Imran Haque – The Perfect Blend of Genius and Creativity

When asked about the idea to start his business, Imran got his inspiration when serving at one of internal medicine practice hospital where he got to learn of the extra medical services required but not provided within the hospital. This is when he decided to venture out on his own by providing services that were not locally available. This attracted a lot of positive feedback from the patients that he served. He was also motivated by the need to be a better medical servant, a practice that was slowly fading away.

Dr. Imran brings ideas to life by working diligently, hard and investing a significant amount of energy in research. In addition to this financial capability is important. To top it up there is need for building symbiotic relationships as well as encouraging building of networks with professionals thus help ensure success and read full article.

Imran is excited by the fact that technology is being incorporated into health care. This has led to some extra ordinary improvements in the sector thus making it easier for doctors and other medics to provide better services. The fact that information is centralized and that everything is coordinated to enhance simple data entry all go towards encouraging better patient care in real time. This has enhanced the quality of care given by doctors by streamlining the process and Imran’s lacrosse camp.


About Imran Haque

Imran provides medical care for the people of Asheboro. He has over a decade and a half of experience in overall internal medical care. His services range from laboratory examinations to hair removal in addition to management of diabetes, weight management services and physical examinations among other medical services.

Mr. Haque is well known in the medical world for providing excellent services as a caring medical doctor. He is highly specialized in internal medicine. His qualification are of the highest standard with a full medical license after obtaining his medical qualifications from MD at the University of Virginia. He got his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana located at Santo Domingo. His base is in North Carolina, Asheboro where he runs his medical practice at Horizon internal medicine. He has a vast experience of treating patients with varied ailments and resume him.

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