Bruce Levenson’s New Goals At Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks in 2015 according to Forbes magazine, after owning a large part of their shares for 12 years, though even after selling the team he and the other owners in AHBE got involved in a dispute with AIG Insurance for not paying out settlements relating to a contract they had at the time. But now Levenson is devoting much of his time to the non-profit sector, including his Do Good Institute that he and his wife helped start at the University of Maryland several years ago. Levenson has felt that philanthropy needs intelligent business minds to be successful and this new institute has started classes and initiatives to educate people on its importance. For Levenson this institute offers a hands-on experience that many online courses do not.

Bruce Levenson is also the founder and longtime Chairman of Unified Communications Group (UCG). Levenson started this company along with his friend Ed Peskowitz while he was attending law school at American University. The company had only Levenson’s apartment space to operate out of at the start, but soon its publications drew high demand and enough profits to evolve into a large media conglomerate. Today UCG serves clients in energy and oil industries, mortgage banking, healthcare, education and technology. Levenson also teamed with several company managers to build TechTarget, a now publicly-traded tech marketing research company.

Levenson comes from a Jewish background and his mother-in-law is a survivor of the holocaust, so he’s devoted much of his support to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. He helped start the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program at the museums so that young people would understand the significance of “Never Again” and become museum tour guides. Levenson also supports several Jewish non-profit groups including BBYO, SEED Foundation, Birthright Israel and Seeds Of Peace. He also helped launch the Concert Against Hate event in 2015.



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