Adam Milstein: A Man Working To Revive Judaism In The Hearts Of The Youth

Adam Milstein is someone who lives for a purpose. That purpose is to help the Jewish people in America, helping them understand their culture and their backgrounds, all while offering them the support that they need in their lives. Adam Milstein is known to be one of the biggest philanthropies in the entire country, who has helped thousands of people. He amassed his fortune in the business of real estate, which is a sector that he has been working in since the start of his professional career. Adam Milstein is the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a company that is dedicated to serving real estate buyers in West Hollywood, Orange County, and San Francisco. Through the span of his long career, Adam Milstein has worked with extremely large clients, both regarding selling commercial and well as residential properties.


Adam Milstein has always had a passion for helping people and believes it to be one of his main purposes in his life. Along with his wife Gila, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is an organization that works towards supporting Jewish people. The primary focus of the organization is Jewish youth, and the organization tries its best to give these youth all the tools that they would need to know their religion better. The organization encourages young people to take up opportunities where they can learn more and be a part of the Jewish community. Through the organization, Adam Milstein aims to instill a sense of Jewish pride in the minds of the youth, so that they can carry on their faith and lead a healthy life. The organization also hosts programs for young people to get to know about their homeland Israel and tries its best to instill a sense of Israeli pride in their minds and their hearts.


In addition to the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Adam Milstein has another charitable program which he uses to perpetuate the Jewish faith to all those who wish to follow. He founded an organization known as the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The organization is one which provides free Hebrew Books to Jewish families across the country.


Greatness in the Workplace and the Community

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist in the Greater Boston Area that feels it is a privilege to work in her field of study and be able to provide assistance to individuals, families and couples who are working hard towards overcoming their life struggles. Her many talents include public speaking, team building, teaching, and coaching. Patty Rocklage’s main areas of focus are in family counseling and marriage but she still includes individuals in her work. She believes in and understands the sensitive nature of her clients’ struggles and always is sure she maintains their confidentiality and their trust to establish meaningful relationships with her clients. She knows trust is a very important factor in her field of work and learn more about Patty.

Patty Rocklage graduated from the University of Southern California in 1981 with a degree in psychology. Through her work in psychotherapy, Rocklage has helped countless people develop and achieve personal growth and her help is not only limited to her own work. Patty Rocklage is an active volunteer who is dedicated to giving back to her community. This includes being an active participant in the Sundanese Education Fund. This foundation helps people who are immigrants from Southern Sudan who have decided to relocate to the Massachusetts area get stable jobs and achieve educational and financial stability. Rocklage has also, along with her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage, made a recent investment at Massachusetts Institute of Technology by donating a huge gift to fund the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. She has proven countless times she is a strong believer in the importance of a strong community.

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USHEALTH Group are the Choice of Many for Individual and Family Insurance

Everyone is usually quite aware of the importance of an insurance cover for oneself and one’s family. However, what is critically important is the kind of protection one obtains, and the pedigree of the company one takes it from.

It is in this context that USHEALTH has earned a formidable reputation as providers of a variety of health coverage needs through plans and policies that are as affordable as they are reliable. All of its licensed health and life insurance companies offer a range of quality coverage encompassing specified diseases, sickness and accident insurance, critical illness, life, dental, vision, short-term accident disability income insurance, et al.

As one can see, USHEALTH Group does offer a wide bouquet of plans, which are backed up by 50 years of experience and over 15 million satisfied customers. There really cannot be a bigger testimonial than that. It is not at all a surprising thing to discover that they have received a host of awards for their stellar services like the Gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. USHealth Group on Facebook.

Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, the USHEALTH Group is renowned for its innovative approach in providing insurance support to self-employed individuals, families, small time entrepreneurs and their families. The thinking behind this is that every customer’s needs are unique and need bespoke solutions. Even in the case of clients with limited budgets or those with issues about high annual deductibles before receiving the benefits on their plans, they offer a unique solution in the shape of first dollar benefits for covered services as well as significant network discount from a wide array of providers. Click here to know more.

For those looking at more customized solutions, USHEALTH offers appropriate disease, sickness and accident plans that are very precise and innovative in the kind of coverage that they provide, while staying primarily economical. Undoubtedly customer satisfaction is provided top most priority with USHEALTH.

