WIT Press Publishing The Best Scientific Journals Of The Wessex Institute

The WIT Press is the publishing wing of the Wessex Institute. This organization both publishes scientific research papers and a collection of annually published journals. Many of the journal discuss how societal issues may be solved using Wessex Institute of Technology conferences technology. The journals are published both digitally and in printed form.

One of the most critical journals is the International Journal of Environmental Impacts. Many of our environmental issues need to be discussed and resolved immediately to preserve civilization. Solutions must be met in order to improve the sustainability of mankind while preserving economic stability. Protecting the soil, air, and our water supplies are one of the more serious issues.

The International Journal of Heritage Architecture is one of the newest journals in thir collection. With the rapid development of cities around the world, historical constructions are being neglected and sometimes torn down. Ancient Asian and North American architecture is at the highest risk right now. This journal will discuss the ethics of preserving architecture and methods to restore it.The International Journal of Transport Development and Integration is another new journal in the collection. This will discuss solutions regarding transportation issues in rapidly growing urban areas. Integration creating greener environments are the priorities at hand.

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