Class Dojo is Trying to Change the Field of Education

In 2011 Class Dojo came onto the scene to fulfill a niche. Founders Liam Dom and Sam Chaudhary created this application as a means to connect educators and students with one another. Both of these two men used to be teachers before they started Class Dojo. They both realized that there is a need to streamline the communication process between teachers and parents.

As former teachers, they realized that many parents did not have time to travel to the school for parent/teacher conferences. They also knew that parents did not always have the time or even the desire to travel out to the school to meet with their child’s educator. Informative details here.

As a matter of fact, according to, many parents are surprised about their child’s behavior once they attend a parent/teacher meeting. Communication between teachers and parents is still a huge problem even in today’s time when there are many different ways for people to keep in touch. See

Instead of always traveling to the school, they can have the meeting over a mobile device. This will provide flexibility to both teachers and parents since a mobile device or computer is needed for Class Dojo.

Chaudhary and Dom has managed to raise $35 million for their company since it was first started. They currently raised $21 million dollars to help push their parent/teacher conference platform. This company is on the right path to accomplishing its goals. Source

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