End Citizens United Prepare Consequences for GOP Incumbents in 2018

End Citizens United is putting pressure on Republican incumbents to get their act together in 2018 or face the consequences.

The political action committee (PAC) is in the best shape than ever to make an impact on their promise to American voters and taxpayers to rid the political process of a rigged system, and the corrupt imbalance of power that has seeped into their government. The mission has been and will always be to hold elected officials accountable and remove the dark money from the special interest group’s influence over politicians who choose to ignore the taxpayer’s interest.

PAC Makes Elected Officials Aware of Planned Action

Beginning in 2018, End Citizens United plans to use messaging all across the nation to bring the voter up to date on campaign finance reform. The PAC enlisted pollster Al Quinlan to analyze the 2016 data of the Nevada campaign that helped democrats. The poll data showed that voters, including independents, overwhelming supported campaign finance reform. In fact, the analysis concluded that voters are less-concerned about terrorism occurring in the United States than they are about politicians continuing to use special interest groups for their political gain.

Increased Donations Make Strong Impact

End Citizens United has raised over $10 million through small member donations that overall have come in at $12-$14 per member. The PAC is projecting that the $35 million planned resource allocation budget for 2018 will be met with its continued three million -and counting- member support. The PAC is continuing fundraising efforts; however, even with the donation limit of $5,000, the PAC believes that the unsolicited donations being tallied will make a sizable impact among known members.

Tax Reform Bill Costly For 2018 Votes

With the recent tax reform bill vote, End Citizens United believes that voters are not only expecting recourse action, they’re expecting consequences. The taxpayers are on the hook for a tax plan that will extend until 2027. The vote for the tax bill only gave more to the wealthiest in the country while leaving middle-class families to fend for themselves. Voters are not going to stand for that in 2018. Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United stated, “Make no mistake…This bill is going to hurt middle-class families. Voters will not forget this one.” With 17 of the 20 Republicans already on the list of “Big Money 20” that End Citizens United is preparing to unseat, the consequences are imminent.

End Citizens United’s message is the most powerful it’s ever been for its grass roots effort. With one member support at a time for the PAC, Americans are showing that they’re fed up with the quid pro quo going on in Washington.

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Color Combos

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Felipe Montoro Jens Explains Rio de Janeiro’s Plans to Expand Early Education Units

Under the management of Mayor Marcello Crivella, the city of Rio de Janeiro aims at creating 20, 000 new day care centers and 40, 000 pre-schools. The city will engage in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) where the private partner will construct and maintain structures and offer other non-teaching services to achieve the targets. Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure expert, notes that the PPP is on the feasibility studies stage.

The collaboration will take the model of the initial PPP done in Brazilian schools, which was done, in the mining capital of Belo Horizonte in 2012. According to Filipe, the partnership does not come as a surprise for those who have been keen on Crivella’s government projects. During his campaigns, he outlined his commitment to the education sector.

The government of the city of Rio notes that building the kindergartens and pre-schools by 2020 is structured to the Belo Horizonte model. It will see the private partner accountable for construction and maintenance of the Infant Education Units (EDIs) while the City Hall will be responsible for the academic sector and school lunches. The Ministry of Education prohibits the transfer of funds from the lunch kitty.

Felipe Montoro Jens also adds that the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, was contracted by the city to provide consulting services for the project for $2.3 million. It is also responsible for consulting services in the analysis of the feasibility of the Public Lighting PPP in Rio de Janeiro.

Public-Private Partnerships

Partnerships with the private sector are an excellent opportunity for the government to bridge the gap in the provision of public services in cases of scarce resources. The modality of federal contracting was established in 2004. It sets the general rules for the bidding and recruiting processes of PPPs.

Felipe Montoro Jens, while explaining the concept, noted that the basis of the agreement is on an administrative concession contract, which is signed between public entities and private companies to develop, construct and operate public infrastructure or offer services. The public administration, in this case, could be the federal district and municipalities, the states or the union.