Community Banking Is Becoming The New Norm

When you think of banking institutions which banking institutions tend to come to mind? Like most people, you’ll probably say Bank of America, Capital One, SunTrust, or Wells Fargo. There’s nothing wrong with those answers, but each one of those institutions are national banks. Community banks only serve in a certain region and tend to be as huge as it’s counterparts or as heavily promoted. This in term doesn’t mean that it’s not as successful though because community banks are now in direct competition thanks to it’s wide array of innovative services.

NexBank Capital is a Dallas, Texas banking institution and it is the epitome of what a successful community bank is. As of 2016, the affluent bank had an estimated $4.0 Billion in assets and it hosts many innovative modern services such as online banking treasury management, public funds, commercial lending, warehouse lending, credit services, agency services, mobile banking, certificate of deposits, savings/checking accounts and many more. John Holt, whom is the CEO and President, is providing the very best of leadership thanks to his expertise, knowledge base, and skill. John Holt also appeared at the 5th annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference last year in November. He and other leaders shared their perspectives on what is causing specific challenges, to opinions on what could be improved, as well as discussions about branching and organic growth.

This prestigious event is one of the main reason’s for this exclusive industry’s success. Consultants, bank leaders, advisers, and others were in attended and it was surely a hit. If you’re seeking better overall services with a small town feel, community banking could be for you. This is the most contemporary way of banking in the new millennium.


Tammy Mazzocco’s venture into the Real Estate Business in Ohio

Tammy Mazzocco is a licensed realtor selling residential real estates in Fairfield, Licking, Delaware, and Franklin counties in Central Ohio. Her real estate career started back when she took up a secretarial position at The Edwards Realty Company, which is a real estate firm. During that time, she worked in the company of other nine commercial agents and later spent seven years managing a condominium at Scotland Yard Condominium.

Tammy Mazzocco acquired a real estate license as an agent in 1995 following a suggestion by Ken Cook, the general manager and owner of the Scotland Yard. Ken was monumental in encouraging Mazzocco’s real estate career. Later, Mozzacco worked for T&R Properties serving in the role of a multi-site property manager. She decided to pursue real estate as a full-time career in 1999 and in 2000 she joined Judy Gang & Associates, who have remained inspirational and instrumental in Mazzocco’s real estate career.

And during her stay in the career, the real estate market recorded a huge leap in the year 2016 since 2005. The decade was characterized by year-in-year declines in the real estate market. 2016 was also characterized by increased job creation and exceptionally low mortgage rates. The average rate of a 30 year fixed mortgage stood at 4.09 percent while a 15 year was 3.34 percent. Ohio’s home purchases stood at 151,600, a 7.5 percent from the preceding year. The number of home sales also increased by 2.8 percent compared to 2015. The average sale price for a house in Ohio stood at $ 159,531, which was 4.8 percent increase. Also, the nation has 3.6 month supply of available houses implying that the available pool of houses would be sold out in a period not exceeding four months. According to housing analysts, this means balanced market whereby neither the buyers nor the sellers will have an upper hand.

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Class Dojo is Trying to Change the Field of Education

In 2011 Class Dojo came onto the scene to fulfill a niche. Founders Liam Dom and Sam Chaudhary created this application as a means to connect educators and students with one another. Both of these two men used to be teachers before they started Class Dojo. They both realized that there is a need to streamline the communication process between teachers and parents.

As former teachers, they realized that many parents did not have time to travel to the school for parent/teacher conferences. They also knew that parents did not always have the time or even the desire to travel out to the school to meet with their child’s educator. Informative details here.

As a matter of fact, according to, many parents are surprised about their child’s behavior once they attend a parent/teacher meeting. Communication between teachers and parents is still a huge problem even in today’s time when there are many different ways for people to keep in touch. See

Instead of always traveling to the school, they can have the meeting over a mobile device. This will provide flexibility to both teachers and parents since a mobile device or computer is needed for Class Dojo.

Chaudhary and Dom has managed to raise $35 million for their company since it was first started. They currently raised $21 million dollars to help push their parent/teacher conference platform. This company is on the right path to accomplishing its goals. Source

Anthony Petrello; Making The World Place With His Generosity And Business Experience

Anthony Petrello is currently the Chief Executive officers of one of the biggest oil companies, Nabors Industries LTD. This is a role Anthony, commonly identified as Tony, has been seen to serve impeccable since 2011. Since 1992, Anthony has served the oil, geothermal and natural gas drilling company making it his aim to make the firm better than he found.

Nabors Industries, based in Hamilton, Bermuda, is seen to provide offshore drilling service across the Middle East, Americas, Africa and the Far East. As an affiliate of Nabors Exchangeco located in Canada, the firm also provides various support services for offshore and onshore drilling and servicing operations.

