute failure. He thinks that as the targeted therapies became better understood and appreciated for their value and efficacy, the prior therapies will be replaced by the more tolerable and more effective drugs under development. To benefit from this paradigm shift in cancer treatment, Dr. Siegall has worked hard to ensure that his company is in the forefront of developing these new forms of medication and therapies so that when the market is ready, they will become the absolute market leaders in cancer treatment. He believes that the sole secret to his success is hard work.

Jason Hope’s Helps Arizona Realize its Tech Hub Dream

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and an Internet of Things enthusiast passionately supports the backing of tech industries in Arizona by authorities. Being a tech savvy and having political interests, he blends well with the policies and development strategies of the state which seek to attract technology manufacturers to Arizona.

The fruits of his efforts are evident as Arizona’s tech industry is sprouting hundreds of thousands of lucrative jobs a few years after the state had an economic crisis. Arizona has assiduously been collaborating with the tech industry to appeal to IT entrepreneurs, IoT manufacturers, startups, and the biotech industry.

Arizona is renowned for its superior workforce, which takes the second position in the United States. The state awards entrepreneurs who develop solutions to real-world problems with $3 million each year in a development initiative known as the Arizona Innovation Challenge, and resume him.

On his part, Jason Hope encourages startups and prospective entrepreneurs by advocating for educational programs in Arizona, providing charitable support, and looking for new ideas. He is devoted to assisting business people and intelligent students to nurture their plans to become workable businesses. He guides and offers grants to them, and

High-tech companies throughout the United States recognize Arizona as a perfect ground for business development due to the support which leaders and high-profile investors like Jason offer. The state has vast tracts of land at affordable prices and has high standards of living, and

The state has the highest job growth rate in America. It has 75 business incubators which promote the growth of startup ventures. The availability of co-working spaces mainly makes the state irresistible to startups and entrepreneurs.

The Impact of the #IoT on Customer Service by @jasonhope via @B2Community

— 360 OBJETS (@360_OBJETS) February 17, 2016

Five Arizona-based companies recently featured on Deloitte’s ranking of the leading tech companies in the United States. These firms were Nextiva, Lifelock, Inc., Ulthera, Inc., GPS Insight, and SiteLock. Some of the startups and corporate subsidiaries for tech firms in Arizona are Gainsight, Galvanize, Double-Dutch, JDA Software, Weebly, Apple, Kudelski Group, Grand Canyon University, and RJR Technologies, Inc.


About Jason Hope

Jason is an Internet of Things (IoT) expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist. He is a finance graduate of the University of Arizona, where he got his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason recently reaffirmed his philanthropy after donating half a million dollars to a nonprofit called the SENS Foundation, which focuses on research in rejuvenation biotechnologies for treatment of age-related diseases. Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale where he mentors many high school students.

Securus Technologies Changing Prison Safety for the Better

In the last three years I have noticed that the violence in our jail has escalated to the point that our superiors are taking serious action. In the past, we would isolate problematic inmates, but with overcrowded conditions, there is no place to safely put all these inmates. Since my team of corrections officers has not increased in that time, we have had to change some of the ways we monitor the inmates, and Securus Technologies has been instrumental in helping to keep the peace.


Securus Technologies has developed a call monitoring system that is being used in over 2,600 prison systems and changing the amount of violence officers are dealing with. The way this technology works is quite impressive. Once the team at Securus Technologies installs the new system, instead of me or my team having to sit in that crowded call center and listen to each conversation the inmates are having on jail phones, now we allow the LBS software to do all of the work more accurately. This allows my team to be a full-force on the grounds once again.


When a company has all thousand employees working to make the world a safer place, you know you are dealing with a winner. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, and the CEO, Richard Smith, says the company is committed to helping us maintain order. If an inmate is on the phone and thinks that they can brag about doing drugs, we take action. If inmates are planning an attack on a rival gang or officer, we can prevent the trouble. The key to reducing the violence in our prison is now being able to get a jump on the trouble and preventing it from happening in the first place rather than always being in the reactive position.


Greg Secker of Learn To Trade Teaches Traders

For those who want to learn to trade, here is what you need to know. The business is not as challenging as most people would think. However, there are rules and key measures that must be implemented in various ways. That is the most important aspect that must be observed in all respects. Trading comes in different platforms. Trading must be approached carefully for there to be success eventually. To be successful as a trader, measures must be observed, challenges must be faced. There must be a role model in place. Such is the advice offered by one Greg Secker, a philanthropist, advisor for trade, an entrepreneur and a business professional.

