Jose Henrique Borghi Explains His Advertizing Choices

The founder of the Mullen Lowe Brasil advertising agency has given an insight into how he makes the choices his company decides upon as they create an advertising campaign. Jose Borghi is now classed as one of the most respected advertising experts in Brazil as he has won awards across the world, including an impressive haul of Golden Lion’s at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Brazilian advertising icon has recently taken the time to explain just why his Mullen Lowe ad agency made the decision to include the Renato Russo classic “Once Again” as the theme of a recent banking campaign. Jose Borghi explained the song is well known version in Brazil that is seen as timeless, which fits in well with the long term investment opportunities offered by the financial company who commissioned the series of TV, radio, and print spots. Click here to know more.

Jose Henrique Borghi is always looking to make sure his company is at the forefront of advertising technology and research, which has been shown through the recent study undertaken by Mullen Lowe into the viewing habits of the next generation of Brazilian consumers. As a leader in Brazilian advertising, Jose Borghi’s Mullen Lowe has looked to ascertain just which personalities teenagers in the country most identify with in a bid to gain a better understanding of how the TV and Internet based community will change in the coming decades; Jose Henrique Borghi himself explained the future of advertising would see greater numbers of Internet based personalities making their way to the marketing world to front campaigns. The research of Mullen Lowe Brasil showed most teens preferred watching comedians and found these TV and Internet personalities were the most influential for future consumers in Brazil.

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