Rebuilding Companies Like Lori Senecal

It is very common for companies to go through stages where they fall through or crumble. It is at this point that the business needs to be sold to the right hands so that it can be rebuilt. If it is not rebuilt, then it is going to be down for good. When Lori Senecal has taken over KBS, she has done just that. She has changed the culture of the company to that of something which is more efficient. This has given people a chance to really showcase their talents as advertisers. She has also shown herself to have some really impressive leadership skills.

Lori’s skills in leadership are in spite of her introversion. For one thing, she has had to learn how to be a leader when she was involved in gymnastics. She has become a coach in the sport so that she can help others learn how to compete as gymnasts. She has learned how to be firm. At the same time, she has learned the value of compassion. One of the best things to have as a leader is balance. One has to give people the motivation to perform. The worst thing to do is overwhelm the person. At the same time, too much leniency is a bad thing for people. Check out Salary for info.

This has led Lori Senecal down to a track record of success which has showed others that she is a trustworthy person when it comes to taking on projects. She has amazed her family, friends and peers with her ability to take on new projects with confidence. One thing that has helped her is her determination to take on new situations that are uncomfortable to her. This is very helpful to her growth as a person.

When she steps down as CEO from CP+B, they are going to remember the valuable lessons that she has taught them because it has brought them a lot of success and growth. The new leader is sure to take on some of the qualities that Lori Senecal has brought the advertising company. The new leader will also bring forth something else that is new that could be helpful to the company.

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