Nexbank Completes A Fixed-To-Floating Rate Note Offering

Nexbank, a leading Dallas financial services banking firm made a statement that their offering of fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes was now complete. This offering raised $54 million in debt and equity holdings that were fixed to the notes and issued to the firm’s high net worth investors. The notes are set to mature in 2027 and are graded with a BBB rating from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency, and they now mark $283 million in total equity raised by Nexbank since 2016.

Nexbank has a variety of commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional investment services they offer and they’ve been in operation since 1922 in Dallas, TX. They specialize in making commercial loans to businesses of all sizes and also offer credit and treasury management services to attractive companies. They also help clients with mergers and acquisitions, starting public funds, making real estate investments and offering real estate advisory services, and also offers wholesale lending. Nexbank isn’t just a commercial and institutional banking firm, it also offers personal banking for all including online access to savings accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit savings. They’re also a certified equal housing lender and have been highly rated by clients.

Nexbank is an affiliate of NexPoint Advisors, a credit strategies management firm, and it’s also connected with Highland Capital, a Dallas private equity firm. James Dondero presides as Chairman over the Board of Directors, and John Holt currently serves as Nexbank’s CEO. Nexbank has supported many philanthropies across Dallas including the Dallas Women’s Foundation to which they matched a $100,000 donation to host a luncheon that focused on advancing programs for women’s economic well-being. They have also contributed to the ReserveAid Texas Foundation, a program that supports military members that are struggling financially and need a little more stability in employment.

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