Anthony Petrello; Making The World Place With His Generosity And Business Experience

Anthony Petrello is currently the Chief Executive officers of one of the biggest oil companies, Nabors Industries LTD. This is a role Anthony, commonly identified as Tony, has been seen to serve impeccable since 2011. Since 1992, Anthony has served the oil, geothermal and natural gas drilling company making it his aim to make the firm better than he found.

Nabors Industries, based in Hamilton, Bermuda, is seen to provide offshore drilling service across the Middle East, Americas, Africa and the Far East. As an affiliate of Nabors Exchangeco located in Canada, the firm also provides various support services for offshore and onshore drilling and servicing operations.

His remarkable career journey began with him working in the Baker and McKenzie’s law firm in a managing partner position. He worked with this law firm in their New York’s offices as from 1986. The Law firm was always driven by its absolute dedication to helping its clients and this was responsible for shaping Anthony to become of the top paid bosses in the world. Mr. Petrello has been seen to provide excellent planning techniques which he employs in his daily activities as the Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries. The company has been able to thrive in a competitive and dynamic environment something others thought was not possible.


Apart from his success in the business environment, Anthony is also known for his charitable deed making him a philanthropist. He has been at the forefront in contributing towards Periventricular Leukomalacia also identified by its initials as PVL. The PVL is common in premature infants and is also neurological diseases. What makes Anthony participate in helping those infants born with this disease is the mere fact that their daughter was also born with this same condition. Anthony and Cynthia Petrello have been helping their daughter to fight this disease, and her health has been seen to improve for the eight years of age. Driven by the goodwill and love for their daughter, the couple has taken the responsibility of helping parents with children born with this illness.

Anthony has had an excellent career history making an impact in every firm he works with. Gradually, he has risen to become of America’s top bosses associated with businesses. He has a track record in offering services in any business firm he is which is complemented by his educational background as he has a J.D degree from Harvard Law School and a Master in Mathematics from Yale University. Mr. Anthony is excellent in everything he does as he continues to display brilliance in all aspects from his professional to charity contributions.

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