It is hardly surprising therefore to find out that in a market where people change their insurance plans with unfailing regularity, USHEALTH has an extremely good client retention record. Most of their customers end up having a long-term relationship with them on account of the good experiences they have with the company.

Healthcare is one of the basic needs of everybody, and if USHEALTH Group has stepped up to the plate to deliver healthcare protection to the widest range of people with all their diverse requirements, it is indeed something that needs to be appreciated and lauded. Going by their past track record and the glowing customer feedback that they receive on a regular basis, USHEALTH is sure going to grow from strength to strength in all its future initiatives.

Thor Halvorssen Goes After What He Believes In

One thing that helps people lead a fulfilling life is that they stand up for what they believe in. Some even build their lives around it, which include forming a career that is based around it. Thor halvorssen is someone who has managed to live a fulfilling right. He believes in living a life that is ethical and just. He is also passionate about bringing justice to others as well. He has been so passionate about it that he has started up a foundation in which he could fight against human rights violations. He calls this foundation the Human Rights Foundation.

One of the signs that someone is going after something he believes in is that he is pursuing it with a passion and intensity that is very high. As a matter of fact, one could pursue what he is after tirelessly. Thor Halvorssen often works for days at a time towards an equal world. He keeps up the energy and the passion because this means a lot to him. He is especially empathetic to the people that are suffering. As a result, he is able to take care of himself so that he could continue fighting the war for equality among humans.

The more he hears about the violations going around in some of the countries, the more Thor Halvorssen wants to fight in order to make sure that everyone has a fair life. One of the things that he wants the most for people is for them to be able to make their own choices. He also wants everyone to live in harmony with each other. Thor Halvorssen works over time to gain knowledge on what can be done with the tyrants and the oppressors of the world. His dream is for all of the tyrants to be overthrown so that people can live a more harmonious life. for more .

Rick Smith Leads Securus Technologies in Enhancing Public Safety across U.S through Adoption of New Technology

Securus Technologies is renowned for providing unique solutions in the civil and criminal justice technology for the safety of the public, investigation, corrections and monitoring. The technology company is headed by Richard Smith who has a proven track record in the technology industry. The main clients of the company are the corrections organizations and public security agencies.

Securus Technologies has actively been involved in implementing the use of video calls in the correction facilities, which allows inmates to get into contact with their visitors. The technique has been used to replace the old-school face to face visits in prisons and other correction facilities. The biggest beneficiaries of this new development are the correction facilities where it is expected that they will cut costs, and enhance the safety of the inmates and the public. The inmates and the public are also set to benefit since they will have more time to interact with a secure platform. According to Wikipedia

Securus Technologies has also been on the forefront to advocate the use of biometrics technology in correction facilities. When the organizations incorporate biometrics into their system, it will be easier to identify prisoners and also make their management more effective. Over the past few years, Securus has experienced tremendous growth where they currently serve more than 2,000 correctional facilities in the U.S and Canada. Since Richard took reign at the technology company, it has been able to invest more than $600 million in many patents and technologies in a span of just three years.

With the technological solutions offered by Securus Technologies, the justice system can now track inmates better and also collect data that enables them to follow basic crime patterns. It has, in turn, helped to reduce the number of crimes. Additionally, it serves the needs of emergency responders and law enforcement agencies effectively.

Rick’s work history

Before he took reign at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith was previously the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc where he worked for several years. When he led operations at Eschelon Telecom Inc, the revenues shot from a record of $30 million to $350 million. The impressive record of accomplishment convinced the board at Securus Technologies that Mr. Smith was the right candidate for the job. Mr. Smith has been the head of operations at Securus since 2009.

Rick studied at Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated with Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. He then enrolled at the State University of New York for his bachelor of science in electrical engineering. Mr. Rick is also a holder of a master in mathematics from the State University of New York. He also got an MBA from Rochester University, Simon school.

Mr. Rick Smith continues to lead Securus Technologies on a success path by inventing new products for its clients. The technology company continues to invest in developing new technologies and patents, information collection and access. It also focuses on improving public safety.

