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Avanca recently conducted a crowdfunding campaign to receive funds for their Ockel Sirius B Pocket Pc which is one of their products. When organizing the campaign, the firm aimed to raise atlist $10000 for a period of 30 days. The campaign was being conducted on Indiegogo and the firm made sure that their campaign was heavily promoted because according to an Indiegogo campaign must it run for thirty days or the money received will not be accepted by the company. To meet their target, Avanca had to hire NewsWatch services to produce and air a segment for their promotional purposes. NewsWatch helped Avanca to air the advertisement on their online channel as well as their Television channel.

The Indiegogo campaign conducted by Avanca was a success as the organization was able to raise $456551 achieving about 2939%. In the 30 days period through the campaign, Avanca was able to exceed their expectation by raising 29 times of the planed money. According to Nathaniel Van Wijkvliet who is Avanca’s Marketing Director said with the help of NewsWatch they were able to reach and even exceed their target. The advertisement segment for Avanca aired by NewsWatch was able to reach over 86 million households, as well as watched by more than 200 United States of America markets.

NewsWatch is an American media company which was established in 1992. The media firm can as well be described as an award-winning television show. The media firm was created as a monthly program with a major purpose of airing financial information. The organization expanded and it became a leading television show focusing on a broad range of issues including traffic news, politics, health issues, as well as celebrity news among others. NewsWatch operates from their Head Offices located in Washington D.C as well as other locational offices in Denver,Co, Fairfax, VA, as well as New York.

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