How JHSF has Elevated the Real Estate Business in Sao Paulo and their Developments in the Property Market Globally

José Auriemo Neto resides in Brazil and heads one of the leading companies in the Brazilian real estate industry, JHSF Participacoes SA. This company was founded by his father, Fábio Auriemo who later handed it over to him. Currently, he is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF. This company is focusing its strength into developing business premises and residential homes and has become top notch over the years due to their credibility and excellent designs in the property market.

José went to Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado in Sao Paulo. His contribution to the success and popularity of JHSF began in 1993 where he spearheaded the development of the Shopping Santa Cruz, a renowned shopping mall in Brazil. Other properties he has helped in their development include hotels, business offices, an airport and many other shopping malls in Sao Paulo. With all these being done under his leadership, this country has been ranked highly in the real estate business and also in the commercial market.

The company was endowed by four partners of which two were brothers, Fábio and José Roberto Auriemo in 1972. It was initially dealing with constructions and was referred to as JHS then later the partners separated and José Auriemo Neto’s father launched the real estate firm, JHSF.

The company under the leadership of their current Chairman have invested in over 7 millions square meters of real estate property and consequently earned over $ 1.20 billion hence becoming a role model to many other real estate firms.

Additionally, the firm is also engaged in an international business where it has opened branches in Uruguay and The United States of America. It has transformed the face of the property market in these countries with its leading project being some building on the Fifth Avenue of the New York City and condos which are being developed in a city called Punta del Este in Uruguay.

With the excellent leadership of José Auriemo Neto’s, the company is assured of soaring higher in its operations

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