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Wengie’s “Life Hacks” Are Actually Very Useful Solutions To Common Problems


The videos that beauty blogger Wengie makes are usually quite informative, and fun to watch. In a video that was published in April of 2017, Wengie provides viewers with some great household tips, or hacks.


The first life hack that Wengie demonstrates in this video is how to create a simple yet stylish clip that keeps potato chip bags securely closed. Using two large drinking straws, Wengie cuts one of the straws from end to end. She then rolls the opened end of the chip bag around the whole straw, and places the cut straw over it, to hold it securely in place.


The next hack that Wengie presents in this video is a great idea that provides a simple solution to a common problem. Because so many of her various keys are similar in appearance, Wengie decided to paint the top half of each key with a different color of nail polish. As long as you can remember what the function of each colored key is, this hack can be very useful.


Wengie offers a helpful kitchen tip in another hack in this video. To remove excess air from foods in plastic food storage bags, Wengie dips the bags full of food upright into a large bowl of cold water. When the food in the bag is submerged in the water, she seals the bag with the zipper closure.


When Wengie pulls the sealed bag out of the water, all of the air is out of the bag, and the bag is sticking directly to the enclosed food. According to Wengie, the pressure of the water pushes all of the excess water out of the bag. The results of this method appear to be similar to a vacuum-effect.


Several other hacks are also presented in this entertaining Wengie video.

Highland Capital Management Makes Major Strides in the Nasdaq Stock Market

Highland capital management in a bid to celebrate the recent listing that elevates the company will visit Nasqad stock market website. One of the listings in the stock market is managed by Highland Capital thus calling for celebration. The Highland iBoxx senior loan got a listing on the stock. As a way of recognizing and honoring the company on the occasion, the chief investment officer of Highland Capital Management who is also a co-founder will have to ring the closing bell. This owner went to Mark Ogada.


The event will take place at Nasdaq Market site at 4-time square. This is on 43rd Broadway broadcast studio. The event will be shown on social media on pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. There will also be a webcast showing a live streaming of the event.


Highland capital management fund advisors are the Highland capital management retail arm. It is a SEC registered Investment Company that advises and manages billions worth in assets. The company was founded by James Dondero in 1993 He collaborated with Mark Ogada. The company is one of the most success investment advisor and asset manager in the country. Highlands has a specialty in credit hedge fund, credit strategies, private equities especially those of private distressed nature, collateralized loan obligations as well as stressed accounts. The client base that Highlands deals with diverse including large corporations, financial organizations, governments, funds for funds, public pension plans, endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals among other clients. The headquarters is in Dallas. It also has offices in different areas including Sao Paolo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore.


Apart from being successful in asset management, the company has an important consideration when it comes to community matters. For this reason, the company makes investments in more than just the financial markets fields. It is directly involved with the communities it influences through voluntary services, financial donations as well as being part of the advisory boards. In fact, Highlands is known to have a reputation of contribution over 10 million dollars in donations in different institutions around the world.


Eric Pulier a One Fit-All Professional

If you thought that at this time and age of technological advancement it is hard to get a one-fit-all professional, you would need to rethink your decision. To those who are clueless of him, Eric Pulier is just your average Harvard graduate. However, to those with a good understanding of him he is among many titles an established public speaker, author, philanthropist, technocrat and an entrepreneur with the skills to start and turn around startups into multi-million established ventures. All this befitting one man; Eric Pulier.


Mr. Erick is an American native having been born and raised in New Jersey. From the onset, Erick was a bright kind. He completed his High School education from Teaneck in 1984 and enrolled at Harvard University for his BA. In the year 1988, Erick Pulier graduated Magna Cum Laude.


Before joining Harvard, Erick had already displayed his entrepreneurial skills when he started his small database company. His formative years in college helped him develop other skills such as public speaking, editorial skills, and computer skills by being both active in classroom work and co-curriculum activities. Erick worked at the college’s publication before graduation and covered topics ranging from college life to terrorism.


In the business world, Mr. Erick has been involved in various ventures. Some of the ventures Erick has been involved with include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, US Interactive and XPrize. The later, XPrize is arguably one of Pulier’s milestones in the world of startups businesses. Through this venture, Erick seeks to push the young people out of their comfort zones and into their creative self. He also rewards those exemplary works.


