Academy of Art University – Education and More

History and Accreditation

The Academy of Art University in California, previously called the Academy of Art College, has degree and certificate programs in multiple areas in the fine arts. The school was founded by Richard S. Stephens back in 1929 as an advertising art school. It is a renown art and design school here in the U.S. The AAU is accredited by the association of schools and colleges by the Western Association of Schools.

Growth and Academics

Under the innovative leadership of Elisa Stephens, the school has grown to more than 18,000 students. In addition, The Academy of Art University is an avid participator in the New York Fashion week since the early 2000’s. The school has programs that range from interior architecture to visual arts, with undergraduate, graduate, and certification plans. Students can attend classes via online or on campus.

While attending the Academy of Art University, students have art exhibitions and other engaging student activities. The school highly encourages for students to stay on campus to take advantage of all these opportunities. In addition, students get educational teachings from some of the top professionals in their areas of expertise. Some of those professionals/instructors include: Adam Savage, Diane Baker, and many others.

Additional Information

The university has an amazing automobile museum that is owned and operated by them. The Academy of Art University Automobile Museum has over 200 vintage cars in their possession. The museum has some of the most rare and expensive cars in their collection totaling millions. In addition, if athletics is of interest; the schools has a track and field team. Their Men’s cross country team placed second in the Pacific West Conference Championships.

The Academy of Art University has many opportunities to offer their students. Attending their university will give graduates a heads up on the industry due to their activities and instructor’s. I’m sure some of the alumni will agree, such as Raven Symone and Heidi Montag just to name a few. Surely the school will continue to churn out future entertainers in the industry.


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Roberto Santiago Maintains a Social Place of Entertainment and Relaxation

This world is a fast paced world. Therefore, it is important for people to be able to have a day when they can take their time and just relax. It is also important for them to have an environment that they can relax in. If there is anyone that deserves to relax, it is Roberto Santiago. He understands the fast paced life. He is one of the people that worked very hard to get ahead and stay ahead. For one thing, the fast pace of today’s lifestyle can be very draining for the person who is not quite ahead in the race. Therefore, they need something that can help them relax and rejuvenate.


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