His contribution

Greg Secker is convinced that the trading platform is vastly expanding. For that reason, he is focusing on becoming better. By becoming better, he will be sending positive ripples of growth to most traders. At least that is how he has been challenging himself. Greg has been a trader for Forex exchange for years now; he believes that the onset of a stagnant wave growth is a sign for most people to join the business. For Greg Secker, it is all about becoming better by the day. With the fluctuating market shares in the business, Greg Secker has managed to help most traders. Others have benefitted indirectly.

His journey in trading

The journey of this committed entrepreneur is traced to college. He appreciated the effort made by computers. That is why when he was leaving college, he has made a lot of growth as a student. He owned an extensive data base of employees. Even after majoring in food science, he was not convinced to delve into the industry of food and hospitality. Greg Secker delved into trading by learning how to trade. In fact, he came up with a virtual machine to assist traders to monitor their proceeds online.


In Learn to Trade, traders have acquired a lot of skills. This has been a defining moment for Greg Secker. The organization imparts outstanding knowledge to traders. Often has Greg been associated with motivational speeches. He uses this organization to disseminate knowledge on trading.

Michael Lacey-The world’s best Mathematician

When comparing with the individuals from other professions, mathematics hardly become popular. Nevertheless, that does not imply that mathematics does not deserve the fame.

Some individuals are determined to increase mathematics knowledge as they pass it to the next generation. Even though the struggles of these mathematicians will go unnoticed, it is vital to the advancement of the current human society.

A good example of such mathematician professor at Georgia State University, Atlanta called Michael Lacey.

Career and education background

Michael Lacey graduated from the Texas University with a BS degree in 1981. In 1987, he enrolled at the Illinois University where he received his Ph.D. in education.

After attaining his doctorate, he immediately entered the field of academia. He first served as an assistant professor at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.

He also worked as an associate professor at North Carolina University and later at the University of Indiana. In 1996, he got an associate post without having tenure at the current employer.

After two years, Georgia State University granted him tenure and then he was promoted to the post if a full professor where he has worked in this capacity since 2001. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Awards and honors

It is evident that Lacey has made significant contributions to the academic field have not gone unnoticed. Lacey has been named severally by numerous reputable organizations both in and outside the US.

On top of that, in 2012 he received NSF-ADVANCED Mentoring Award from Georgia State University. In 1998, Michael was given an opportunity to speak about mathematicians across the globe during the year’s international congress of mathematicians that was held in Berlin Germany.

It is evident that Michael Lacey is one of the firmest mathematicians in the world. Apart from teaching many students every year, he engages in research, hold motivational talks, and he also tries to mentor students.

Jeffry Schneider Brings Health and Fitness to the Financial Industry

There is so much more to Jeffry Schneider than a successful career in investing and wealth management. While he may be best known for his work in finance at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management, Schneider is well aware that there is a bigger purpose for his life than crunching numbers.


Fitness has always been a part of Schneider’s life. He has actively participated in sports ever since he was a child. This carried through to adulthood, and now that Schneider has the time and resources to travel the world, he has explored and exercised in some of the most beautiful spots you could find. Schneider says this has been incredibly inspirational for him, and he wants to share his love for staying fit and eating healthy with as many people as possible.


As a leader an innovator in the workplace, Schneider has worked hard to bring healthy eating options to employees. He constantly shares his love of fitness and healthy eating with anyone he can through blog posts, talks and casual conversations with colleagues and peers. Schneider firmly believes that the healthier and happier you are in your life, the more productive and ground-breaking you can be in your profession. This philosophy has certainly proven true for Schneider in his ability to raise funds quickly and transform businesses from seed to full-blown growth. There is never a challenge that Schneider will shy away from, and he says he feels invigorated tackling obstacles in his profession and pushing his personal fitness limits at the same time.


In addition to Schneider’s extremely successful career in finance and his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, he is also active in many philanthropic causes. For example, Schneider is a contributor to the Gazelle Foundation, which works to transform the lives of people in Burundi by increasing their access to clean drinking water. This foundation has been working for more than a decade to construct water systems throughout the region and engages the local community in making these projects happen. Schneider says that he is proud to support such a necessary and meaningful cause.