Mr. Erick is also a philanthropist, and his good deeds have gone a long way transforming the lives of the less fortunate in the society. One course that we are particularly fond of is Painted Turtle. The Painted Turtle is a camp hosting children suffering from chronic diseases. Mr. Erick not only supports philanthropy is this organization through generous financial contributions but also through his precious time. Get More Info


Erick’s fondness and philanthropic works also spill to Starbright World. Here Eric Pulier contributes both his money and exemplary IT skills towards bettering the lives of the kids suffering from chronic illnesses too. Eric Pulier passes any day as the beacon of hope for the 21st century.


Achieving Excellence with Success Academy Charter Schools

Success Academy Charter Schools was founded in 2008 in New York City. To date, it is the highest-performing and largest charter school network in New York. It is open to all students, free of charge, including students with special needs and students that are just learning English. There is a random lottery held every April for admissions. Success Academy Charter Schools serves over 14,000 students from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens through 41 schools.


Success Academy Charter Schools have an ACTION value system. A is for Agency, which means that everyone takes ownership. C is for curiosity, a need that drives every student. T is for try, meaning that if you don’t get it right on the first try, try again. I is for integrity, every school has to be open and honest. O is for others because the schools never stop looking out for other students. Finally, N is for no shortcuts, meaning that the process takes time.

Success Academy Charter Schools believes in starting at a young age to enable students to fall in love with learning. Students work on group activities and learn to ask questions. They also put special emphasis on reading and a groundbreaking field studies program, which allows students to learn from real world experiences. There is structured learning with lots of on-one-on time. The schools also believe in only having 80 minutes of direct instruction every day, with the rest of the day featuring hands-on learning.

Success Academy Charter Schools believes that their middle school program should feature college-ready standards in their learning. Along with their coursework, they also believe that having a number of electives to be critical to success.

High school is focused on college-readiness. Students have mentors and scholars available daily. They also have a high-performance demand and support emotional and social growth as well.

Success Academy Charter Schools is the newest wave in education and has proven through higher success rates, higher grades, and more community involvement from its students to be a very effective way to revolutionize the education system.


Demi Lovato and Fabletics Share a Common Message

One of the best parts about Fabletics is that they want to empower women to be able to do more with their bodies and feel good while they are doing it. The company has worked hard to be able to make themselves a company that works well for women and they have been able to provide women with more opportunities to feel good about the clothes that they wear during a workout. Fabletics also works to make things easier for women by offering shopping opportunities that are extremely convenient. They were created for women by women who know what it is like to do more in their lives.


One of the most convenient aspects of Fabletics is the ability for women to find what they are looking for in a reverse showroom environment. This simply means that they are able to choose from just a few outfits that they like and not be overwhelmed by a huge selection of clothes that do not fit them, anyway. There are stylists who work exclusively with Fabletics to make sure that they are choosing the right clothes for each of the women who shop on the site. It is a great way to ensure that they are getting an outfit that is perfect for their own style.


The only way that these stylists know what they are doing to match up the options with the women who are on the site is through the use of the Lifestyle Quiz. This is a quiz that women take when they visit the Fabletics site. They are able to find out more about themselves and even tell the company more about them. The quiz encompasses things like the regular type of physical activity the woman does, the size of clothes that she wears and some fun outfit multiple choice questions that allow her to show what she likes to be able to wear.


Demi Lovato loves fashion and she also loves staying healthy. She feels that Fabletics combines the best of both worlds. She is also very close to Kate Hudson and knows that she is doing what she can to promote a brand that makes women more powerful through the use of clothes that make them feel good about themselves. She has always supported Fabletics but she is now joining the company as one of the brand ambassadors who is going to showcase everything that there is to offer.


The combination of Fabletics and Demi Lovato is perfect. The company works well with women and Demi knows what she likes out of fashion and style. Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato have proven to work well together and they are going to make a great team while working on the Fabletics project. The brand is going to benefit from Lovato and what she brings to the table which will make it become even more popular with exciting new options for everyone who has ever shopped with the brand or who has ever wanted to shop with them.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler’s high-power moves ????

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