BFM Award Winning Franchisee Omar Yunes

Omar is a successful Mexican Investor who represents Sushi Itto, he is a renowned franchisee and has continually won awards in many competitions such as “Best Franchisee of the Word”. Omar is also interested in food business and has managed to run an excess of 13 franchise in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. With commitment, Omar has aggressively marketed and gained immense control in the food industry. Through his brand, Omar has generated more than 400 competitive jobs for his 13 units.

Omar is a noble leader who understands the need of orienting his team to the primary goals of his company. As a result, his business has generated a large business network, strategic implementations and organized an effective company board. Omar Yunes won the first place as the Best Franchisee of the world, a competition that took place in Italy. At the age 21, Omar became a franchisee of Japanese food chain and now represents 10% of his franchisee units.

2015 BFM edition was widely attended by various international state representatives who came from 34 countries. In attendance was Hungary, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal and France. This global competition offered a chance for various franchisee to compete against each other and the overall network as opposed to the brand. The full extent of influence on the network and overall contributions to the knowledge, employee satisfaction, and savings were also prioritized.

Besides winning the first place in this Mexican BFM, Omar was also awarded heavily for his personal contributions to the relationship between franchising and franchise. He was equally awarded for his impressive management skills in implementing control boards and ability to manage information with precision.

According to Benjamin Cancelmo, a chief executive officer at Sushi Itto, Omar’s award represented a joint effort in customer service improvement. He also noted that the award will exceedingly introduce a remarkable flavor in customer service coupled with high levels of hospitality. Tamer, the second winner congratulated Omar for his commitment to set fundamental standards in the network franchisee. The award further demonstrated internationalization of Mexican franchisee. The latter led to the composure of Mexican Association of franchisees and entrepreneurs.

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