Betsy Devos Friction with President Trump on Revocation of the Bathroom Bill

The transgender law adopted by Obama’s administration allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms corresponding to their gender affiliations has sparked conflict between Betsy DeVos and President Trump government. The US president signed the law overturning the bathroom bill barely a month after taking office. The move has received different reactions within the ruling party as well as in Democrat.

Betsy occupies a key position in president Trump’s government. She is currently the Education Secretary of the United States of America. Therefore, she is responsible for addressing all matters related to schools and students. She took a different stand against the rescinding of the transgender protection guideline as well as bathroom law since she has the responsibility of protecting civil rights of every student regardless of their sexual orientation.

Mrs. DeVos believes that as the education secretary she has a moral obligation of supporting laws and directives that protect students against different forms of abuse that include bullying, harassment, discrimination, and assault. She believes that the usage of the bathroom for transgender students should be legislated at a federal level but should be a decision made by school heads and other US education stakeholders.

President Donald Trump overturned the transgender law, as he believed that the previous government did not look into the matter critically before adopting it. Besides, as a republican with strict moral obligations, he believes the adoption of transgender law will promote immorality and encourage more people to become transgender. The president has the support of the majority of the republicans who perceive the bathroom law as harmful and dangerous to their children.

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The people supporting Trump’s decision to overturn the bathroom bill believe that schools will be unsafe for their children. Many believe that adopting the bill makes their children vulnerable to sexual predators and perverts. They strongly feel that some men or women posing as transgender will take advantage of the law to rape, molest, and sexually harass other students using the same washrooms.

Despite fierce opposition to the overturning of the bathroom bill, Betsy DeVos agreed to support president Trump decision. She did this as a way of showing respect and loyalty towards the president. Besides, she had a lot of pressure from her fellow republicans to support the current president.

Betsy is extremely philanthropic and supported various republican candidates in their campaigns. She supports other initiatives in the US through Betsy DeVos Family foundation. Some of the beneficiaries of Betsy’s philanthropy include Loudspeaker Media Inc., Charter Schools, Potter’s House, Alliance for School Choice, and the University of Maryland College Park Foundation.

It is evident that the overturning of this law opened a Pandora’s Box in the US. It is also a test to Trump’s administration to establish whether it is committed to protecting civil rights of transgender, gays, lesbians, bisexuals among other minority groups in the US.

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