Wengie’s “Life Hacks” Are Actually Very Useful Solutions To Common Problems


The videos that beauty blogger Wengie makes are usually quite informative, and fun to watch. In a video that was published in April of 2017, Wengie provides viewers with some great household tips, or hacks.


The first life hack that Wengie demonstrates in this video is how to create a simple yet stylish clip that keeps potato chip bags securely closed. Using two large drinking straws, Wengie cuts one of the straws from end to end. She then rolls the opened end of the chip bag around the whole straw, and places the cut straw over it, to hold it securely in place.


The next hack that Wengie presents in this video is a great idea that provides a simple solution to a common problem. Because so many of her various keys are similar in appearance, Wengie decided to paint the top half of each key with a different color of nail polish. As long as you can remember what the function of each colored key is, this hack can be very useful.


Wengie offers a helpful kitchen tip in another hack in this video. To remove excess air from foods in plastic food storage bags, Wengie dips the bags full of food upright into a large bowl of cold water. When the food in the bag is submerged in the water, she seals the bag with the zipper closure.


When Wengie pulls the sealed bag out of the water, all of the air is out of the bag, and the bag is sticking directly to the enclosed food. According to Wengie, the pressure of the water pushes all of the excess water out of the bag. The results of this method appear to be similar to a vacuum-effect.


Several other hacks are also presented in this entertaining Wengie video.

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