David McDonald of OSI Group Partners with DOYOO to Produce Meat

David McDonald was born in 1953. He is the serving president of OSI Group, the best meat products provider in the United States of America. His career dates back to the 1980s. This was before the forming of OSI Group. Initially, the company was Otto and Sons Corporation. Before his appointment as the president of OSI Group, McDonald was the project manager of the company. His vast experience saw him being appointed as the chief operating officer of OSI Group too. Before that, he was an independent director at Marfrig Global Foods. He left the company in December 2008. This was after Marfrig Frigorificos Global Foods had acquired OSI Group. After the purchase of OSI Group by Marfrig Global Foods, David McDonald became a board member of the company. He is an alumnus of Iowa State University.

OSI China

Under David McDonald’s leadership, OSI Group was celebrated for its twenty years service in the meat processing industry. The twenty years celebration was held in China. This event occurred on September 12th, 2012. Since the establishment of the company in Beijing, OSI Group prides itself on being the best meat products provider in China. The company has served China for twenty years. This service has largely contributed to the economic growth of China. When Beijing held the 2008 Olympic Games, OSI Group was the sole supplier of all meat products. The products included beef, eggs, dehydrated onion, and chicken. The total amount of supplies was 113 tons and learn more about David.


To confirm the company’s efficiency in customer service, there were no customer complaints. This gesture was appreciated by the president of OSI Group as well as the committee of the Beijing Olympic Games. Since then, OSI Group in China has been the sole supplier of meat products for many high profile companies. Some of these companies include McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Burger King and Starbucks and his Youtube.


OSI Group has been operating in China for twenty years. Through this, the economy of the country has grown massively. In September 2016, the meat processing plant broke ground by establishing a new facility for meat production. This facility is located in Henan province. In the same month, the company announced its plan to partner with Zhoukou and DOYOO Group. The aim is to form DaOSI Group, an affiliate for poultry operation in China and read full article.

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