Services and Employee Satisfaction at Cotemar

Over three decades Cotemar has provided Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) with services. We provide services that are required in the industry: oil and gas. The services we provide are validated and certified by the relevant authorities. In order to stay ahead in the industry, we are constantly evolving with the changes presented in the market so as to remain relevant and competitive. Cotemar is highly trained employees continue to provide the top notch services thereby keeping us successful in the industry.

The services we offer at Cotemar can be categorized into three: Construction, engineering, modernization and maintenance; catering and accommodation and lastly specialized vessel and maritime support.


Working for Cotemar has its many advantages since we are determined to develop our employees and their families. We want to offer opportunities that help the employees to grow holistically. While on the job, the employees benefit from training and workshop arrangements that we have with local and international universities. The ideal employee, we believe, is one who is motivated to perform the best they possibly can. Our success, after all, is a pegged on the hard work and commitment of our employees.

Safety subjects are an important part of the training. Our partnership with nautical institutions and universities, in Mexico, enables us to offer internship programs.

Catering and Accommodation

We offer accommodation and catering services on the rigs we operate. The same services are experienced in the vessels we run. Nourishment, cleaning common areas, laundry and bedding services are offered services in each cabin. The cabins are able to accommodate 2 or 4 individuals. The recreational areas have a gym, a cinema, TV room and a basketball court. The offshore operations are supported in hotel Ciudad del Carmen. Cotemar’s in house capacity can provide roughly 4000 people offshore accommodation plus catering. This means we can comfortably provide services to this number without breaking a sweat.

Other Services

Our vessels, operated by satellite linked computers, enable us to provide services like offshore maintenance. Our vessels also provide light weight transportation of personnel and materials. Our specialized vessel services include: firefighting and transportation vessels. Under our construction and maintenance services, we have derricks to help in construction of storage areas. In all our service delivery, we are keen to ensure we comply with all regulations. See:

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