Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

The international music and entertainment business is huge and competitive, where those who are indolent do not survive and more information click here.

This industry took in 17.2 billion in 2016 and is basically dominated by males, but there is a female who has proven to be hard working and making a name for herself in this masculine-centric world.

Desiree Perez is an entrepreneur, producer and manager of various show business talents including Rihanna. She feels that although the landscape is changing for the entrance of women in this field, the transformation is not happening quickly enough and learn more about Desiree Perez.

Desiree is part of a group, in which people exert power and have influence.

Whether it is managing concerts or assisting in developing talent, she is skillful at getting the most profits for companies, as well as individuals in entertainment, including Rihanna.

Perez has many achievements, such as discussing business with Samsung and acquiring a $25 million dollar collaboration to promote Rihanna’s Anti tour and her Facebook.

This arrangement, catapulted Rihanna’s status to becoming an A-list artist. In fact, Desiree is a part of Rihanna’s team. She will continue to recommend business and financial suggestions to help this star to become even more popular.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, a company established in the year 2008, Desiree Perez has witness the business develop into one of the most entertainment entities in the international community and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

Roc Nation collaborates with a variety of enterprises, including songwriters, music producers, fashion experts and technology to advance its clienteles profession and reputation.

Desiree Perez grew up in New York City with both of her parents and has worked in the show biz arena for more than 20 years. She is married to Juan Perez, the manager of a branch of Roc Nation – Roc Nations Sport Agency.

Overall, she enjoys her work, in which she contributes greatly to her clients’ success.

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