Malcolm CasSelle is the Worldwide Asset exchange president and OPSkin’s CIO. CasSelle was born on March 22nd in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the united states. Malcolm has a computer science bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from MIT and the University of Stanford respectively. He is eloquent in both Mandarin and Japanese.

Before joining WAX, he served at Tronic, Inc as the new ventures president and CTO. He had also served at Digital Media International of sea exchange as its General Manager and Vice President. In 2005, Malcolm CasSelle served as the Chief Executive Officer of SeaExchange International and was part the Timeline Labs company acquisition.

Malcolm CasSelle served in many digital industries where he led startups before joining SeaExchange. He served at Media Pass, which is a leading solution to a digital subscription to many media firms, Xfire, which is a social gamer network with over twenty-two million subscribers and Groupon’s which is now a joint venture with Tencent, a China company. Malcolm CasSelle is an active investor in companies like Zynga, Facebook and has recently ventured into investing in the Bitcoin industry.

The WAX company was established to provide solutions on issues relating to fraud and fragmentation in the cybernetic asset bazaar. It does this via a widget that is block-chain enabled its users to instantly sell or buy virtual commodities without snapping off their game. Most trading ecosystems have major problems both locally and regionally related to language, security and even payment processing. To contain the fragmented market, the blockchain. WAX is pioneering a blockchain application to eSport which will, in turn, allow sellers and buyers to trade their assets freely without any fear of fraud. The introduction of WAX Token will solve the Forex problem since it has a common gaming currency for all gamers. The WAX Tokens will serve as stored value and will enable the purchase of in-game products and as a shrewd contract in all trades. It will eliminate the monetary problems encountered in the current consignment-based bazaar model by establishing a sellers and buyers pool that will enable them to have access to a worldwide supply of virtual products in a decentralized marketplace.

Malcolm is positive that this gaming industry will rekindle the cryptocurrency world to the mainstream.


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