Greatness in the Workplace and the Community

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist in the Greater Boston Area that feels it is a privilege to work in her field of study and be able to provide assistance to individuals, families and couples who are working hard towards overcoming their life struggles. Her many talents include public speaking, team building, teaching, and coaching. Patty Rocklage‚Äôs main areas of focus are in family counseling and marriage but she still includes individuals in her work. She believes in and understands the sensitive nature of her clients’ struggles and always is sure she maintains their confidentiality and their trust to establish meaningful relationships with her clients. She knows trust is a very important factor in her field of work and learn more about Patty.

Patty Rocklage graduated from the University of Southern California in 1981 with a degree in psychology. Through her work in psychotherapy, Rocklage has helped countless people develop and achieve personal growth and her help is not only limited to her own work. Patty Rocklage is an active volunteer who is dedicated to giving back to her community. This includes being an active participant in the Sundanese Education Fund. This foundation helps people who are immigrants from Southern Sudan who have decided to relocate to the Massachusetts area get stable jobs and achieve educational and financial stability. Rocklage has also, along with her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage, made a recent investment at Massachusetts Institute of Technology by donating a huge gift to fund the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. She has proven countless times she is a strong believer in the importance of a strong community.

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