His remarkable career journey began with him working in the Baker and McKenzie’s law firm in a managing partner position. He worked with this law firm in their New York’s offices as from 1986. The Law firm was always driven by its absolute dedication to helping its clients and this was responsible for shaping Anthony to become of the top paid bosses in the world. Mr. Petrello has been seen to provide excellent planning techniques which he employs in his daily activities as the Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries. The company has been able to thrive in a competitive and dynamic environment something others thought was not possible.


Apart from his success in the business environment, Anthony is also known for his charitable deed making him a philanthropist. He has been at the forefront in contributing towards Periventricular Leukomalacia also identified by its initials as PVL. The PVL is common in premature infants and is also neurological diseases. What makes Anthony participate in helping those infants born with this disease is the mere fact that their daughter was also born with this same condition. Anthony and Cynthia Petrello have been helping their daughter to fight this disease, and her health has been seen to improve for the eight years of age. Driven by the goodwill and love for their daughter, the couple has taken the responsibility of helping parents with children born with this illness.

Anthony has had an excellent career history making an impact in every firm he works with. Gradually, he has risen to become of America’s top bosses associated with businesses. He has a track record in offering services in any business firm he is which is complemented by his educational background as he has a J.D degree from Harvard Law School and a Master in Mathematics from Yale University. Mr. Anthony is excellent in everything he does as he continues to display brilliance in all aspects from his professional to charity contributions.

James Dondero And Firm Help Organization Reach Its Campaign Goals

Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management L.P. made an announced in October, 2016 regarding the company’s proposed challenge grant. James Dondero made it official that the firm would be awarding a $1 million challenge grant to aid The Family Place in raising the last $2.8 million for its Legacy Campaign. The Family Place is the leading organization in Dallas that supports victims of family violence.



The foundation plans to match any funds raised for the Legacy Campaign by 50 percent, up to $1 million in hopes of helping The Family Place reach its goal by April, 2017.



Since James Dondero made the announcement $200,000 has already been raised, which will be matched by $100,000 through the Highland grant. The foundation’s match challenge helps ensure that The Family Place will finish their campaign strong.



Highland Capital Management feels they have a strong civic duty and was impressed by the work The Family Place does. Their Legacy Campaign will help support the construction of a brand new counseling center in Dallas. This center will include a medical clinic, a hotline/call center, 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, counseling rooms for adults and children, and spaces for job-training purposes.



The center plans on serving over 2,000 victims per year by providing them with shelter space. This location will also be the home of The Family Place’s Be Project, which gives education regarding bullying and teen dating violence to over 6,000 children every year. The new shelter will even have an animal shelter to help victims who choose not to leave abuse for fear of leaving behind their pets, and a child development center.



The President of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has over three decades worth of experience. Since founding the firm in 1993, they have become a pioneer in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation.



In addition to his work at Highland Capital, James Dondero is also the Chairman of NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a board member at MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is an active philanthropist, supporting organizations that focus on public policy, education, and veterans’ affairs.




Fabletics becomes a close competitor of Amazon

While Amazon has been considered as the giant of the online retail store for everything including athleisure, they are now being challenged with a relatively new fashion brand named Fabletics in this specific arena. Fabletics is one the newest and trendy brands from the USA that caters to both female and male markets with their sportswear, accessories and beyond. This brand was created in July 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson and they actually knew what they were doing in the first place. Each year Fabletics had a 25% growth, and within three years, it became a $250 million brand with numerous stores all across the USA and a strong fan base both at home and abroad.



Fabletics collects their customer data when they register with them by filling a form. This form requires a number of information including their fashion preferences. Fabletics then uses this data for a number of reasons. Unlike other brands that try to push their collection to their client, they take a different approach where they try to understand their clients as well as their need and serve them. Fabletics has a strong image for their accessibility, people, and culture which is actually based on their clients and their information. They clearly know what their clients are looking for and where they are. Based on this, Fabletics designs its collections, outlets, and their business strategies.



Another reason behind their success is their membership program. Similar to other memberships, Fabletics has a free membership scheme, and anyone can become a member by filling a form. Under this free membership program, each of the members gets a monthly offer of new sportswear collection on the first day of the month. After this, they have five days to go through this offer and make a purchase within 5th of each month. To make things even more attractive, Fabletics offers incredible discounts on their first purchase as well. But in case, a member doesn’t want to buy a monthly offer within the 5th of the month, they are charged with $49.99 per month which is then converted into store credit, and it never expires. It generates regular cash flow for Fabletics and keeps their clients engaged. Additionally, their reverse showrooming is another reason why Fabletics is doing so well. They are only a few of those fashion brands that promotes reverse showrooming where their customers review their collection on the internet and then go to the real shop to buy them. They just simply do not care where their customer makes the purchase. It has been quite helpful for this company to build its strong brand reputation as well.



Right now, they are planning to open up new stores and come up with some new and exciting collections. According to experts, Fabletics will continue to expand with their present growth rate in coming future, and it might beat Amazon in the activewear market as well.