Jeffry Schneider Brings Health and Fitness to the Financial Industry

There is so much more to Jeffry Schneider than a successful career in investing and wealth management. While he may be best known for his work in finance at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management, Schneider is well aware that there is a bigger purpose for his life than crunching numbers.


Fitness has always been a part of Schneider’s life. He has actively participated in sports ever since he was a child. This carried through to adulthood, and now that Schneider has the time and resources to travel the world, he has explored and exercised in some of the most beautiful spots you could find. Schneider says this has been incredibly inspirational for him, and he wants to share his love for staying fit and eating healthy with as many people as possible.


As a leader an innovator in the workplace, Schneider has worked hard to bring healthy eating options to employees. He constantly shares his love of fitness and healthy eating with anyone he can through blog posts, talks and casual conversations with colleagues and peers. Schneider firmly believes that the healthier and happier you are in your life, the more productive and ground-breaking you can be in your profession. This philosophy has certainly proven true for Schneider in his ability to raise funds quickly and transform businesses from seed to full-blown growth. There is never a challenge that Schneider will shy away from, and he says he feels invigorated tackling obstacles in his profession and pushing his personal fitness limits at the same time.


In addition to Schneider’s extremely successful career in finance and his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, he is also active in many philanthropic causes. For example, Schneider is a contributor to the Gazelle Foundation, which works to transform the lives of people in Burundi by increasing their access to clean drinking water. This foundation has been working for more than a decade to construct water systems throughout the region and engages the local community in making these projects happen. Schneider says that he is proud to support such a necessary and meaningful cause.

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